Headed by Sami Al-Haddad.. the bodybuilding team leaves for the Arab championship in Egypt

Headed by Sami Al-Haddad.. the bodybuilding team leaves for the Arab championship in Egypt

This afternoon, the national bodybuilding team left for the Arab Republic of Egypt to participate in the Arab Championship competitions in its 22nd edition for men and the thirteenth for youth for bodybuilding and the second for Physic and Classic Physique, whose competitions will be hosted in a city during the period from 28 to 31 July, with the participation of 15 Arab countries.

Sami Al-Haddad, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bahrain Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness, is heading the Bahraini delegation, which includes players Ali Ibrahim, who will participate in the Physique competition for men, Ali Saqr Al-Binali, who will participate in the bodybuilding competition in the weight category of 90 kg, and Khaled Jassim, who will participate in the bodybuilding competition category Weighing 75 kilograms, the delegation is accompanied by Union Secretary Khaled Hamadeh, head of the media committee, Osama Al-Laith, and referee Youssef Khonji.

Al-Haddad: From Egypt we open the journey of our foreign participations

On this participation, His Excellency Mr. Sami Al-Haddad, head of the Bahraini delegation, expressed his great happiness at the launch of the first official participation of the national team in this tournament. The beginning of next September, and we are honored to be among our brothers from the beloved Arab Republic of Egypt and the bodybuilding family in Egypt, headed by His Excellency Dr. Adel Fahim, President of the Egyptian, Arab and African Federation of Body Building and the First Vice President of the International Federation, for whom we respect, appreciate and commend his tremendous efforts to organize this The championship and the achievement of all the factors of success in it. I am confident that the supreme organizing committee of the championship, headed by His Excellency Dr. Adel Fahim, has made great efforts to prepare all the factors of success for this Arab gathering, which will include an elite group of Arab champions and stars in bodybuilding. We wish everyone success and wish the champions of our team Distinguished appearance and honorable achievements.

Bahrain heroes announce readiness

For his part, the players of the national bodybuilding team, Ali Ibrahim, Ali Al-Binali and Khaled Jassim, expressed their happiness at the approaching start of the zero hour and said, “We are eagerly awaiting the start of the competitions for this tournament. We have gone through a period of strong and intense preparation since last June. And it is witnessing many surprises, God willing. We are ready to honor our beloved kingdom and sacrifice our dear ones for it and for the sake of raising its precious flag high. We would like to thank the Bahrain Federation for Bodybuilding and Fitness, headed by His Excellency Mr. Sami Al-Haddad, for the great support they have provided and are still providing us and overcoming all difficulties. We are facing a problem, and we promise everyone an honorable appearance.”

15 countries participate in the tournament

And participating in the next edition are Palestine, Morocco, UAE, Bahrain, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Yemen, Oman, Sudan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Tunisia, in addition to Egypt, the host country.

tournament program

The program of the Arab Bodybuilding Championship will start from this morning, Thursday, 28 July, with the arrival of all participating Arab teams and the holding of the players balance ceremony, which starts from 8 in the morning and continues until 6 in the evening, and tomorrow, Friday, July 29, the competitions officially start with the first competitions at 9.30 am with the Master Bodybuilding competition over 40 and over 50 years old, then the Physic competitions for men and then the Classic Physics for men will start, and the same Friday will also witness the holding of the General Assembly of the Arab Federation for Bodybuilding headed by Dr. Adel Fahim and in the presence of the President of the International Federation of Bodybuilding Dr. Rafael Santonga, The meeting will discuss ways that contribute to the development of bodybuilding sport at the level of Arab countries, the support provided by the International Federation, the activities, programs and events of the Arab Federation for Bodybuilding and a number of administrative matters.

As for the third day, on Saturday, July 30, the competitions start at 9.30 am with the Junior Bodybuilding Competition, born in 1999 and above, then the Men’s Bodybuilding Competition.

Cash prizes and 16 professional cards are waiting for the winners

For the first time in its history, the organizing committee of the Arab Championship has set financial prizes for the winners of the first places, where the first place winner will receive a cash prize of 15 thousand pounds, 10 thousand pounds for the second and five thousand for the third, and nutritional supplements will be provided to the owners of the first ten places, and the winning players will receive 16 professional cards. Elite Pro ranks first in all categories.

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