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Titled Deep Dive, EA has released the first video revealing much about the gameplay in FIFA 23, unveiling a raft of improvements to the eagerly awaited game. As expected, FIFA 23 looks mostly like FIFA 22. This is usually the case with all versions of FIFA, except for sure some. FIFA 23 is no exception, but there are some new upgrades and additions to the game that we think are worth noting.

EA has confirmed the exclusive gameplay features of FIFA 23 for new generations as well, thus identifying the differences between the different versions of the game. FIFA 23 contains certain features that will only be for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, S, PC, and Google Stadia.

New HyperMotion2 Additions in FIFA 23

The current version contains the so-called “HyperMotion2” gameplay technology. This is the next version of HyperMotion we saw in FIFA 22, and it combines simulation of the gameplay of real players and machine learning features to create more than 6000 player movements in-game.

EA Sports used special bodysuits, called Xsens, to capture millions of moves and physical interactions from two full soccer matches with professional teams, including full avatars of all players in a women’s match (FIFA 23 will come with women’s clubs for the first time in the series).

Another feature that’s also exclusive to the new generation is what EA calls technical dribbling, which includes an active touch system derived from previous FIFA versions to more intelligently calculate a player’s path to the ball. This will help improve players’ turnover which means more realistic dribbling. The response, or the lack of a reaction from the player commensurate with the situation within the game, has always been a concern for players.

Continuing with the exclusive features of the current generation, the new technical dribbling on these platforms will be done using the left stick, and can be performed by any player, although the quality of dribbling is still highly dependent on the player’s dribbling or skill moves as well as the players’ abilities to execute them correctly. .

The new generation version of the game also gets the new “Machine Learning Jockey” system, which is all about making maneuvering with the player (L2 or L1) or Sprint Jockey (L2 + R2 or L1 + R1) more compact and responsive.


Here is another exclusive feature that will make the difference between the new and the old generation: Accelerate. This system divides players into different realistic running and acceleration models drawn from real matches, with the goal of improving the running and acceleration ability of players in FIFA 23 (EA Sports makes changes in that aspect with each FIFA edition, with a split between supporters and opponents, so we’ll see).

Most players will only have one type of acceleration, which is the default, which EA calls “Controlled,” but there are two others: Explosive and Lengthy. The first is a type of acceleration intended for players who are likely to perform better over short distances and individual situations such as Vinicius Jr. and Kylian Mbappe.

Whereas the second acceleration type is for players who are fast but take a little longer to reach the desired acceleration, such as Virgil van Dijk. (Acceleration and running speed are still major factors in determining how fast a player should go overall.)


Another feature also exclusive to the new generation is “Composed Ball Striking” which is the most notable and closely related addition to HyperMotion2. This feature will contribute to the development of the player’s ability to handle more smoothly in certain shooting situations that require control of the ball first.


The current generation version of FIFA 23 will also come with “Kinetic Goalkeeper vs Header Battles” feature. There are dozens of new interactive moves when goalkeepers face a player for a ball in the air. What’s new here is that goalkeepers will jump more confidently to catch crosses, which will give players peace of mind and remove any doubt about their ability to hold the ball tightly.

Improvements in attack and defense mechanisms

There are also four current generation exclusives additions to FIFA 23’s attacking mechanics: better offside awareness, single runs to take long passes, the ability to slip through defenders, offside trap breaker, and a Tactical AI update.

In terms of defense in FIFA 23, the current generation version will have Defensive Awareness Speed ​​(how quickly defenders can return to their positions if they go outside the area they intend to cover).


We also have new additions in terms of the physical and physical interactions of the players, as tacks and tackles from defenders are now more daring and will result in more intense physical contact with attackers, players’ legs and feet can be pushed farther to get the ball out, and goalkeepers’ arms, hands and even fingers will be pushed after operations Responses and rescue.


The current generation also gets pure interactive physics “high precision”, which means that the shape of the ball entering the goal and the interaction of the net with it will be more realistic than before, in addition to the friction and the ball hitting the players’ bodies. Finally, there are brand new scenes for the current generation that can appear throughout the match, with new crowd reactions and cheers.

All new changes in the rules of the game


Aside from the great additions to the gameplay of FIFA 23, we have some new rules implemented in the game, and the most exciting and game-changing one right now is the ability to make five substitutions, instead of the usual three in all previous FIFA editions. Here are all the new and exciting rules below:

  • Five changes: With more leagues and associations still operating under the five-substitution rule, FIFA 23 will also allow players to make up to five substitutions per match, excluding online and Co-Op matches.
  • Intrusion index: An icon will appear in the corner of the screen indicating that the Stealth Indicator has been called, when it is.
  • Intrusion cancellation: An offensive player who runs towards the ball while offside can disengage with (L2 + R2) to get himself out of play and no offside will be counted, allowing the game to continue as normal.
  • Determine the severity of the sentence: This is a new offline mode setting that allows players to specify how strict the referees will be during a match. The options available are: too lenient, lenient, default, strict, or too strict. While the strictness of the rule in the online mode will be set by default.

That was all the new information and additions that EA revealed today in its first look at the gameplay in FIFA 23 arriving at the end of September – excited for the new title and possibly the final release of EA FIFA?

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