HarmonyOS 3 Beta / Public Beta Now Open for Download - Full List of Compatible Models - Future News

HarmonyOS 3 Beta / Public Beta Now Open for Download – Full List of Compatible Models – Future News

A few hours ago, Huawei officially unveiled its latest operating system, HarmonyOS 3. This new system comes with HyperTerminal, a universal card, seamless performance, privacy and security. Huawei also claims that the system brings A common and often new smart experience. According to a senior Huawei executive, Yu Chengdong, HarmonyOS is the fastest growing operating system in history. It also claims that the system has the largest number of devices to upgrade at the same time. Yu Chengdong announced: So far, the number of Huawei devices equipped with HarmonyOS 2 has exceeded 300 million. Furthermore, he reveals that shipments of HarmonyOS Connect products exceed 170 million.

Remember that HarmonyOS is only available in China and suburbs at this time. This operating system has not been released globally. According to netizens’ feedback, the HarmonyOS 3Beta / public beta early adopter page is officially active. Users of this system can now register and download the upgrade.

Before upgrading to HarmonyOS 3, please complete the following preparations. Go to the official version of HarmonyOS 2 Early Users to check for the update and install the latest version of the system. Then go to Huawei App Store to update my Huawei app to the latest version.

Complete list of compatible models for early adopters

  • HUAWEI P50
  • HUAWEI P50 Pro
  • HUAWEI-P50 Pro Collector Edition
  • HUAWEI P50 Pro Pocket
  • HUAWEI P50 Pro Pocket Art Custom Edition
  • HUAWEI-Mate 40
  • HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro
  • HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro 4G
  • HUAWEI-Mate 40 Pro +
  • HUAWEI Mate 40 RS Porsche Design
  • HUAWEI Mate 40 RS Porsche Design Collection
  • HUAWEI-Smart Screen V65 Pro
  • HUAWEI Smart Screen V75 Pro
  • HUAWEI MatePad Pro 12.6 inch 2021

HarmonyOS supports unique features such as public cards, smart folders, and more. In HarmonyOS 3, these features will evolve again. Whether you combine cards, stack cards, or support more smart folder sizes, it will provide a more free and efficient experience.

Some Huawei mobile phones have already received a boost from HarmonyOS 3.0. The update history shows that HarmonyOS sticks to the concept of “always popular and new” and provides users with “more” experience upgrades at no cost. Through this update, the HarmonyOS desktop is more personalized. Moreover, the extensive card storage and smart folder can be large or small. In addition, a smart desktop layout can be created with a single click.

TThe super terminal is fully expandable, supporting more types of devices. In addition to expansion, it is also more flexible and ensures privacy and security. The security status of the device is more transparent and controllable, and data protection is simpler and more secure. In general, the new HarmonyOS 3 comes with more practical and interesting functions.

Huawei P50 pushes HarmonyOS 3.0 – update history says it supports global cards

Before the official launch of HarmonyOS 3, the Huawei P50 already had the developer version. Specifically, users can drag cards of the same size to form a stacking state. Swipe up and down to view cards or swipe down and swipe left to delete. In addition, users can also swipe to adjust the order of cards or add them to the desktop. Moreover, HARmonyOS 3 users can combine cards of different sizes and application shortcuts can be sorted as desired. The embedded card supports resizing, or an embedded template can be applied with one click.

HarmonyOS 3

Smart folder indicates folder with more sizes and styles and long press on folder also supports resizing. HarmonyOS 3 also comes with a Smart Desktop that supports Smart Desktop Design. Users can tap on the desktop to categorize apps and cards by color and function.

In terms of intelligent life for all scenarios, Huawei’s Hyper Terminal has been fully expanded to support more types of devices and more flexible combinations. The system also adds support for connecting two pairs of Bluetooth headphones at the same time with the same song. This means that two people can enjoy the same song from the same output but on different headphones.

In terms of privacy and security, HarmonyOS 3.0 improves privacy security protection. Huawei ensures maximum transparency when it comes to security and privacy. Moreover, each feature gives users a choice. Thus, you can choose to either allow or block. This is why HarmonyOS 3’s security and privacy control potential is so high. In addition, HarmonyOS 3.0 is also improved in terms of accessibility experience.

According to previous reports, the first batch of HarmonyOS 3.0 updates will have 9 models. However, we currently have eleven smartphones, one tablet and two smart displays receiving the HarmonyOS 3 update.


With the arrival of HarmonyOS 3, a lot of hardware and peripheral features will come with the system. In a recent invitation letter, Huawei is preparing to unveil a self-made virtual 3D photo feature in the Harmony ecosystem. Users can scan a code to Generate their own virtual image. With this new feature, users can easily and directly simulate a 3D cartoon image of any person. If you want to appear as a specific cartoon character, this feature can also make it happen.

However, the default avatar Supports buying props to dress up yourself. Huawei “self-made hologram” can be used as a cover photo on the personal launch page of Account Center, input method keyboard, AOD screen lock screen, sports health, account profile picture and other scenes. If all goes according to plan, the company will launch this feature on August 27. For those who love cartoon characters, this feature is worth looking forward to.

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