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Important astronomical news: The opening of the Leo Gate and a new galactic year and its impact on the horoscopes


An astronomical news unlike any other: the opening of the lion’s gate and a new galactic year and its reflection on the constellations:

These days, until August 12, there is a huge flow of light from our sun, the middle sun, Sirius, and Orion.. Sirius rises in the morning with the sun.. at this time of the year at a stage that is considered the most important because Sirius is the closest to the earth and is in harmony with our sun.. so the earth is in Perfect alignment with Sirius, which creates a strong bridge between the physical world and the spiritual world..Any Sign. Pay attention to any sign of any kind. We are in a period that is considered the most important. Watch out for any sign that comes to you. It is a clear sign that indicates if you are on the right path or path. ..the lion is the coronation of kings..the lion symbolizes strength..Sirius rises and rises before the sun at dawn in the constellation Leo for the gate of Leo..this season for the gate of the lion is the time for us for all kinds of luck and for brilliance…the universe helps you clear anything, get On messages from higher dimensions about what to do.. It’s up to you now. The Earth is beginning to move in alignment with a mighty force with the galactic center of our universe.. It will move into full alignment from now through Gate 8:8 When the energies of the Sun and Sirius merge together, they will Creates unparalleled charged energy.. the galactic year The new year is the end of the cosmic year, what does it mean: it means that it is the amount of time needed for the sun to rotate once around the center of the Milky Way.. The galactic new year also starts from the Lion Gate, which opens every year from July 26 to August 12, previously this information was kept secret. The planet is inundated with tons of high vibrational energies over the next few weeks..heals karma and wounds in people..there is healing that must happen..we come to the full synchronicity of Gate 8:8 during that time..central sun, sun, sirius, orion belt And the earth are all in a position of alignment and dazzling synchronization.. they recharge the earth and activate the energies of the earth.. this year the gate is special and strong for anything..

With the Lion Gate, which is the traditional ally of yours, you will definitely become a person who loves appearance, fame, lights, and proves yourself, and seeks to be at the top and tries to achieve this in any way.. I mean, you look for the lights without getting bored, and you are a special dramatic person who turns to you, and you get benefits that you may not expect.. It seems multiple. Relationships, especially friendships and work, tend to move and be active..Your chances increase a lot and you win from games of chance or suddenly and by chance..you have characteristics of romance, love of life and a tendency to change..

Leo represents your astrological house and the most important Leo gate. A suitable month for real estate transactions and to take care of your family and be as much responsibilities.. Personally, you will appear peaceful, friendly and considerate of others’ feelings and altruism will prevail over you.. you tend to privacy in your emotional relationship..

You, in particular, the Lion Gate will gain you a high skill in social communication and talk that relies on evidence. Mercurial and loves change in everything, so you have to exploit your great energies..you tend to read in general, learn and multiply social relationships and friendships.. Financial and emotional fortunes reach their climax in the first and second week of August..

cancer :

The Lion Gate is activated in the astrological house of money, meaning the lion, which means that there are many financial and material gains that you will get..you tend to put fixed savings as well as spend cash on an important project or in a participatory association. Whatever your financial plans are, they are definitely successful..You have stable principles, especially the love of privacy. And keeping quiet about your life and property, even if you sometimes seem provocative to others.. you are working hard to build fruitful relationships and be a person capable of fixing things and you are very interested in connection and stability and you have opportunities for marriage, especially in the second week of August..

This period is important to you because of the activation of the lion gate for you, and you represent the position of the house for the Greater yoke. This gives you visible personal qualities such as: strength of character, more secure feeling, firm in your decision, confident in yourself, your chances are guaranteed, and you look socially liked, you get what no one else can get.. you tend to change everything, take care of your appearance and take care of who you are. You love..you will feel confident and will and able to be very frank..great opportunities to be in a leadership position and to gather loyal people around you..your life path with the presence of the sun will be special, unlike anyone, equipped with a competitive spirit, and opportunities are in all respects..just pay attention to what does not agree with your sense and intuition. Especially emotional matters.

With the Leo Gate in your twelfth astrological house, your personality may tend to be shy and a little introverted, but you are very confident in what you do.. you avoid the noisy life and be a calm poetic person, but you are charged with energies and you have insight, spirituality and love of solitude.. you just have to not pre-empt things and stay away from negative thinking only think of attraction. Positive thoughts because the Leo Gate gives you a lot like wealth and behind-the-scenes work.. You have solutions to important issues. If you work, you prefer, or rather, you succeed in working behind the scenes.. Strengthens your love of meditation and digging deeper into matters. As much as your dreams and romance.

The Lion Gate is a period of great energy that will be the location of the stop for you, and these developments are suitable for you, where you will be largely free from restrictions and obligations, and feel safe and reassured..You are looking for your own pleasure and go to everything you love without any restrictions and you seem very tolerant..You love achieving justice and equality..You are very interested in friendship. You stay away from extremism and show that you are an educated person with deep knowledge and intellectual openness that you share with others.

The Lion Gate is the most important astrological house, and it is the tenth in the liver of the sky, i.e. the apogee point, which represents your ambitions, aspirations and personal projects. Therefore, you will be more powerful and self-confident, and your personality will be stubborn and intelligent, but you may become more dependent and distribute roles to others as you wish.. This transformation makes you yearn for positions and leadership and achieve important successes and prove This is for those who try to question your position.. you seem eccentric, do not succumb to orders, and you have a sense of success and ambition, and you may strengthen your talent.. Emotionally, you tend to control, love yourself a lot and tend to change.. Which planet or astronomical event in the tenth house makes you the strongest to achieve success and prove yourself..

The Leo gate is in the location of the trinity for you, and it is the fiery ally of your nature and you are within the fiery triangle, so your luck does not differ from the fiery signs.. So you will be a person with high intuition and intelligence and your chances are complete and very pleasant surprises may occur.. Personally, you increase in class and love of knowledge.. Curiosity motivates you to travel. The distant person, whether physical or moral, will increase your culture and renew your life.. People see you as bold, positive and frank. Do not hesitate to speak. He loves science and different cultures and is quick to adapt. Passionate, ambitious and educated. Dealing with people from a distant environment.

An important period with the activation of the Leo gate in its expected positive location, i.e. in the sign of Leo..so you get money without fatigue, like the money of others and from the emotional partner, the husband / or others, such as inheritance, fathers gifts, or a sudden gain, as it is in the best emotional period..Personally, you have more qualities such as Extremism in opinion and exaggeration in everything is bold, stubborn, combative and provocative, and you like to storm the unknown and do not trust anyone..Your chances are very good in material and emotional aspects..

You open the Leo gate in your seventh astrological house. With matters of partnership, associations and alliances, including commercial ones, signing a new contract, work or association, and others, but you hate being alone, so beware of randomly engaging in relationships.. Astrological circumstances give you sudden and unexpected changes, especially in the emotional and material aspects, in the second week of August..

It activates and opens the gate of the Leo, and it basically rules the most important house of astronomical, so you will have an accurate view of things, and you will be a critical person, free from dependency, and work tirelessly to achieve your ambition and drive you. Therefore, persistence and a realistic, methodical look.. tend to take care of your health and it is an appropriate period for recovery.. About excellence, but you become more addicted to work and you are hard on yourself at times because of your narcissistic ambitions..with this very likable and you try to restore friendships from the past.. your financial situation is better as a critical crisis ends if you find it like financial hardship..emotionally you may be inclined to friendship more and may You don’t care about the relationship outwardly, but you know what to do and how to direct your feelings with will and vigor.

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