Watch.. Heavy rain and floods hit the Gulf region at the height of summer

Watch.. Heavy rain and floods hit the Gulf region at the height of summer


Many Gulf Cooperation Council countries and Iran are witnessing heavy floods and torrential rains due to an air depression affecting the region during the current period, which have caused casualties, and severely damaged roads and some residential buildings.

The Gulf region rarely sees rain during the sweltering summer months.

In Iran, the Red Crescent Society published pictures that it said were the work of rescue teams in the Imamzadeh Daoud area of ​​the capital, Tehran, in the north of the country, where 4 people were killed and 9 others injured due to landslides following heavy rains in the area.

Activists also broadcast videos showing the floods that hit Sistan and Baluchestan province, southeast of Iran.

In the Emirates, severe torrential rain hit Sharjah, Fujairah and Ras al-Khaimah in the east of the country, after heavy rain, which caused some roads to sink and cut off.

Clips posted by tweeters on Twitter and accounts on Snapchat showed the large floods that struck the three Emirates, after which the Emirati government decided to direct all capabilities to help those affected in those areas.

The UAE government also announced the formation of an urgent committee to account for the damage caused by the floods in the aforementioned states, and directed the transfer of all families affected by rain and torrential rain in the eastern regions of the Emirates to temporary shelter sites.

Several Omani governorates have witnessed heavy rains during the past days, which led to the formation of torrential torrents that cut off some roads in the Sultanate.

Tweeters circulated photos and video clips through the hashtag β€œ#Low_Future_Silence” showing the flow of some valleys and the cutting of some roads as a result of the heavy rains that caused the water level to rise and some residential neighborhoods drowned.

In Qatar, heavy rain fell on the capital, Doha, and scattered areas of the country, while the Meteorological Department warned earlier of expected thunderstorms accompanied by strong winds and high waves in some areas at sea.

Video clips of the Qatari newspaper, Al-Sharq, showed a partial closure of the Doha Corniche after the road was filled with rainwater.

Video clips broadcast by activists on social media showed heavy rain and lightning in different parts of the country.

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