"The Earth's Resources Day" is coming earlier year after year... and Qatar is the "worst of students"

“The Earth’s Resources Day” is coming earlier year after year… and Qatar is the “worst of students”

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July 28, 2022, coincides with the “Earth Overshoot Day”, which returns early year after year since 1970, except for some exceptional periods. This date raises the alarm, warning that humanity has exhausted all the natural resources provided by our planet over the course of a year. NGOs see Overshoot Day as a necessary indicator for measuring the environmental impact of human activities, but it is still underused in various models of global governance.

Starting on July 28, 2022, humanity will live on borrow Having exhausted all the natural resources that the Earth can renew over a year. Year after year, the occasion of “Earth Overshoot Day” comes early, and it has moved from December 29, 1970 to the present day, passing through October 11, 1990… which indicates that Rising “environmental debt” towards the planet.

Although some improvements have been recorded during the past five decades, they remain, in fact, just exceptions caused by crises such as the Corona virus pandemic in 2020 and the repeated quarantine that resulted from it, which led to the postponement of the “Overflow Day” date to August 22.

Veronique Andreu, director of the French branch of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), regrets that “the deficit is widening more and more without a real leap in the political system and the various eras.” Andreu adds: “The decline of the (overtaking day) history was a setback, not an option. We see an improvement during oil shocks, an epidemic or financial crises.”

Since 1970, “Overtaking Day” has been coming earlier every year. © National Footprint and Biocapacity Accounts 2022.

Qatar and Luxembourg ‘worst pupils’

This indicator varies from country to country. it was worst pupils In 2022, according to a list published by the non-governmental organization “Global Football Network”, the State of Qatar reached “Overshoot Day” on February 10, followed by Luxembourg on February 14.

As for France, it reached this year’s “Excess Day” on May 5, a date that could go back by 25 days during one term if the government adopts “environmental planning” according to a studied scenario. For the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).

At the global level, Overshoot Day can be delayed by an average of 6 days per year from December 31 in 2050, according toGlobal Football Network“.

Since 2003, this group of experts has been trying to draw public opinion about this phenomenon. I searched, for example, via the hashtag #MoveTheDate (move the date), the hashtag was translated in parentheses by Internet users to suggest concrete solutions To delay the date of the “overtaking day”. It has also been available to them since 2007 A platform that allows the estimation of their ‘environmental footprint’.

An exceptional tool for outreach

Based on the Data contained in United Nations reports The Global Footprint Network defines the date of Overshoot Day by intersecting each individual’s ecological footprint (the amount of space needed to feed, transport, and inhabit each person…) and the global biocapacity (the capacity of ecosystems to regenerate) for each person.

It is desirable, in the opinion of the spokeswoman for the NGO Laetitia Maille, that countries use this indicator to measure other phenomena of the environmental crisis.

An opinion shared by the director of the French branch of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Véronique Andreu, who sees “Day bypass” as a “strong and solid” approach to transcend the carbon footprint, saying, “We are not only talking about the climate crisis, but also about an environmental crisis as a whole. Especially the collapse of biodiversity.

But until now, countries rarely use this indicator. Among them is Montenegro, which takes into account the ecological footprint to build its sustainable development strategy. Some municipalities have also chosen this method of calculation, and this is about twenty cities in Portugal.

Although the importance of using the “Excess Day” indicator at the level of state administration needs to be proven, there is no doubt that it is an effective tool at the level of awareness and public opinion about environmental challenges. Bettina Laville, Honorary President of Committee 21, the French Network of Actors of Sustainable Development, considers that this indicator is “an exceptional and very effective tool in the field of awareness, which has succeeded in sensitizing people in a tangible way, even though it appears in the abstract.”

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