How to share a post on your Instagram story

How to share a post on your Instagram story

Instagram not only gives you the ability to share your posts to Instagram story but also allows you to add photos posted by your friends, favorite influencers and other accounts you follow, this feature can also be useful for brands who want to generate more engagement and maintain their Instagram account Active, For privacy reasons, this option is only available for accounts whose posts you’ve allowed to share, if you try to share a post to your Instagram Story from someone else’s private account, the feature will not be available.

If you want to share a post on your Instagram story, here’s how to do it, according to a post by businessinsider.

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How to share an Instagram post to your story

1. Open the Instagram app on your phone.

2. Select the post you want to share on your Instagram story in your feed.

3. Click on the kite icon.

4. The sharing menu will appear.

5. Click on the first option, add a post to your story.

6. The photo or video post will be automatically uploaded as a story draft.

7. Click the icons at the top of the window to add stickers, gifs, draw, or write text.

8. Tap your story in the bottom left corner to post, or select Close Friends if you want to share it on a smaller scale.

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How brands can use the Instagram story feature

Like any user on Instagram, brands can use Stories to keep their accounts active but they can also be a valuable way to share content behind the scenes and build a deeper relationship with your audience.

If you create a hashtag for a brand, you can find and use posts from people who already like your product or service. You can then share those posts in your Stories to keep your audience engaged and informed of brand movements.

This does two things: It allows you to showcase your brand or product to a larger group of Instagram users. Second, it allows the brand to showcase original user-generated content that shows how products can be integrated into the customer’s daily life.

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My lady previously spoke about the new and distinct map service provided by the Instagram application, in order to make it more useful and used than the famous Google maps service. New and more advanced searches, allowing users to search for restaurants, attractions and other attractions directly in the app.

This service comes as an alternative form for users to view the location of the photo’s publication only as it was before, and it is scheduled to include the maps service that has been updated on Instagram as well, including publications, stories and photos, which are added by users, which provides you with a glimpse of the place where want to visit it.

Instagram, with its new map service, supports searches for its users and gives them the ability to explore through hashtags. All you have to do is click only on the sites featured in the hashtag, whether through stories or publications for friends, in addition to the usual way to search, which is to write the name of the institution, city or neighborhood in a way. Directly on the search page and waiting for results on the map itself.

Not only is this what the new Instagram maps service offers, but users can also save their searches in a group, in addition to the ability to share their current location with other users easily.

It is mentioned that if the customer uses a “sticker” for the site within posts or stories, this site will move directly and automatically in the search results on the new map, as long as the profile is public and not private and completely closed.

Experts believe that this step taken by Instagram is a very important step in transforming the application into a comprehensive social networking platform, including photos, travel, commerce and more aspects of public life. For example, this month, Instagram introduced the ability to buy more. of goods and things directly in the chat.

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