Glossy Makeup . Summer Fashion 2022 Glossy Makeup

Glossy Makeup . Summer Fashion 2022 Glossy Makeup

Glossy makeup is one of the hottest trends of the summer season, topping the list of social media posts and tutorial videos promising a dewy look, plus the dewy makeup stole the show at the Spring/Summer 2022 fashion shows. looks sticky.

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Dewy Skin
dewy skin

Korean beauty secrets have taken over the beauty industry and have been an important part of most of the glossy makeup trends that help you get glowing skin. Use as many highlighters and strobing creams as you like, but focus on the shine for fresh, hydrated skin. Hydrate your skin by cleansing and moisturizing it to maintain its natural glow. And since glossy makeup on the face is all about primer, you have to hide the fine lines first. Apply light makeup, highlighting the cheekbones, browbones, bridge of the nose and cupid’s bow, for an ultra-shiny finish.
Pro tip: For dry skin, you should use a skin serum, or a light oil, to lock in moisture while preparing your face for glossy makeup. Set your shimmery makeup with a mist, rather than a matte powder. Finally, don’t forget the collar bones, which will accentuate the rest of your face. Mix up a shimmering highlighter, and don’t be shy to try it out and give your skin that extra glow.
Sparkling Lids
glamorous shades

Glossy eyelids have replaced dark smoky eyes to take over the evening makeup this season.
Two professional tips:
To achieve a shimmery, wet, or glossy eyelid look, apply a shimmery eyeshadow of your choice. Mix it with a bit of Vaseline, or a clear lip gloss, to enhance the glossy effect, or simply apply a shimmering lip gloss of your choice to your eyelids.
After filling in the gaps, brush your eyebrows and coat with clear gel to hold them in place and add a little shine. Choose a gel with a hydrating, lightweight formula.
Shiny Cheekbones
Shiny cheekbones

Shimmering cheekbones provide a look of new luster. Glossy make-up products have a dewy and bright effect on the skin, and can be used with or without foundation. The beauty of the shimmery cheekbone look is that it defines your face by creating the illusion of high cheekbones. The trend that has taken over Instagram over the past year and this year is dewy, glassy skin with lights reflecting off its surface!
Pro tip: Go for the most popular look, the 3D Unicorn Makeup Look. Prep your face with a light moisturizer containing water, apply a highlighter stick to your cheekbones, and follow with a little lip gloss. Then gently blend it onto your cheekbones, for a glossy, glossy makeup look.
Brilliant Pouts
sparkling lips

A staple in every girl’s handbag, shimmering lipstick adds sparkle and dimension to your lips. With the gel and liquid formulas of lipsticks, these products have an ultra-soft texture, and glide lightly on your lips. Choose a metallic shade for evening parties, and subtle, glassy neutrals for a daytime look, or brunch. Make sure that your glossy makeup products are fortified with Vitamin E, which enriches your lips with extra moisture and prevents your makeup from melting in very hot weather.
Pro tip: Dry, chapped lips are a no-no for a glossy makeup look. Apply a moisturizing lip cream as a first layer, then line your lips with a lip liner before filling them in. Put a little highlighter in the middle of the lips to enhance their beauty, then remove any excess with a tissue.
Shimmering Nails
shiny nails

When you stick to using glossy makeup products for your look, why leave your nails painted matte or matte? Shiny nails will undoubtedly complement your shiny makeup look. So show off your shimmering, well-manicured nails by layering a clear, glossy top coat over the nail polish color of your choice.
Pro tip: While applying the glitter nail polish of your choice, be sure to choose a top coat that will not only make your nails look great but also protect them from chipping.
Which combination of glossy products is best?
This sticky beauty look is often overlooked due to its high maintenance. But the right amount of product and some strategic placements can surprise you.
Luster and viscosity are all about personal choice and comfort. It doesn’t really matter what type you’re looking at (whether it’s a glossy, lip, eye or face balm) but your choice of formula and the way it feels on your skin will help you feel more comfortable all day long.
It is also important to understand your face type. If you have oily and combination skin, you should only show your highlight points with glossy makeup, but leave certain areas of the face with a matte, matte makeup, like the T-zone. And be sure to apply the powder to your temples, the center of the forehead, the upper lip, and the outside of the nose to balance out the shine.
The difference between glossy and matte makeup
Glossy make-up gives you a fresh youthful look, younger than you are, the reason is that young women’s skin has a natural glow that always radiates, and the glossy finish will mimic that glow. Always remember that Jennifer Lopez does not give up the glossy makeup look, and this is the secret of her young looks.
Matte or velvety make-up is undoubtedly excellent for achieving the effect of a flawless, flawless complexion. However, you can sometimes look unnatural, and you can also appear old. This is because the matte finish absorbs light rather than reflecting it. Glosses applied to the face, and products that contain iridescent particles, work as a highlighter. It’s actually better than a traditional highlighter, because the glossy finish is the reflective surface.

Editors’ Choices
one of our picks

Glossy make-up

1 Foundation: The Soft Fluid Long Wear Foundation by La Mer, The Soft Fluid Long Wear Foundation.
2 Lip glosses: MAC Lipglass Clear, Lipglass Clear.
3 Radiant Highlighters: Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk Beauty Light Wand Easy Highlighter.
4 Primer: Black Up, Strobing Base Primer.
5 eyeshadows: Laura Mercier Lip Glaze.
6 oils to add radiance to the lips: Dior’s Lip Glow Oil, Lip Glow Oil.
7 Creamy cheek coloring: Nars, Creamy Blush.
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