From a poor bean seller to Hollywood.. A famous artist defied Mohamed Ramadan and reached the world with an Oscar-winning American star

From a poor bean seller to Hollywood.. A famous artist defied Mohamed Ramadan and reached the world with an Oscar-winning American star

At the beginning of his life, the young artist Amr Saad suffered from poverty, then God opened the doors of livelihood and fame for him as a result of patience and diligence.

The Egyptian artist, Amr Saad, talked about his suffering before fame and the works he has done since his childhood, when he was not more than eight years old.

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Amr Saad, said during an interview on the “With You, Mona El-Shazly” program, broadcast on the “cbc” satellite channel: “I was working at the age of 8 and decided to work as a bean seller with a man who has a wooden cart dedicated to selling beans, during the school holidays and I am in the third grade of primary school, Which was annoying to my mother, but my father encouraged me to do so, taking into account not to neglect the study and to continue in it well.”

He added, “I used to work since childhood, even in secondary school. I used to work in a very simple profession as a laborer to transport wood to workshops for a contracting company.”

He continued, “I am not ashamed of a profession I worked in and I was proud of that. I was a simple worker sometimes and at other times I worked as a decorator because I graduated from an applied arts college, and I treated all workers with humility and without arrogance.”

Amr Saad mentioned that during his childhood he loved the prickly pear, so one of his friends advised him to buy a large amount from the Abu Zaabal area because it was cheap there. On their return, they decided to sell the figs to people on the street and he got 4 times the price of what he bought.

Amr Saad for the world

The artist, Amr Saad, recently joined the team of the international film “Whisper of the Desert” with the two-time Oscar-winner Mira Sorvino. Amr came as a replacement for the artist Mohamed Ramadan, who filmed “4” days at work in Siwa Oasis before suddenly apologizing for the film.

There was a misunderstanding between Ramadan and Italian director Ilaria Borelli after he traveled to shoot one of the clips in the UAE without informing the film’s family of his travel at the same time as filming, which made the director nominate Amr Saad as his replacement and the producer agreed with him to be a hero of the work because of his features that make him suitable for the role.

The film stars Nelly Karim and Sayed Ragab, along with Amr Saad from “Egypt”, American actor John Savage, Italian-Tunisian actress Maya Talam, along with American actress Mira Sorvino.

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