Leipzig's ambition defies Bayern's supremacy in the German Super Cup

Leipzig’s ambition defies Bayern’s supremacy in the German Super Cup

Abu Dhabi, July 28 / WAM / Once again, Bayern Munich will be an extraordinary candidate to win a new title at the start of the football season in Germany, although it will face a team that also holds the title of the championship.

Bayern Munich imposed its almost complete domination of German football for many years and confirmed its position at the forefront of the most successful German teams, and the team consolidated this position through 10 consecutive titles in the German League / Bundesliga / over the past 10 seasons.

But he will be on a date with a new challenge in the face of ambition when he meets Leipzig, the day after tomorrow, “Saturday”, for the title of the German Super Cup.

The match represents the kick-off and is always famous as raising the curtain on the activities of the new season. The confrontation usually receives great attention at all levels, especially as it is a decisive match for the first titles of the season.

As in the rest of German football competitions, Bayern holds the record for the number of Super Cup wins with 9 times, while the team plays this match for the 16th time in its history.

On the other hand, Leipzig, which was founded in 2009, will play the match for the first time, just 3 months after winning its first title in the major local tournaments in Germany, after winning the cup to face the league champions Bayern in the match to lift the curtain on the activities of the new season.

That is why the match will be a confrontation between history and dominance in Bayern, and the ambition and desire to prove existence by Leipzig.

Bayern beat Leipzig 4-1 in their first league match last season, which was held at the “Red Bull Arena”, the stronghold of the Leipzig team, which is the same stadium where the super match will be held the day after tomorrow.

However, this does not mean, of course, that Bayern’s road will be strewn with roses towards the podium in the Super, especially that the return meeting between the two teams in the league ended in favor of Bayern with difficulty and through a goal through friendly fire, the confrontation was decided in favor of the Bavarian team 3-2.

And the excitement of the match is compounded by the fact that Bayern will play it in a new way to a large extent after the departure of the Polish striker Robert Lewandowski, his most prominent star in recent years, to Barcelona, ​​​​note that Lewandowski had scored in both matches of the two teams in the league last season.

Bayern supported its ranks this summer with more than one player, such as Senegalese striker Sadio Mane and Dutch defender Matthias de Ligt, which means that the match will be the first official test for the new faces in Bayern.

On the other hand, Leipzig maintained its ranks without noticeable changes from last season, retaining its brilliant French player Christopher Nkunku, who represents the most prominent winning cards in the team, after he contributed tremendously to Leipzig’s victory in the Cup and its fourth place in the German League last season.

Bayern is playing the Super match for the 11th consecutive season and the 12th in 13 seasons for the championship in its current form.

On the other hand, Leipzig was founded in 2009 when Bayern’s balance of titles in the German League was 20 out of 31 titles won by the team throughout the history of the tournament, knowing that Bayern was founded about 109 years before Leipzig.

But Leipzig, who started his career from the fifth division in Germany until he became one of the contenders for the first places in the Bundesliga, aspires to explode the surprise next “Saturday” against his Bavarian rival.

Leipzig derives its enthusiasm to achieve the surprise of the two teams, Stuttgart and Wolfsburg, who won the Super Cup in the 1992 and 2015 editions, respectively, through the first and only participation so far for each of them in the Super match, and that was at the expense of Hanover in 1992 and Bayern itself in 2015.

And if Leipzig succeeds in this, he will be the eighth champion in the history of the German Super, which will reach its 23rd edition the day after tomorrow.

But the team needs for this to achieve its second victory only in its confrontations with Bayern, which will reach 15 matches in the history of the two teams, the day after tomorrow.

The only previous win for Leipzig against Bayern in the league was during March 2018, while Bayern won 8 matches and the two teams tied in 5 matches.

And over the previous 14 matches between the two teams, there were two playoffs, where they met in the second round of the German Cup in 2017, and Bayern won on penalties after a 1-1 draw, then they met again in the final of the same tournament in 2019 and Bayern won 3-0.

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