Taking "dues" workmanship (1 of 2)

Taking “dues” workmanship (1 of 2)

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July 28, 2022 9:40 GMT

I was not exaggerating or just wanting to quarrel with critics when I once wrote that “no matter how preoccupied the artist is with the critics’ opinion in his movie or television series, it will not be the same as his preoccupation with the fate of the last installment of his dues to the producer.” Rather, I was talking about bitter experiences that I witnessed and experienced. In this regard, before my heart was hardened and my bones were “dry” in dealing with producers.

I once mediated a reconciliation between a prominent producer and a rising movie star, after the star said that he would not participate in my film because it was impossible for him to work with a producer who was not allowed to eat his right, and it turned out that he was talking about the last installment of the dues of a previous movie, which amounted to only five thousand pounds, which is It was a large amount before the pound was “dumped”, but not to the extent that relations were severed forever.

When I asked the producer about the subject, he did not deny it and did not tell me, for example, about a misfortune that the star committed during filming that necessitated his “blasphemy” in any amount in terms of compensation for losses. Rather, he contented himself with a broad “orgasmic” smile and said that he did not give the star the last payment because he felt, “It is not worth it.” And in the other, and in order to “enlarge the posters” the producer paid what he owed, and even increased the wages of the rising star who worked with him a lot after that, and I realized the importance of getting my full dues before handing over the assignment, and when the producer asked me angrily, “You don’t have confidence in me,” I told him He laughed, “Of course, but I feel that you don’t deserve it.”

Fortunately, the circumstances served the authors when they made their work theoretically end with the script’s readiness for filming, and the law helped them in theory when it guaranteed them to stop filming or showing the film unless they obtained their financial rights as long as they were smart enough and did not submit a waiver of material rights they did not get..

Therefore, I did not have my rights from any film producer, but I was exposed to that when I worked on writing television series because of the strange conditions of television production in our country, which force you to surrender your work as soon as you start filming a series that you did not finish writing completely, so that you do not disrupt the filming from catching up. Show season in the month of Ramadan.

Years ago, a television producer, who co-wrote a series with friends for him, said that he would give me my full wages, but he had to deduct five thousand pounds from the last payment.

I found the reason dramatic and new, so I did not ask him for the amount, and when the series failed, it was clear that his producer decided to cut the wages of the workers more than his cleverness in choosing a good director and spending on the work properly, but in the end he was more merciful and kinder than the media production city that confiscated Half of my financial dues for the series (People of Alexandria), which is still banned from showing, and my anger did not last long after I learned that the city officials were investigated, not because they paid me half of the dues, but because they produced the series from its origin.

Years before that, and before my name shined in writing the script, and the scam became difficult and provoked problems that producers might not prefer, a promising rising TV producer tried to target me with an amount of 15,000 pounds that I deserved for my preparation, at the beginning of the millennium, of the program (Who Will Win the Bonbon), which It was presented by Ahmed Helmy, the most popular star among children, since he started presenting the “Play Eyal” program on the Egyptian satellite channel at the end of the nineties.

Helmy had apologized more than once for doing television programs since he began his cinematic success in the movie (Abboud on the Borders), but he agreed to return to presenting a children’s program due to the circumstances of preparation for his marriage to Mona Zaki and his unwillingness to make films he did not like, and when he asked me To write the program’s questions, I agreed because I was living in a material situation, and I thought that the program would dismantle it quickly, so I did it without signing a contract, which made it easier for the producer to defraud me, and instead of resorting to the prosecution, records, courts and media, I used my skills as a screenwriter and regained my right before I lost forever.

I had felt that the story was that, when the damned producer stopped answering my consecutive calls, so I decided to tap his desk and I had a plan that is not guaranteed but worth a try.

The producer welcomed me with a yellow smile when he saw me in front of him in the office, apologizing for not answering my calls because his mobile phone was lost, and asked me to register my number so that he could contact me, and when I asked him about my dues, he made sorrow and he says that he will not be able to pay it, because he did not sell the program to stations Many TV shows as expected.

The psychological preparation in advance helped me to immediately start implementing the plan, as I received his words very calmly, so I did not tell him that I knew that he had earned a huge amount from selling the program to the Arab Radio and Television Channel, and I did not ask him, for example, why he paid Ahmed Helmy’s dues in full while he was not allowed to eat my right? I just shook my head in sympathy for him and said calmly that I understood his situation and was very sad for him.

When he looked at me with astonishment, I added that I blamed him because he did not involve me in his crisis, and he knows that I have worked in more than one satellite channel and have good relations with some senior workers in the field, and I would be pleased to help him sell the program, but in the event that this happens I will not be satisfied By getting the rest of my dues, I will even take on top of it a percentage of the amount in which the program will be sold to any satellite channel, which will not be less than ten percent.

His greed helped to wink the hook quickly, so he took the initiative to reduce my percentage of the expected sale to only five percent, which I agreed to after refraining, but the hunt would not have been completed optimally, if I had not prepared well for the process, which was one of the most important steps To choose a buyer like him who is difficult to reach in order to present the program to him himself, and I had to turn to Ahmed Helmy to help me make the process a success.

We will continue next week, God willing.

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