What is Gboard - All you need to know - Future News

What is Gboard – All you need to know – Future News

If you are bored with the default keyboard on your Android phone or iPhone, there are many third party options available out there. But the one that stands head and shoulders above all else is Gboard (also known as Google Keyboard.) It’s a free, well-made keyboard that provides all kinds of useful Google services you’ll need when messaging someone. What is Gboard, how do you prepare it and how do you customize it?

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Gboard, also known as Google Keyboard, is a Google keyboard for smartphones and tablets. Free to use, no Google account required, and you get instant access to Google services like Search, Translate, YouTube, Maps, and more. This means that you don’t have to copy and paste details from another app.

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What is Gboard?

Gboard is a free-to-use keyboard from Google, installed on all Android phones and also available for iOS devices. It connects to other Google services and Google-owned services, so you don’t have to leave your conversation to search for something.

Being a Google product, Gboard is very well made, very stable and very easy to use. It has everything you could want and need to message someone. So much so that you won’t want to use anything else once you start using it.

How to set up, customize, and use Gboard on iOS or Android

gboard settings

When you install the app (Android | iOS), there are some settings that you need to review and decide on. Some settings are standard for all keyboards (like auto-complete and voice dictation), but there are a few other GBboard features worth looking into in more detail.

Language and keyboard layout setting

If you’re used to communicating in different languages, GBoard supports up to 550 languages ​​in total – but only a maximum of three languages ​​on your device. This language support comes in the form of a text prediction (more on that in the next section) and keyboard layout.

gboard change language

You can also have different dialects, such as variations of English (US, UK, India, Australia, etc.), German (Germany, Switzerland), Chinese (Mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan), French (Belgium, Canada, France, Switzerland), Spanish (Spain Mexico), and many others. Google seems to have all the bases covered.

Click on up to three programs you want to use, and GBoard downloads a small language pack to your phone that contains all the vocabulary.

gboard language packs

Many countries use a QWERTY keyboard, but some use a keyboard like QWERTZ and AZERTY. You also have support for DVORAK and COLEMAK. Just select the one that matches your keyboard.

gboard keyboard layout

Writing in multiple languages

In the last section, I mentioned predictive text, and that’s where the multilingual support is great. He sent a lot of messages to both English and German speakers. If I had to constantly switch languages ​​on WhatsApp (or whatever messaging platform I used), it would drive me crazy.

gboard multilingual typing

On the other hand, GBoard automatically detects the language you are typing in, and if you download the appropriate language packs, the predictive text feature will seamlessly switch between languages. I also don’t have to worry about typos in my imperfect German as GBboard’s predictive text flashes the words for me.

Activate haptic feedback when pressing the keys

I wouldn’t say that’s a cool factor for me, but when you hit the keys, you get that familiar little feeling in your fingers. Some people like it, others are on the fence. I’m on the fence. Nothing can really be said about this.

Change keyboard size (one-handed mode)

If you are used to typing with one hand, you can make your life easier by sliding the keyboard to the left or right of the screen. Just click on Settings gear at the bottom and select One-handed mode from the list.

One-handed gboard mode

The text will now move to the right side of the screen. To move it to the left side of the screen, click the arrow pointing to the left. To exit the mode completely with one hand, tap the four arrows pointing outward.

One-handed gboard mode 2

Change the look of Gboard

When you think of customizing something on your screen, the first thing you probably think of is a theme. Gmail is big on features – just look at Gmail to see it. GBoard is no different.

gboard themes

The appearance of the Gboard can be as simple as a light or dark mode, the color of a single block, or something more like a landscape. You can also upload your own photo to create a file truly Custom keyboard theme.

Show row number

Show gboard numberrow

By default, you have to tap the number key at the bottom left of the keyboard to access the numbers. Instead, you can choose to place the numbers in the top row of the main keyboard. This provides some additional eavesdropping.

To access the numbers, just long press the key. Pressing Q, for example, will give you a Q (obviously). So, to get the number 1, just long press the Q button, and the number 1 will appear instead of Q. It seems like a long and boring process, but it only takes a second.

Block offending words

Lucifer Season 5 Coming on Netflix

If you’re the type to abuse swear words, this setting prevents them from appearing on your screen as predictive text. Although what one person finds offensive may be entirely reasonable for another. So, most likely, the block list will not be ideal for some, and too much for others. But I’m sure the usual suspects, like the F-word, will be there.

So we thank God for that – we are now protected from Satan’s language!

Find contacts

If you give Gboard access to your Google contacts, you can search for someone and send their contact details to the person you’re talking to. This is a great example of GBoard’s purpose of not having to leave your conversation to look for details elsewhere.

gboard connections

Once you have the contact card on your screen, you can choose to share it with your chat buddy or phone the contact.

Enable or disable location access

You may want to enable this option only when you need it, and keep it turned off at all other times. When it’s on, you can send your current location on a Google Map to your contact. It can be either a static map or a real-time map that changes as you move. Perfect for when you get lost in the wild at night and hear a twig blast behind you. Now you can call for a rescue before Big Foot decides when it’s dinner.

Access to gboard

As the screen says, the map has a resolution of 10 metres, but that largely depends on your location and how clear the GPS signal is. If you are in a covered area, such as a forest, the accuracy of the positioning will start to get a little confused. Try going outdoors to increase the accuracy of your location signal.

Scroll typing

Gboard swipe typing

This is a feature I hate, so I rarely use it. But many people swear by it, saying it makes their conversations go faster. It’s clearly not a GBoard exclusive feature – many other keyboards have glide typing as well. But since many people like it, it’s worth emphasizing that you can also get typing by scrolling in GBoard, in case you were wondering.

As the term suggests, swipe typing is when you “slide” your fingers across the screen to each key, rather than tapping the keys individually. I may be too old to use this, but scroll typing has always increased the rate of typos.

Access to numbers and symbols

In addition to being able to access the numbers in the top row, you can also access the numbers – and symbols – by tapping the number key in the bottom left of the screen.

gboard key

Mark O’Neill / Android Authority

Here, you get all the most used numbers and symbols. For other icons, you can click # + = The key that takes you to a third screen. To go back to the home screen, just tap ABC key at the bottom left.

It is also worth noting that a long press on the currency key will bring up a mini list of other currencies.

gboard number pad

Mark O’Neill / Android Authority

Emojis, GIFs and stickers

If you tap the emoji key at the bottom, next to the space bar, you can search for emojis, stickers, and GIFs.

Gboard emojis stickers

Once you find the person you want, click on it, and it will be automatically included in the message.

Google search

Clicking the G icon above the 1 key opens several Google services that you can use in your conversations. Google search will give you results from your normal search and image search.

Google search gboard

Again, clicking on one of the results will place the search card in the message, which you can then send to the person you’re messaging.

Google Translator

Google Translate is, by far, my favorite GBboard feature ever. I can now speak several languages ​​and make it sound like my language skills are top notch. My conversations with my German relatives have never been so good.

Google Translate gboard

When you type your message in the translation box, tap translate button, and the translated message will appear in the chat box, ready to be sent.

YouTube videos

search in gboard youtube

You can also search for YouTube videos. You can click the PLAY button to watch it first to make sure it’s what you’re looking for. Then tap SHARE to send it to someone.

Google Maps

Discussing flight details with someone can always be annoying as you have to explain where you need to go and how to get there. But with Google Maps in GBoard, you just have to type in a location, and you can send a Google Map to someone, so they can see which way to go in a jiffy.

gboard google maps

Use the spacebar as a trackpad

Finally, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention how you can use the spacebar as a trackpad. What does this mean? This means that if you type something, you can use the spacebar to quickly place the cursor at a specific place in the sentence – including the middle of the word.

To do this, press your finger on the space bar and the keyboard will suddenly become blank. Now, hold your finger on the space bar and move your finger left or right, up or down, depending on where you want to place the cursor.

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questions and answers

No, you don’t need a Google account to use Gboard.

If you have an Android phone, with root access and Magisk installed, you can install more GBoard themes. Writes GBoard Themes At Magisk, there seem to be over 100 new devices available.

No, Gboard does not have a cloud clipboard.

No, Google allegedly does not sync your message history with your Google account. Due to user privacy, they claim to prevent any of your messages from going to Google’s servers.

Yes you can. However, depending on your device, you may have to install another keyboard first before you can uninstall GBoard.

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