Dubai exhibition highlights artists Shada Safadi, Akram Al Halabi's latest work

Dubai exhibition highlights artists Shada Safadi, Akram Al Halabi’s latest work

Dubai: We’ve all hit rock bottom at some point. If you’re Brad Pitt – perhaps the most famous actor on the planet – that’s just a lot of audience. While the dips in Pete’s personal life were covered in painful, intimate details on every page of fleeting gossip, his journey of self-improvement was even more special. For the past six years, he’s done the job — comprehensively — and now, with “Bullet Train,” his first starring role in three years, he’s ready to be ridiculed.

“I think that’s what drew me to the role, frankly,” Pete tells Arab News. “This guy who’s trying to grow — but also back off a little bit — is on his way to becoming a better person. My experience with self-help and therapy has allowed me to get Mickey out of it.

“There are moments when you have one epiphany and you think you’ve figured it all out, and then you get into a pile of crap the next day. It made it fun, and I really enjoyed it,” he continues.

Brad Pitt receives the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in 2020 (attached)

Pit is, of course, one of the world’s number one lottery games at the box office, and has been for 30 years. He is also one of the most admired actors in Hollywood, winning an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in 2020 for his role in Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, where he played the famous actor.

Fittingly, then, he followed that up by collaborating with his longtime stunt duo David Leach, who co-starred with Fiat in films including Fight Club, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and Troy in the 1990s and early 2000s, and became one of the most sought-after directors of world, where he was responsible for “John Wick”, “Deadpool 2” and “Fast and Furious”. Presented by: Hobbes and Shaw, now “Bullet Train”.

“We saw that relationship in ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,'” says Leach, “and it’s not true that the actors and their sassy couple have a great relationship. Brad and I had it. we were friends”. “Now, we have come to a circle where I am at a place in my career where I am also an artist, and my work is appreciated. I, of course, really appreciate his work. Doing this together was an amazing experience.”

Brad Pitt and David Leach are promoting “Bullet Train” in France in July. (Getty Images)

“It was really nice to be back with him, but this time with him as president,” Pete says.

The movie “Bullet Train” is based on the Japanese best-selling novel. It tells the story of five murderers who all find themselves on a high-speed train from Tokyo to Morica, with little chance of all surviving to the end. Pete plays Ladybug, an unfortunate man who is always off mental health leave, trying to maintain his inner peace in a situation he refuses to allow, and brings up quite a few positive tidbits he can muster.

“Beetle’s stripes really look like a 22-year-old going through self-discovery,” Bett star partner Joy King tells him.

Pete answers: “Exactly. The sad thing is that this is pretty much who I am in life.”

Pete and his co-stars filmed the movie during the lockdown period of 2020. While “Bullet Train” was filmed in Japan, it was shot on a single acoustic platform in Southern California, inside a purpose-built train system that was flanked on both sides by LED screens that showed footage shot On the actual express train in Japan. It was sobering that some people in the group reported experiencing motion sickness.

עבור פיט, הסרט לא היה רק ​​לחדש את הקשר עם חברו הוותיק ליטץ ‘, זו גם הזדמנות ליצור משפחה פונדקאית שתעזור לשני דרך הבדידות הבדידות המוחצת בידוד הקורונה הקורונה הקורונה כשכל אחד מתחלף להפוך את לשבור ולהרוס ולהרוס עוד עם אלתור אלתור אלתור אלתור אלתור אלתור אלתור אלתור Start.

“It was pre-vaccination, so we had all these protocols and gloves that we had to go through just so we could film it. We were basically in a bubble. It worked because of the high talent everyone had, which led to many good laughs,” says Pete.

Pete even recruited some of his friends to come, including Sandra Bullock, whom he called in person to ask her to appear in the movie.

The Express Train takes place in Japan. (enough)

“Sandy is a dear old friend; Someone I can call for a service and it’s always there. You’d give up on whatever you’re doing, you’ve done me really big favors,” says Pete. “When it came to that, we thought it would be really nice to call her again for another favor. I did, but this time she said I had to do something in return — and that’s how I ended up appearing in her magical “The Lost City.” I loved this idea that we could cross-pollinate in each other’s projects. “

Far from jokes, self-deprecation, and get-togethers with old friends, Pete finds himself calmly connected to the deeper themes of the seemingly hilarious action comedy.

“There is this undercurrent that questions the nature of fate, and the ongoing battle between self-will and self-expression against the larger forces at play. It really hit me on a chord. And it was combined, of course, with David Leitch’s cinematic language — that blend of comedy and extreme violence,” says Pete.

However, Pete wasn’t just focused on himself. Part of his journey, both professionally and personally, has been to make meaningful connections with others and help elevate them, whether they are people he meets for a short time or whether they are his friends. Quietly, this might be his life’s work at this point.

King, for example, found in Pete a true mentor, she says. As a 22-year-old Hollywood sensation with nearly 20 million followers on Instagram, King was grateful for someone to help her navigate the increasingly complex contours of fame at a time when apps like TikTok have made things emotionally taxing for stars more than ever. gone.

“I was going through a tough time one day, and I expressed that to some of my teammates. Brad is someone who has been through a lot of his life. It was in the area. I was very fortunate to have someone like him, with his life experience — especially his experience with people who have opinions about his life,” King told Arab News. “It was very helpful to hear from someone like him why this noise should be drowned out and how to do it. It was really nice talking to someone like that.”

Pete’s performance in “Bullet Train” includes a lesson for all of us: not to take ourselves too seriously.

“I play closely,” he says. “And Champ is the most fun role you’ve played, by far.”

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