War of words - Barcelona captain launches counterattack on Bayern Munich |  DW |  29.07.2022

War of words – Barcelona captain launches counterattack on Bayern Munich | DW | 29.07.2022

Barcelona team president Juana Laporta did not delay in responding to Bayern Munich’s statements regarding the deals concluded by the Catalan team this summer, to return again to the local and continental podiums.

Speaking at a news conference in New York, Juana Laporta said he had not only noticed a “certain ignorance” among Bayern Munich officials, but also a “lack of information” regarding their statements about Barcelona. Laporta added that the Bavarian team officials “distorted the truth”, according to the German “Sport” website.

Laporta continued his stinging attack on the German giant, saying that Barcelona was in a very critical financial situation a year ago. “But we are a 122-year-old team with very important assets. The Bayern presidents were not aware of the strength and support of this club.”

And Juana Laporta continued his talk about the Bavarian team by saying that Bayern Munich employees should stay away from the affairs of other clubs in the future. “Therefore, I ask them not to do this and not to mess with us. They have to take care of themselves,” Laporta concluded.

Bayern Munich coach Julian Nagelsmann recently made strong statements against Barcelona. The young German coach said, “Barcelona is the only team that does not have the money, but its management buys the contract of every player it wants. I don’t know how they do it. It’s a little strange, a little crazy,” according to the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”.

It is noteworthy that Barcelona succeeded in signing former Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski. The Bavarian team tried to keep its Polish top scorer in every way, but Lewandowski insisted on leaving to Barcelona, ​​and entering a new football experience with the Blaugrana.

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