Miss Lebanon to Al-Modon: I am complete in form and content

Miss Lebanon to Al-Modon: I am complete in form and content

Zaytoun, a journalism graduate, has a strong personality and high self-confidence. This feature greatly contributed to overcoming the tension, fear and dread of the camera in front of the audience and viewers. This feature appeared in her address to the audience in response to two questions, and at one stage of the competition, “I controlled myself and said that I must do everything that was required of me to the fullest, and I would not allow tension to overpower me,” she says to Al-Modon, and therefore, I didn’t feel stress at all, I just had the feeling that something beautiful was going to happen.” Perhaps the last moments before the announcement of the result were the most stressful than others.
Zeitoun does not hesitate to stress that if the competition is repeated, her answers will be the same. She says: “I am completely satisfied with my answers because they are the ones behind my victory. People’s tastes are different, and they do not all see that I was the most beautiful among the participating girls, so I consider that my answers, not my appearance, qualified me to win the Miss Lebanon title.” Despite acknowledging the different tastes of viewers, Zeytoun says confidently: “I am complete in form and content.”

The criticisms leveled at her do not disturb her joy, nor hinder her from committing to a cultural and tourist mission, which is largely integrated with the program of the Ministry of Tourism and the Lebanese hopes for a change and a transition from frustration to hope. Zaytoun says, “I had prepared myself before participating in the competition, and said that if I won, I would not stop at any negative criticism that might affect me, because what I accomplished would be stronger than any words that can be said about me.” She adds, “I was not bothered by any criticism at all. I set a goal in mind, and I will make every effort to achieve it, and I will focus during the coming period on planning my participation in the Miss Universe contest.” “I feel that I deserve everything I have achieved, and if this were not the case, I would not have reached what I am today,” Zaitoun affirms.

Media and representation.. and Dima Sadiq

Beauty queens usually choose fields that keep them in the spotlight, such as singing or acting, when heading to a life after the title, but Zaitoun confirms that she will not become a singer, “As for working in the field of acting, I have not thought about it yet, but I feel that I love journalism and media more. “.

In this, Zeitoun tries to differentiate from her predecessors, and benefits from her university degree in the profession of journalism, through which she can change and form a public opinion about Lebanon’s reform and promotion, she says. She does not deny that acting “has become the first goal for everyone, so that one of the followers commented on my Instagram account by saying that Yasmina Zaitoun is the heroine of the next part of the “Al-Hiba” series”… She added: “But I do not think so far about going through a similar experience.”

Zaitoun praises the two former queens, Nadine Njeim and Valerie Abu Chakra, and actress Daniela Rahma, who holds the title of Miss Lebanon Emigrants, who stormed the field of acting, and adds: “Apart from being beautiful, they are also good actresses.”

Zeitoun, the media personality, does not hide her influence on the media, Dima Sadek, as she confirms that she “likes her when she looks on TV”, and to be honest, “she is never affected and has a strong personality.” Zaytoun had previously conducted interviews via social media with artists, models, and well-known political and media figures on social media, such as model Angie Kiwan, Representative Paula Yacoubian, Shaker Khazal, Amal al-Shughari, Prince Saud and Lana Daoud… “They all saw me as successful media, and they gave me support and encouragement. After I won the title.

interventions and a million dollars

Zaytoun responds to those who considered the first runner-up, Maya Abu Al-Hassan, the most deserving of the title, that the opinions were many and different, and added: “I have a good relationship with Maya Abu Al-Hassan, and we both dreamed and planned a similar experience, and we spent a lot of good times together, not only during the preparation for the competition. We even exchanged visits, and if she won the title, nothing would change for me, and she is also very happy with my victory.

On the other hand, Zaitoun commented on the withdrawal of Miss World from the jury, especially as it caused a lot of confusion, and each party interpreted it in its own way. Zeitoun explained that Miss World “was tired and had difficulty breathing, and I personally noticed this, so I decided to withdraw.” As for those who talked about mediations that brought her to the title, Zaitoun says: “A lot of rumors were raised around me, and it was said that mediations intervened in my favor, but this matter is not true at all. However, I was not bothered by any rumor and did not care about any negativity affecting me. Some spoke On Wasatat, and others said that someone paid a million dollars in exchange for my winning the title, but I categorically deny them all.

Zaytoun is currently living the joy of winning, and she has not yet believed that she won the title, but she has become more careful about her behavior. On whether the title began to lose its spontaneity, she replied: “The title is a great responsibility because I represent Lebanon through it. He gave me everything, and gave me more confidence because I began to achieve everything I dreamed of.”

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