Lewandowski liquidates his accounts with the management of Bayern Munich!  He accuses her of "lying".  DW |  30.07.2022

Lewandowski liquidates his accounts with the management of Bayern Munich! He accuses her of “lying”. DW | 30.07.2022

Polish star Robert Lewandowski has accused Bayern Munich of spreading “lies” in an attempt to justify the club’s position in front of the fans regarding the player’s transfer to Barcelona.

Barcelona initially paid 45 million euros to sign Lewandowski from Bayern Munich. The player’s contract with Bayern was supposed to last for another year.

Lewandowski clearly revealed his desire to leave Bayern Munich after the failure of talks on extending the contract with the Bavarian club. Lewandowski denied that the reason for his desire to leave Bayern was what was reported about the Bavarian club’s desire to sign Norwegian star Erling Haaland, which Manchester City managed to include from Borussia Dortmund.

Although he was not ready to reveal all the details, Lewandowski attacked Bayern Munich, claiming that the club painted an inaccurate picture of the situation. “No, it had nothing to do with Erling,” Lewandowski told ESPN. “I’m the person for whom the truth is the most important, even if something is wrong with him.”

He added: “I do not want to talk about what exactly happened. But if the question is that my departure was caused by (Haaland), the answer is no, as I did not see a problem with the possibility of him joining Bayern Munich.”

Lewandowski will remain one of the legends of the Bavarian team, archive photo.

“But some people don’t tell me the truth, they say different things. For me, it’s important to always be clear and tell the truth, and maybe that’s the problem for some people.”

He continued: “In the end, I know that something not good happened to me… and I felt that this might be the right time to leave Bayern Munich and join Barcelona.”

Lewandowski added: “I had a very good relationship with my colleagues, the coaching staff and the coach, and I will miss that because I had a wonderful time there.”

He said, “Not only were we friends on the field, it was more than that. But in the end, this chapter is over and I will open a new chapter in my life as well as in my professional career.”

“I feel in the right position and in the right place,” Lewandowski added. “Everything that happened in the last weeks before my departure from Bayern Munich was greatly influenced by the management’s policies.”

He explained: “The club tried to find an excuse to sell me to another club, because perhaps it was difficult to justify it to the fans. I had to accept that even though it carried a lot of lies and nonsense around me.” “It wasn’t true, but in the end I know the fans still support me, even in this period.”


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