Al-Ahly pays 125 thousand euros per month for a coach whose salary was only 11 thousand.. The salaries of coaches in Egypt are against logic - Economy Plus

Al-Ahly pays 125 thousand euros per month for a coach whose salary was only 11 thousand.. The salaries of coaches in Egypt are against logic – Economy Plus

Abdul Rahman Al-Shuwaikh

Like most things in Egyptian sports, especially football, nothing is subject to logic or standards. The salaries of coaches reach astronomical figures, exceeding millions of pounds annually, even at the level of teams with limited budgets, which are large numbers that often exceed European countries.

1.5 million euros salary for Al-Ahly coach

Al-Ahly contracted with Portuguese coach Ricardo Suarez, for 1.5 million euros (29 million pounds) annually, equivalent to 125,000 euros per month, at a time when Portuguese sources reported that the coach was getting 11,000 euros per month from Gil Vincente club, and perhaps what explains The financial difference in the coach’s salary between the two clubs, that the Portuguese newspapers confirmed that Soares received a financial offer that could not be rejected from Al-Ahly.

Soares came to succeed South African Musimani, who jumped on his financial demands with Al-Ahly Until his salary before leaving amounted to 185,000 dollars, or 2.25 million dollars annually, excluding bonuses, and according to the club’s budget in 2021, Al-Ahly spent more than 100 million pounds in salaries for coaches and administrators.

Ferreira saved Zamalek with a salary less than 10 million pounds from Carteron

French Patrice Carteron was getting from Zamalek He earned $150,000 (1.8 million dollars annually), or about 34 million pounds, and he was at the time the highest salary among coaches in Egypt. Mortada Mansour, the football supervisor in Zamalek, said at the Ferreira presentation conference that his salary is 107 thousand dollars per month, or approximately 1.3 million dollars annually (24 million pounds annually).

According to the announced figures, Ferreira did not save Zamalek, which was suffering from major technical crises in light of the lack of strength as a result of the suspension of restrictions, the departure of key elements, and the desire of players to leave due to the expiry of their contracts, technically only; But also on the financial level, he saved 10 million pounds annually, the difference between Cartieron and Ferreira’s salary.

Everyone pays too much

The remarkable thing is that all clubs pay large and exaggerated salaries. Ehab Galal used to get 1.25 million pounds from Pyramids per month, and he took over the coaching of the national team for more than 800,000 pounds per month, before he was sacked and the Portuguese Roy Vitoria was appointed, who would receive 2.4 million euros ( 46.5 million pounds) annually, a salary much more than the veteran Queiroz, who earned about 1.5 million euros.

The news of Hossam El-Badri assuming the leadership of the Algerian team ES Setif was surprising, as his salary will be about 300 thousand dollars annually, or about 5.65 million pounds, which is less than half of his annual salary with the national team, which exceeded 11.5 million pounds before taxes.

Helmy Tolan, during his leadership of Enppi, earned 600,000 pounds per month (approximately $32,000), which is more than what the Portuguese Jorvan Vieira, the current coach of the team, receives, who receives 20,000 dollars per month (380,000 pounds). He received one million pounds per month from the union and left for Al-Masry, who was trained by the Tunisian Moein Al-Shaabani, with a salary of 60 thousand dollars per month, while Ali Maher’s salary in Future reached 700 thousand pounds, and Ahmed Sami in Ceramica Cleopatra for about half a million pounds.

The average salary in most other clubs is not less than 150 thousand pounds for coaches who did not have great experiences, as was the case with Tamer Mostafa with the clearinghouse, and Mohamed Odeh in the contractors, while Abdel Hamid Bassiouni’s salary in Smouha reaches about 300 thousand pounds, and Imad Al-Nahhas was He gets 250 thousand pounds from the Arab contractors, and Talaat Youssef started the season with a salary of 600,000 pounds with Al-Ismaily.

The French League reveals the illogicality of coaches’ salaries in Egypt

By searching among the coaches of the French League, one of the five major leagues in the world, we find that the salary of Philippe Clement, coach of Monaco, and Bruno Geneseau, coach of Rennes, third and fourth in the last season, each have a salary of 150,000 euros, less than Mosimane’s salary and equivalent to what Cartieron was paid, and less A little bit of Suaresh’s salary with Al-Ahly.

And Julien Stephan, coach of Strasbourg, the sixth in the French league, gets 90,000 euros, and Frank Hayes, the seventh-placed Lance coach, receives 65,000 euros, which is equal to Ihab Galal’s salary and close to what Al-Shaabani was receiving with Al-Masry, and of course less than Takis Junias’s salary in Pyramids, who It amounts to $70,000, as are the coaches of Al-Ahly and Zamalek.

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