On the International Day of Friendship, how do we understand it and dedicate it to love and peace?

On the International Day of Friendship, how do we understand it and dedicate it to love and peace?

Only the one who has a true friend understands and knows the beauty of friendship. When it hurts to look back, and you are afraid of what will happen in the future, look to your side, your soulmate will be there to support you.
Hence, the world celebrates on July 30 of each year the International Day of Friendship, which was approved by the United Nations General Assembly in 2011, bearing in mind that friendship between peoples, countries, cultures and individuals can become an inspiring factor for peace efforts.
On this occasion, we asked female friends and friends in Arab countries how they understand friendship, and whether friendship has types and degrees for them, and they addressed a word to their friends.

Dubai | Lina Alhorani
Photography | Abdullah Rammal
Riyadh | Yara Taher
Photography | Saad Aldusri
Jeddah | Thana Almohammed
Dhahran | Awatif Althunayan
Morocco | Samira Maghdad
Beirut | Ifate Shehabdine
Cairo | Ayman Khattab
Tunisia | Monia Kaouach

from Riyadh
Jaber Saad Al Nasib:

Jaber Saad Al Nasib
Jaber Saad Al Nasib

A true friend who keeps you away from all relationships

Fortunate is he who has a true friend, as Jaber Saad Ali Al Nasib, a communications and information technology technician, finds. Friendship has its place and its own flavor according to Jaber, “If these deep conditions between safety, honesty, loyalty and appreciation are fulfilled, they are real. But if those conditions are absent or even one condition, then that relationship is absent, and it may fall under what is called those conditional transitory relationships.”

Friendship wound is painful

Friendship is not in a time of prosperity, as Al Nasib says, and he continues: “Everyone around you may pretend to be honest and benevolent, but he is far from interests and does not have a desired end. He is the one about whom it is said: “A friend in times of distress.” He may be absent from you for a long time, but if you need him, he will always be by your side, regardless of his race, lineage or gender, and he only asks that you be well. Najran is “as long as the world is but friendship.” Jaber seemed to agonize over the loss of friendship, preparing a painful wound for her. He added, “How many friends have been betrayed, how many friends have been killed, how many friends have been imprisoned, and how many friends have been betrayed and betrayed.” A friend is a friend, so friendship is not without these events. And fortunate is the one who did not pass it, and he did not taste that to anyone, and he did not taste any of these hard crumbs.”

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from Jeddah
Rahaf Nabil Jambi:

Rahaf Nabil Jumbi

We make excuses for each other

Rahaf believes that any relationship should be based on friendship, even the marital partnership whose success is based on friendship, also the relationship of the mother with her children is friendship, and the relationship of the father with his children is friendship. From Rahaf’s point of view, friendship is not limited to boyfriend and girlfriend, she continues, saying: “My relationship with my younger brothers is based on friendship, and then the brotherhood relationship, and in my opinion it is the best consideration for the success of a strong, solid and extended relationship.”

Annual friendships!

By nature, Rahaf tries hard to be a friend to everyone, adding, “I even create conversations with the workers, I gain experiences from them, and I am organized. I divided my friendships into categories. One a week, and there are annual friendships with pure hearts, and there is no reproach as if we are in constant communication, each of us has his own circumstances, and we seek excuses for each other.” One of Rahaf’s unforgettable moments about a friend with her is that that friend stays with her throughout the day her father died. She continues: “My father passed away on March 10, and it is the day my friend spends with me the whole day; Because she knows that this day is emotionally heavy for me, and on the other hand, on the anniversary of her mother’s death, I would allocate time to spend with her, and despite my moving to another city, I do not forget to call her and check on her.” She concluded: “A true friend is someone who is not satisfied with others talking about you behind you, and he is the one who helps and supports you emotionally, and even financially, and I say to my friends, may God perpetuate our friendship for many years.”

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from Dhahran
Nima Alain:

blessing on me

Thank you for being my friends, my secret and my comfort

Nima Ahmed Aleen, an employee at the King Abdulaziz Cultural Center, finds that the true depth of friendship is revealed in the situations and the generous containment through which life continues. Those concepts related to friendship differ from one person to another according to the intellectual nature and environment of the person, she continues, saying: “Some find friendship in forming social relationships, others find it in forming personal relationships, while others link it to family and friends, and each of us has his own view and concept in forming friends.” .

The blessing of friendship is divided into types and degrees; Where there is a close friend, and another dear, while there is a friend who is one of the family members, Nehme continues: “As we colloquially say “my sister counted,” which is the highest level of friendship in which there is harmony and similarity. Share the details of your life.

friendship attitudes

Nima Alin told a story that happened with her and that carries the highest meanings of true friendship. She continues, saying: “The most situations that I touched were the period of Corona (Covid-19); I fell into great depression and sadness, and for the first time in my life I felt weak and helpless, thank God my friends were my support and help to me, after God Almighty, I lost passion for everything, but they did not let me give up even after the death of my father – may God have mercy on him – God chose him and compensated me with my friends.. grateful Because you are my friends, my secret and my comfort.”

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from the UAE
Heba Bawazeer and Fidaa Al Hammadi:

Heba Bawazeer and Fidaa Al Hammadi
Heba Bawazeer and Fidaa Al Hammadi

Thank you for holding my hand on the path of life

Heba Bawazir, an engineer specializing in renewable energy, derives her energy from friendship, after she chose her companion, who, as she puts it, “lifted me to the top”. Bawazir divides friendship into a friendship of interest that ends with the person’s departure, and a pleasure for laughter and entertainment, and it may be at intervals, while sincere and loyal friendship is permanent, and is not affected by any external factors. Even though we don’t communicate on a daily basis.

It occurred to Heba to stand by her side when she lost her brother, so that hand was raised on a broken soul until it was forced, and she added: “She is one of the rare people in this world. The years until I became my manager, I consult her in my affairs, and when I need I always find her to guide me, guide me and advise me, redeeming the lifeline I was looking for and I found.”

While her friend Fidaa Al Hammadi, an engineer and a life coach, does not believe that friendship has types or degrees, but rather has conditions in which he shares values ​​and principles with the other, Fida continues: “Without burdens or blame, as he seeks you, you seek it.” Fida does not believe that there is a specific story that linked her to her friend, but honesty and truth are the first link, she continues, saying: “I rejoice for my joy and sad for my sadness… Hiba is my good friend with a sincere smile, and she does not need an effort to be loved by people, as she imposes her good manners and attitudes with everyone. ». For Fidaa, who represents the warm side in light of life’s changes, he comments: “Thank you, for your hand is holding my hand on the path of life.”

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from Morocco
Dr.. Fatima dear:

Dr.. Fatima dear

girlfriend is the best gift

A lot of love and a lot of mutual respect and giving without expecting anything in return.. This is what the concept of friendship means for Dr. Fatima Azizi from Rabat. Fatima finds that friendship is more sacred than love; Because it contains a lot of acceptance of the other, with all that you have and what you have to do; Any Bmhasnak and disadvantages, whatever you are, continue d. Fatima: “A friend is the one who advises you without being in agreement with you to please you. Rather, he argues with you, warns you of your mistakes, encourages you in matters and blames you, but supports you in all difficult circumstances, and you know that he is with you without favoring you or complimenting you.” There are degrees in friendship, as Fatima finds, including in work or housing; Where they exchange respect and love, but without entering with them in the details of life, and these are not first-degree friends, friends are the ones who reached the peak of maturity with them, Fatima continues: “Although life may not allow you to meet with them a lot, but you are sure that you You will always find your friend with you in difficult circumstances, and can be relied upon. Sometimes a friend is much closer than family members.” She adds: “My relationship with my media friend, Fatima Brody, more than 25 years ago, when we shared the same room in the university district, and although our majors were different, and my study years were longer and we separated, but we never separated in friendship and love. Our friendship continued after school, after graduation, marriage and children. And we became close families.”

Fatima’s friend, as she says, never let her down, but rather shared the sweet and the bitter with her. Fatima comments: “I am her friend, her doctor and her sister. I tell her thank you for being in my life, and may God bless you with your health and your offspring. You are one of the most beautiful gifts God has given me.”

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From Lebanon
Hala Al-Hasani:

Hala Al-Hussani

Fortunate is he who has such a blessing in his life

Friendship crystallizes the human personality for the better, especially with the availability of good morals, as you find Hala Al-Hasaniya, a specialist in the field of business administration, media and a social activist. She continues, saying: “The ideal friendship is with the participation of the friend’s concerns, and his support in the easiest and most difficult of matters. Friendship is a house of secrets and a meaning of true loyalty. There are friendships for every time and place, according to Hala, some of which remain solid and faithful despite the geographical distance, or the distance due to life circumstances… and others, she adds, saying: “There are friendship relations based on childhood years, and in my opinion the more friends have an intellectual level. Harmonious and common hobbies, their relationship was closer and long-term…».

stab treachery

Hala does not believe in the idea that friends are obligated to be in constant contact with each other. Rather, it is sufficient to exist when necessary. He comments: “I was stabbed by the treachery of whom I considered my friend, but this did not change my conviction that there are friends closer than brothers, and they have pure and loving souls and hearts. … The blessing of friendship is one of the important blessings, and it is fortunate who has such a blessing in his life.”

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from Egypt
Gilan Atif:

Gilan Atef

A friend is someone who gives me his opinion frankly

“The more people have in common, the more fun, understanding, empathy and sincerity they spend their time together,” says Jilan Atef, a fashion designer. Gillan remembered what scientist William Rollins had said about the kinds of friends you must have. They are: “Someone to talk to, someone to rely on, and someone to enjoy time with.” She continues: “The friend you talk to should give you his opinion, but the one you rely on is the one who makes you feel that there is someone behind your back and gives you a constant sense of comfort and balance. As for the one you can enjoy your time with, it is really the one you prefer to stay with rather than anyone else.”

her love for me

Gillan tells a story she encountered and proved the meaning of true friendship. She adds, “My friend pushed me to donate some pieces at the end of each season to fight breast cancer in hospitals. After years, I felt the value and love of this friend for me; Because she stood with me on the details, and she led me to a sense of self-satisfaction, and I say to her: “Who befriends you for your happiness.. who hates you for your misery.”

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From Tunisia
Princess Misawi:

princess missawi

I am lucky with my four friends

Friendship will not continue unless it is based on strong foundations and basic principles, the most important of which are: spontaneity, mutual trust, clarity, keenness not to interfere in privacy, staying away from narrow accounts and exploitative intentions, blame, love of ownership and stinging criticism. Amira’s favorite friends are four, and they are mentally and socially close. Amira continues: “One of us is a doctor, the other is a pharmacist, and the third is an employee in a drug lab, and he brought us together in our charitable work, and we met each other seven years ago in an association for orphaned children, until our meetings turned into Weekly dates for eating or sports, then we started scheduling family visits, so that our husbands became friends.”


One day, Amira received a call from the school telling her that her four-year-old child had fainted and was taken to the hospital. Amira added: “My husband was traveling on a business mission abroad, and on that day one of my friends accompanied me and did all the necessary procedures. She also handed the hospital a blank check without lowest frequency. It is an opportunity to express my thanks to her, for her standing with me was the true meaning of friendship.”

Amira herself is very fortunate to have such wonderful and mature friends as her four who have brought her life to life.

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