The Arab Singing Market is booming... and artists are recovering |  Gulf newspaper

The Arab Singing Market is booming… and artists are recovering | Gulf newspaper

Beirut: Hana Toby
The Arab singing market has witnessed, since the beginning of the summer this year, a crowd of artistic productions, indicating the artists’ restoration of their activity, follow-up of their projects, and their readiness to participate in Arab and Gulf summer festivals. Who decided to release full albums…

Nancy Ajram is currently living in a period that is perhaps the most active in her artistic journey, through her intense presence in Arab and Gulf festivals, as well as the success of her songs that she presents with close time differences, the last of which is the song “Sah Saheh” in the Egyptian dialect, from the words of Ahmed Aladdin, composed by Moody Saeed and distributed by Tariq. Madkour and the American DJ Marshmello.. The song achieved nearly 10 million views and listens on YouTube a week after its release, and it still continues to gain success.

Elissa released her song “From the First Minute”, in which she collaborated with Saad Lamjarred, from the words of Amiz Taima and distributed by Ahmed Ibrahim, and achieved millions of views, and wrote through her Twitter account, saying: “150 million views in this short time exceeded my expectations in every possible way. Nothing and no one can stand in the way of my happiness at this moment.” This was followed by the release of her song “Flower of Jasmine” produced by Osama Rahbani, and the words of Kamal Kobeisi with melodies and distribution of Osama Rahbani, and the video of the song was released on the official Elisa channel on “YouTube” and celebrated With the number of her followers on Instagram reaching 18 million, she is currently preparing to perform a concert at the end of this month in Lebanon.

In a different way, Najwa Karam decided to be a pioneer in promoting her new work, “Helwat al-Dunya,” the words and melodies of Jihad Hadchiti, and the distribution of Robert El-Asaad, by launching a simple “teezer” that was filmed on the phone’s camera in a vertical version in the manner of “Tik Tok” to fit watching it with mobile phones. The song quickly achieved two million views in two days.

The Lebanese star Haifa Wehbe approached the 8 million views with her new song “Tigi” just 8 days after it was released on her own YouTube channel. Lebanon, directed by Salim Turk.

The Lebanese singer, Wael Jassar, released his latest song, “I am not Mossadeq”, on YouTube, coinciding with Eid Al-Adha, and the song was written by Mansour Al-Shadi, composed by Walid Saad, and distributed by Mix and Master Ahmed Ibrahim, and a number of Jassar’s fans expressed their admiration. With the song, which approached two million views on his official channel, a few days after its release, he also released the song “Not in Dreams” from the words of Ahmed Katout and composed by Ahmed Al-Zaeem, and the song broke the barrier of 4 million views since it was presented on “YouTube”, in addition to the song “Ayan” Which has crossed half a million views on YouTube.

The singer Walid Tawfik also released the song “Ya Asal”, via YouTube, coinciding with Eid al-Adha, and the song was written by Alim, composed by Beno, and distributed by Hazem Mansi, and it approached one and a half million views in 5 days, and his audience is still interacting with it.

Melhem Zein released his new song, “Rafiqa Albi,” which hit a record number of viewers, which reached 8 million in one day.

mini album

Latifa Al-Tunisi decided to expand her work by revealing a mini-album entitled “Latifa 2022” that includes 6 songs in various Egyptian, Iraqi and Tunisian dialects, including “Ahssan Ahsan,” written by Tamer Hussein and composed by Aziz El Shafei, and “Far Tar” composed by Reda Shaer. In addition to two songs in the Iraqi dialect, written by Namir’s heritage and composed by Ali Salem.

Nabil Shuail was keen to offer his fans an Eid during the Eid al-Adha period, but in his own and distinctive way as usual, as he has been working throughout the past period to complete his artistic work with great effort until he has matured and is ready to be presented on the “YouTube”, “Anghami” and “Deezer” platforms. In cooperation with the Rotana Audio-Visual Company, he stated that he chose to release the four-song “mini album”, entitled “Lahi”, during the blessed Eid al-Adha. The Iraqi Rami Al-Aboudi, composed and arranged by Maitham Alaa Al-Din, while the third song bears the title “Nehab” and it is written and composed by Muhammad Al-Ahmad.

As for Ahmed Saad, he continues to release new works, as he revealed the song “Wass Wassaa” in which he appeared with a new “look” in which he adopted white hair, and a youthful “style” full of colors, and the song is Saad’s fourth from his new album of the same name and reveals Its contents successively, after he presented “Alik Oyoun” from his words and melodies by Muhammad Al-Shafi’i, which made him “Trend” on the pages of “Social Media” because it achieved 120 million views and listens within four months, he launched “Banady Aleik” which is written and composed by Ahmed Saad, and Psychological » Words by Salah Mendy, composed by Tamer Karawan.

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