Khaled Al-Ammar: Personal jurisprudence brought down Saudi volleyball

Khaled Al-Ammar: Personal jurisprudence brought down Saudi volleyball

He called for the preservation of the current experienced players “for the sake of the reputation of the green”

Khaled Al-Ammar, the expert coach in Saudi volleyball, confirmed that the game is currently suffering from a low level and a lack of achievements due to the discrepancy in policies between the management of each federation and the next, the weakness of technical and methodological planning, and the lack of experience in qualified technical leadership. Al-Ammar said in an interview with Asharq Al-Awsat that the lack of continuation of the cumulative technical work and the adoption of the technical work, which was based on the temporary perspective and on personal judgments far from the special technical needs and requirements in each period of time, led to a decline in the level of Saudi volleyball, calling for work on the style of A feasible and fruitful new game so that the game returns to what it was before, especially the first Saudi team.

> The Saudi youth team is playing today the final of the West Asian Championship against its Bahraini counterpart, and there are participations for other Sunni groups. Can this generation return Saudi volleyball to the international arena?

The truth is that it is difficult to replace the first team easily, but it is important that this team participate in all continental competitions first and give it the full opportunity to gain experience and then look at the competition for world championships.

The youth volleyball team will compete in the West Asian final today against Bahrain (Asharq Al-Awsat)

> How do you see Saudi volleyball, given your great experience during two decades with teams and teams?

In recent years, Saudi volleyball achieved advanced continental positions. The junior team achieved fourth in the world in 1998, approximately in the generation that Khalil Hajji and Majid Al-Juhani remained. It also achieved third place in the Doha Asian Games 2006 and the military team achieved the 2008 World Cup in Germany. As a coach for the national team, he is considered a great achievement for Saudi volleyball. In 2010, the Saudi team achieved seventh place in the Asian Olympics, which was held in Guangzhou. I was a coach for the team as well. We were the best Arab achievers in terms of ranking. Undoubtedly, these achievements at the level of the first team are distinguished. The main problem in the lack of continued development of the game and its low level and lack of continuity in achieving achievements comes due to the difference in policies between each union and the next due to poor technical and methodological planning, lack of experience in qualified technical leadership, non-continuation of cumulative technical work and the adoption of technical work that was based on a temporary perspective and on jurisprudence The personality is far from the technical needs and requirements of each time period, and this is what led to the decline in the level of Saudi volleyball.”

> Do you think that the Saudi national team is capable of competing in Asia in the near future?

Unfortunately, I do not see positive indicators, and there are continental teams that are developing quickly and strongly, such as Japan and Iran. For example, the Japanese team, which is the oldest in terms of excellence, did not stop looking for development, and when it went through a certain stage of decline, it recruited the French coach Philippe, who was able to overcome the side of short stature. He made a great technical and physical qualitative leap for them, and Iran has also developed significantly and remarkably, and is still in constant development, led by experts from the game. The current first team is in a transitional phase and this phase requires balance and lack of urgency. The big players do not have a real alternative now, and this requires benefiting from them and using them to preserve the technical reputation of the first team and to support the young players until the alternative team is prepared. There is a movement from specialists in the Federation of the Game in order to form a new team that will be able to achieve achievements, especially since the Saudi plane as teams and clubs had visits and tours at the regional and continental levels, and it is important to work on bringing it back to the fore, but I reserve the level of the technical staff of the teams from foreigners to lead the teams sympathetically On their CV, in which there is nothing that qualifies them to lead the teams and they do not have motivating achievements to contract with them, with the exception of Tunisian coach Mohamed Bin Al-Sheikh, who achieved the Gulf Junior Championship and is about to obtain the West Asian Championship, God willing, where he presented us with a strong junior team. There are promising national trainers who need trust and support, and they are no less than foreign trainers, especially in the age groups, and that the national project for national trainers, which was one of its proposals when it was assigned to lead the file for the development of national trainers, was aimed at the effective presence of national trainers by preparing a developmental training package for each A coach to raise their standards and preserve their rights.

> There is a step taken by the Saudi Federation, headed by Dr. Khaled Al-Zughaibi, through which clubs that offer players according to certain lengths and in specific age groups were awarded “additional points.” Is this not considered a positive aspect in light of the competition between the federations to bring in the best talent?

Relying on tall players in volleyball is an essential step in the development of the game, but it is not enough alone and should not be relied on too much. We need many technical aspects to be determined by the experienced, similar to what is happening in the advanced federations in the game that presented and are still providing teams Strong and continuously developing and benefiting from their experiences. I also see the importance of intensifying qualitative training for them, making the technical measurements required for each stage of time, and choosing the qualified technical leadership to achieve this. The players have various characteristics, which leads to the manufacture of distinguished players who contribute in a real and direct way to raising the level of the game and achieving achievements. I demand the amendment of the special age category for the Al-Baraem category from (14) to (12) years old, creating a competition for them, and allocating the establishment of festivals for young people under the category (10) years, except during summer periods, as is the case internationally.

> While various games such as handball continue to develop and renew elements and reach the World Cup continuously, we see that volleyball has had a generation of players for more than two decades, what are the reasons from the technical side in your opinion?

Renewal and building on a strong base is the basis for success, which is what characterizes the game of handball as it is known to all, as well as its excellence in continuous work. Among the big players and young players, and the reasons for this are common to the clubs and the federation, and the eastern region is rich in many volleyball teams that provide distinguished work with regard to the Sunni groups in particular, such as Al-Khuwaildia Club in Qatif Governorate, which excels greatly in these categories, and it is important to expand interest in the base for all Clubs and that the interest is not limited to one or two clubs, and this is an important aspect for the development of the game. In fact, mentioning the eastern region, there is a great success in the mass attendance of the West Asian Championship held in the region due to the passion for the various games in the east, which gave the tournament a special public atmosphere.

> In the Saudi Volleyball Premier League, there is an application for the professionalism of foreign players, and in recent years rival teams such as Al-Faisaly, who beat Al-Hilal and Al-Ahly, have appeared. Do you think that foreign players have developed the game technically?

Of course, foreign players and newborns have a great influence in this, and this is the reason for the entry of new competitors such as Al-Faisaly, who did an excellent job, and also Esperance, which is the only team that defeated Al-Hilal and Al-Ahly last season in the elite, and Al-Ittihad also did a distinguished work, and there is also a development for other teams that presented themselves well and remarkably They are Al-Ibtisam and Damak teams, and there is an interest from Al-Nasr Club to raise the level of the game, and certainly all this is in the interest of the game, but just as the foreign players have the advantages, including that the results are no longer known as it was before and raise the level of performance in the matches, but they have Negatives as well, the most important of which is the weak participation of the young Saudi player on the field.

> Do you see the importance of reducing the number of foreign players and births?

Yes, I see the importance of reducing them and not exceeding the number of “3” players only, and not as is currently practiced with the number of “5” because there is damage as a result of not giving the Saudi player the opportunity to be on the field. This is reflected on the level of the player and the team alike in several centers and reducing the number It will give more chances to the Saudi players. In recent years, the children of the game have become the ones who run the federation, for example, in the past period, which was led by Fahd Al-Huraishi, a former international player in Al-Hilal club, and currently the game is led by Dr. Khaled Al-Zughaibi, an international referee who has spent more than two decades in the field.

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