How to enable developer mode on Chrome OS

How to enable developer mode on Chrome OS

If you’re feeling restricted to Chrome OS, you might be interested in the operating system’s developer mode. It’s a hidden setting on your Chromebook that turns off all the restrictions and protections built into Chrome and gives you relatively direct access to a plethora of features that only developers and developers usually take advantage of. Information Technology.

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Although there are risks with enabling developer mode, it’s easy to do (and undo if you want to turn it off later).

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What is Chrome OS developer status?

According to a businessinsider, developer mode is a Chrome configuration that gives you root access to your Chromebook, similar to how you can “jailbreak” an iOS device, putting your Chromebook in developer mode means you can install Android apps from any source It bypasses the security systems typically built into Chrome OS. You can also add a different operating system, so you can run Linux on your Chromebook as well.

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After you enable developer mode, your Chromebook doesn’t automatically give you access to files and apps that are already installed, so you’ll need to manually copy existing data from the original configuration to developer mode. This makes it vulnerable to malware, but Developer Mode also generally voids the warranty on most Chromebooks.

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How to turn on Chrome OS developer mode

If you’re ready to enable developer mode, be sure to back up any data stored locally on your device and then do this:

1. Make sure your Chromebook is turned off.

2. Press and hold the Esc, Refresh, and Power keys at the same time. When you see your Chromebook start up, you can let go of the keys.

3. You will see the recovery process screen. Select advanced options and then choose developer mode (or press Ctrl + D).

4. If you see a message asking you to verify the operating system, press Enter.

Your Chromebook should now start in developer mode, you’ll need to press Ctrl + D each time you start it up in developer mode.

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How to turn off Chrome OS developer mode

You can disable developer mode at any time with a few additional keystrokes:

1. Make sure your Chromebook is turned off.

2. Turn on your Chromebook.

3. When the Chromebook boots up and displays the operating system verification message, press the spacebar.

4. Your Chromebook will be reset to factory settings and will return to its normal configuration.

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And my lady previously talked about what The Verge technical website published in a recent report, in which he mentioned how to save and find files in Chromebook in an easy way, which is as follows:

Saving files to a Chromebook is much like the way you save files in macOS or Windows. Files can be saved via one of the following:

  • Click Ctrl + S or right-click on the image, video, or file you want to save, and then select Save As.
  • If you run the first or second method and the result is the same, you will see the file application equivalent to Mac’s Finder or Window’s File Explorer.
  • Then you just have to select the folder in which you want to save the file within the list of folders and icons that appear on the left of the pop-up interface.
  • The last step to save the file is to click on the save button in the lower right corner in front of you, but if you want to change the name of the file before saving, you can do so easily by selecting the current name of the file in the field in front of you and then typing the name you want, and then press save.

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