A new operating system brings life to hundreds of old computers.. Get to know it

A new operating system brings life to hundreds of old computers.. Get to know it

Google has announced the provision of a new operating system that will restore life to hundreds of old computers and solve the problem of new updates with them, and its usefulness will increase in the coming years, especially in 2025 when support for “Windows 10” (Windows 10) ends and current devices become useless in front of operating requirements. Windows 11 and later versions.

She said in a post on the Google Cloud blog two weeks ago that the ChromeOS Flex operating system has become publicly available, explaining that old devices can be converted to Chromebooks by using Chromebooks. The new system.

A report on Al Jazeera Net shows that after the new operating system from Google, the inability of your old device from the brand “MacBook” – which has been for 9 years – to receive updates for new operating systems does not mean that it is no longer useful, as you may be able to extend Its age is by installing the Chrome OS Flex operating system, which is the lightweight Chromebook interface from Google.

Bringing life to hundreds of devices

Google has put together a list of hundreds of compatible and incompatible devices with Chrome OS Flex, and Acer, HP, LG and Toshiba devices tend to be compatible with Google Play. It works fine with the operating system installed, while some other devices like Dell and Apple may have some minor problems.

Devices that don’t appear on Google’s list can still technically receive Chrome OS Flex as long as they meet the minimum requirements, but some vital features, such as the device’s touchpad, keyboard, and USB ports, may not be guaranteed. and audio/video outputs.

In the year 2025, when support for Windows 10 (Windows 10) ends, many current devices will become obsolete, and many devices may become useless in the face of the strict operating requirements of Windows 11 (Windows 11) and later.

Although Google calls the Chrome OS Flex project an “early access” or “unstable” project, you can now use it on your old PC instead of getting rid of it for good.

Starting a Chrome OS Flex Project

Google started the Chrome OS Flex project in early 2021 when it realized the need for a simple operating system that could be installed on a wide range of devices such as Macs and non-PCs. Chrome OS Flex entered a beta period last February, After 5 months, the system was ready to run more than 400 devices for free.

Google sums up Chrome OS Flex as “an easy-to-manage, fast cloud operating system for PCs and Macs, free of pre-installed applications, and a key factor in maintaining an intelligent operating system designed to run quickly.” You can also download it to a USB drive and quickly install it on the hacked devices.

Importance of Chrome OS Flex According to the Google Cloud blog, Chrome OS Flex provides the following:

1. Proactive Security: The system offers much-needed protection from growing threats, including ransomware, malware, and employee errors.

2. Quick Deployment and Easy Management: Quickly use and transfer Chrome OS Flex over a corporate network or via USB and by upgrading Chrome Enterprise, you can manage applications and policies from anywhere, even from seaside.

3. Fast, up-to-date work experiences: Devices slow down over time, and background updates reduce device downtime and improve productivity, so you can spend extra time relaxing.

4. Sustainability for your business and planet: The system breathes new life into existing devices to reduce e-waste and energy consumption and maintain clear blue skies.

less energy

Google also claims that the Chrome OS Flex operating system consumes 19% less power than other major interfaces, which leads to another major goal of the tech giant for the new operating system: sustainability.

Most importantly, Chrome OS Flex was designed primarily with the goal of preserving old hardware rather than dumping it in landfills by offering an agile operating system capable of running enterprise operations.

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