Ahmed Amin: I hope to reach the stage of psychological peace

Ahmed Amin: I hope to reach the stage of psychological peace

With calm features, sincere gestures, movements and gestures that carry many meanings, attributed to a contented and satisfied person, the harshness of life did not affect his pure and pure heart. Reality of flesh and blood. So that the artist Ahmed Amin, who embodied the character that appeared in the events of the series “Ghamm Island” brilliantly and masterfully in the hearts of the Arab public, after winning the title of the most influential dramatic character in the last Ramadan season, according to the testimony of the audience and critics who praised his performance.

The most important thing that distinguishes Amin’s performance in the spontaneous and spontaneous character of Arafat.

Whoever contemplates Amin’s career discovers that he has a pure artistic talent, always trying to search for the distinguished role that raises his credit and proves his position. In every work he participates in, he affirms that he is a comprehensive artist who does not find it difficult to perform any dramatic color. “Madam” met the artist Ahmed Amin, to learn the scenes of his preparation for the character of “Arafat”, the man of truth, the owner of dignity, who does not hesitate to help others, the scenes of his candidacy, and his new artistic preparations. And the text of the conversation:

The character of “Arafat” in “Ghamm Island” touched the audience greatly. How did you reach the stage of autism with her to convince the public of it?

Since I first read Arafat’s character, I have been struck by his logic, sincerity and details that call for love and a pure spiritual aspect. So I searched for it in several people and readings until I presented it in this way, and thank God it won the admiration of the audience.

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Get ready for the character

How were the preparations for the character of Arafat?

The preparation for the character was through several meetings with the director and author, as is the custom in preparing any new dramatic character, and meetings with some people who met people like Arafat in their lives, in addition to training in the Sa’idiyya dialect.

Did Arafat influence your real convictions?

Of course, the characters leave some trace. I try to take advantage of the characters in a positive way, maintaining a conviction or even a habit of each character. So I took from Rafaat Ismail his writing of his memoirs and his organized thinking, and I have been writing my memoirs since I finished filming “Supernatural” until today. I try to take from Arafat the pursuit of contentment, psychological peace and respect for these principles, which I liked so much about his personality.

The mystical character of “Arafat” is one of the most important reasons for the public’s attachment to it. Do you have a mystical tendency?

I can only answer such a question when we agree on one concept of Sufism, a concept on which many differ, but between one person and another. The first impression that reaches the average person when hearing the word Sufism may be that it is related to asceticism and submission, and I do not know if my personality is close to them Or not, but what I can be certain of is that my ambition is similar to that of Arafat, that all my purpose is to live my life in peace and tranquility, and I do not want to enter into a battle or conflict with anyone over any of the worldly matters.

What challenges did you face in the character of Arafat?

There was no exceptional challenge, thank God.

Does the character bear projections on reality?

I am interested in the dramatic character as part of the “hadith” in general. As for the projections, the first question is the writer Professor Abdel Rahim Kamal.

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unintended repetition

Are you tired of the Saïdian accent?

It is a beautiful dialect that I like very much, and I enjoyed practicing it with the help of Professor Abdel Nabi Al-Hawari, the dialect corrector, who told me that I reached a good result in a good time.

Is your repetition of tragic roles deliberate to break the stereotype and not limit you to “comedy” roles again?

In fact, it is an unintended repetition, as I am always looking for a good job to present regardless of its classification, which was achieved at this time in “Ghamm Island” in terms of writing, directing and acting. All the work team is creative, and I was honored to work with him.

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specific goal

“The Drama of the Prophets” is present in the works of the great writer Abd al-Rahim Kamal, but in the form of ordinary people whose sanctity is raised. Did you feel that on “Ghamm Island” when you saw the script?

Sometimes the projections are explicit and clear to deliver a specific goal, whether it is political or religious or whatever, but what I saw on “Gamm Island” is different. Among the most beautiful things that writer Abdel Rahim Kamal said about the series before its release, when he was asked, “His story is all love.” I loved the dramatic narrative aspect and some of the human and spiritual concepts and meanings, and it is enough for me that this reaches the viewer without deeper messages.

An exciting representative match witnessed by the events of “Ghamm Island”, how did you see the competition between you?

It didn’t feel like a match, I felt like I was part of a great team playing one piece that we all loved.

I gave up the absolute championship for “Arafat.”

I don’t think in art there is a difference between teamwork or heroism. For example, I do not see the series “Supernatural” as an absolute starring, as it is a work full of important actors, and I was one of them. In my opinion, there is a sweet story with good characters that are well told and presented. And in the history of art, it often happened that the only winner of the work was the owner of a small role or even one scene, and vice versa.

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I write my memoirs from the time I finished filming “Supernatural” until today

I am always looking for a good job to do regardless of its classification

black comedy

She bet on Rahma Ahmed’s talent and presented it in the “Amin and Partners” program. How do you see the success you achieved in “The Big Oy”?

I was very pleased with Rahma’s success in “Al Kabeer Awe”, and I wish her and all the young “Amin & Partners” who are truly talented, success in their choices, and maintaining honesty and sincerity in work no matter what the matter may cost them.

I discussed some issues related to the behavior of the Egyptian person and the changes in society through the presentations of “Amin and Partners”, but ironically, does Amin rely on “black comedy” to limit the seriousness of the issue?

Black comedy is merciful to the viewer, rather than drawing a black picture of it, meaning that it depends on the thing that hurts you, and makes you laugh, so it is not an easy comedy, and the specialist in dealing with it must be a skilled person; Where these topics are dealt with in a humorous or sarcastic manner, while maintaining the aspect of seriousness in the issue around which the work revolves.

“The Familia” is the first interactive reality TV show about the family in the Arab world. Will you complete the “Familia” experience?

Of course it will be completed. I am passionate about this type of issues related to family and education, and I have ambitions that I want to reach through the “Familia” experience, and I am already presenting a similar project currently called “Ask an Experimenter”, a program whose idea is to ask a question related to human psychology, mind and behavior And conducting experiments until we get to part of the answer, and there are already two episodes on YouTube, and I am currently filming the rest of the episodes.

When do we see Ahmed Amin in the cinema?

There are several projects in their first steps, perhaps one of them will see the light of day soon, God knows best.

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