"Amendment to the Iraqi Constitution and System" .. Al-Sadr talks about a "great opportunity" and the framework warns of a "coup"

“Amendment to the Iraqi Constitution and System” .. Al-Sadr talks about a “great opportunity” and the framework warns of a “coup”

Two days ago, demonstrators affiliated with the Sadrist movement, led by Muqtada al-Sadr, have been holding a sit-in at the Iraqi parliament, disrupting its work, especially a session planned to vote on a new president, whose election has been delayed for more than 10 months, since the last elections last October.

The demonstrations that erupted after the Shiite forces’ coordination framework nominated its leader and former minister, Muhammad Shiaa al-Sudani, for the position of prime minister, widened their demands – as it appears from a recent statement by al-Sadr – to call for “radical” amendments to the “order, constitution and elections,” calls that were considered by The framework accepted a “coup” against legitimacy.

Iraqi political analyst Ali al-Mamouri says that al-Sadr knows that he needs “popular cover made up not only of his supporters, but of all Iraqis, if he wants to make a meaningful change.”

Al-Mamouri added to Al-Hurra that “Al-Sadr’s awareness of this point made him focus on inviting the rest of the Iraqis to participate in the demonstration, and intimidating them from the consequences of leaving the Sadrists alone.”

Al-Sadr said in his last tweet, warning against missing the “golden opportunity” to get rid of “injustice, terrorism, corruption, occupation and dependency” that everyone “is responsible and at stake, either a proud Iraq or a vassal Iraq controlled by the corrupt.”

He warned of “the end of Iraq, which is near” if the “reform-conscious” Iraqis did not win, represented by the demonstrations, according to him.

Al-Maamouri said, “These severe warnings are clear evidence of Al-Sadr’s sense of the danger of the next stage, and his need for popular support to confront his opponents, and to benefit from popular resentment against them.”

Warning of “sedition”

In response to al-Sadr’s statement, statements by the coordination framework warned of “sedition” and announced that “the framework stands with the people in defending the rights of citizens, the legitimacy of the state, the political process, the constitution and all its legal outcomes.”

A statement to the framework, a copy of which was published on the website of a satellite channel affiliated with “Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq”, said that it “continues to call for dialogue with all political forces, especially the brothers in the Sadrist movement, while we unfortunately see a continuous escalation and unfortunate development of events that reached the point of calling for a coup against the people.” And the state and its institutions, the political process, the constitution and the elections, which is a call to overthrow the constitutional legitimacy that, over the past years, has received public, reference and international support, and the people voted on it by an absolute majority.

Advertisements in support of Al-Sadr

Immediately after al-Sadr’s call, a number of Iraqi tribal sheikhs issued statements saying that they support his demonstrations and will participate in them, while others issued statements confirming that they “will not participate in the strife” and that they “stand on neutrality” between the two parties to the conflict, and others called on the Shiite religious authority in Najaf for “intervention”.

#Statement of Prince Raad Rahi Abdul Wahed Al Sukkar Al Pharaoh, Emir of the Emirate of Al Fattah in Iraq and the Arab world on the recent conditions that are going through…

Posted by Sheikh Abdul Wahed Al Sukkar Al Pharaoh, the leader of Iraq and the leader of its twentieth revolution, on Sunday, July 31, 2022

And the Iraqi political analyst, Muhammad al-Sultani, says that “the greatest weight is not for the clans, but for the October demonstrators, and these are the ones that al-Sadr really wants.”

Al-Sultani added to the “Al-Hurra” website that “many of the October demonstrators are actually present in Parliament, but Al-Sadr wants them to attend as representatives of the demonstrators and in large numbers to enhance the legitimacy of his demands.”

Al-Sultani explains that this matter “has not been achieved yet, and it seems difficult to verify.”

Activists’ position

The activist in the Baghdad demonstrations, Ghaith Muhammad, says that “based on Al-Sadr’s positions with the Tishreen youth, most of the youth do not distinguish between Al-Sadr and his opponents from the militias.”

Muhammad added to Al-Hurra website that “the two parties participated directly and effectively in suppressing the youth of the demonstrations, and Al-Sadr’s attempts to put up banners praising the participants in the October demonstrations, as well as Al-Sadr’s saying in his tweet that Tishreen’s participation in the reform demonstrations made it an Iraqi epic that Al-Sadr wants to make it clear to the international community.” In general, and his opponents in particular, the street is completely owned by him.

Muhammad affirms, “This is completely contrary to reality, as the Tishreen youth remain in their position by rejecting the entire system, and their demands are the same in prosecuting the killers of the demonstrators.”

The Secretary-General of the “National Home” party that emerged from the Tishreen protesters, Hussein Al-Ghurabi, confirms that “members of his party will not participate in the demonstrations.”

Al-Ghurabi told Al-Hurra that the National House “held all the conflicting political blocs responsible for what happened and is happening, and we believe that this system of quotas has begun to eat itself and has reached its end.”

He asserts, “Neither the framework government represents us nor the fluctuations of the current, and we have clear demands that the administration of the transitional state be in the hands of the independent representatives of the Iraqi nation to prepare for a transitional period and write a new social contract for citizens to vote on in a public referendum, and then we go to elections on our previous conditions, the most important of which is depriving armed parties of Participate in it and be under international supervision.”

A sit-in in Parliament near an Iraqi soldier

The Iraqi activist in the Dhi Qar demonstrations, Zayed Al-Asad, said, “The relationship with the Sadrist movement as a protest partner has ended since the end of the October movement, against the background of violations and crimes committed against the protesters, as that was the turning point after many protest rounds that brought us together with them.”

He added to Al-Hurra website that “the Sadrist movement is an integral part of this political system and one of its important pillars, and it bears, like the rest of the regime’s pillars, responsibility for the consequences of the devastation and destruction that the country has reached. Therefore, they are not excluded from failure, and it is unreasonable to be partners in these protests.”

frame position

In his statement, the framework compared what is currently taking place with “the bloody coups that Iraq experienced during the decades of dictatorship before the change,” adding that “the authentic Iraqi people, and their honorable clans and living forces will not allow any prejudice to these constitutional constants by the masses of a single political bloc that does not represent All the Iraqi people.

The framework threatened that “any action contrary to (amending the constitution with legal frameworks) would cross all red lines and threaten civil peace and the rule of law and open the door wide for the corrupt who seized the people’s money and plundered the state.”

The Iraqi political analyst, Muhammad Nana`, says that “the calls to change the constitution do not seem serious at the moment,” adding that these calls are “polarizing” because changing the constitution is a demand for many parties, in addition to amending some important laws in force.

Naa’a adds to Al-Hurra that “these demands require legal formulation and efforts to approve such amendments,” but “he found that there was a challenge from the coordinating framework that took these polarizing steps.”

He affirms that “the framework did not bow to Muqtada al-Sadr, neither by withdrawing the Sudanese nomination nor by forming a new negotiating delegation, so al-Sadr rises to demand in line with the demonstrations he is doing,” noting that the calls to join the demonstration aim to give the movement’s demonstrations a “national character” and make the framework in the face of the people.

The Sadrists have been holding a sit-in in Parliament for two days

The Sadrists have been holding a sit-in in Parliament for two days

Worried about the coming days

The Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region, Nechirvan Barzani, called for “dialogue”, and said that he was “deeply concerned” about the developments in Iraq, and called on all parties to exercise “restraint.”

The European Union mission in Iraq also called for restraint towards the “potential escalation in Baghdad.”

On Sunday, the leaders of the Sadrist movement issued instructions to the demonstrators in the Green Zone, including “not to address matters that some consider sectarian”, and the formation of “organizing committees and the work of periodic guards.”

The account of “Al-Sadr Minister, Saleh Muhammad Al-Iraqi”, who is close to the leader of the movement, Muqtada Al-Sadr, said on Twitter that “there is nothing wrong with holding Husseini rites, but it is preferable that they be outside the parliament building, and without addressing matters that some consider sectarian.”

He also called for “not creating a building at all”, “committing to the cleanliness of Parliament”, and “not issuing individual data.”

With these developments, it seems that the political crisis in Iraq is becoming more complex. Ten months after the early legislative elections in October 2021, the country is witnessing complete political paralysis in light of the inability to elect a new President of the Republic and form a new government.

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