iPhone 14 details - new iPhone 14 leaks and release date

iPhone 14 details – new iPhone 14 leaks and release date

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July 31, 2022

iPhone 14 details – new iPhone 14 leaks – iPhone 14, the giant Apple, which millions of fans of this kind of precious smartphone are waiting for to know the expected specifications about it, as well as the expected date for the descent of this phone in all its categories in the Arab world and others, as the search for it increases every week, especially as we are approaching the date that the American Apple entrusted us It discloses its new phones, and with the emergence of a large number of leaks about this giant and the supernatural specifications that are said about it, so we present in Palestine Today News Agency, the most important news received about this phone, especially from international sites that are interested in this type of topic, but rather specialize in news Mobile phones and what is going on around them, and there is no doubt that this phone will be one of the most powerful Apple phones expected, as the leaks that revolve around it confirm that this phone has a number of supernatural features, and we will show you in detail.

Details of the upcoming iPhone 14

With the redesign expected to take place, there have been some rumors here and there about the iPhone 14, here are the main ones:

If all goes as planned at Apple’s factories, we will likely be only two months away from the iPhone 14 launch, and there are a lot of rumors circulating. Although Apple has not officially confirmed this upcoming smartphone, the internet is full of rumors about the iPhone 14 which is expected to be completely redesigned.

The pregnant man’s emoji raises controversy on the iPhone… What is Badr Khalaf’s relationship? The pregnant man’s emoji raises controversy on the iPhone… What is Badr Khalaf’s relationship?

For some people, they only buy phones when needed. For others, it’s the best part of their lives – they’re up to date on the latest phones, rushing to Apple stores for the new must-have iPhone. Regardless of your opinion on this topic, I think there is consensus that it will be interesting to wait for what Apple announces.

Whether you’re a die-hard Apple fan or a tech buff who’s eager to know what the California-based company has in mind for the iPhone 14, here’s everything we know from the leaks and rumors so far about the most anticipated mobile phone!

iPhone 14 rumors

With the redesign expected to take place, there have been some rumors here and there about the iPhone 14, here are the main ones:

Apple may dispense with the notch and replace it with a small rectangular hole, with a small hole on its side

In a new report, the analyst believes Ming-Chi Kuo that makes iPhone 14 Pro Next year it will have a screen with a small hole and a wide camera with a resolution of 48 megapixels.

According to several facts leaked by Ming-Chi Kuowho is arguably the most reliable Apple product analyst on the scene, Apple will eventually remove the notch from iPhone 14 Pro And you’ll replace it with a hole and a rice-shaped hole for the sensors Face ID And the front camera.

Goodbye face print Face ID

Don’t worry, rumors have been circulating that Apple might drop the Face ID Favor Touch ID under the screen. But what about a combination of the two? According to show analyst Ross Young, here it is:

Translation: We now believe that Apple It will have a hole + bead design on my style iPhone 14 Pro And the Pro Max. The smaller hole will not be invisible … The concept of the two holes will be unique to Apple devices, like the notch, and not like all models of phones Huawei

hello phone iPhone Max the cheapest

Apple will release four models of iPhone 14 In 2022, including iPhone Max New and cheap to replace iPhone Mini who was retired.

eSIMs virtual

Cards may be SIM Physical is on its way to Apple buffs. According to an insider, MacRumorswill save iPhone 14 An option to replace a card slot SIM standard chip eSIM virtual. It’s a card SIM Effectively digital allows you to activate a plan without the need for a card SIM Actual.

Titanium frame

It will be the titanium frame for the Apple device iPhone 14 Made of aluminum alloy. This makes the phone more powerful than its predecessors while also making it lighter than ever. It is also more durable and scratch resistant.


– Screen: 6.1 inch on iPhone 14 screen size of 6.7 inches on iPhone 14 Max 6.1 inch screen at 120 Hz iPhone 14 Pro 6.7-inch screen at 120 Hz on iPhone 14 Pro Max.

– Camera optimization: The main camera sensor is 48MP which is a big amp up to 12MP

Processor power: According to Ross Young, an Apple product watchdog, the smartphone will have a processor Apple A16 Bionic , which may be one of the first 4 nm chips. If so, then lovers should iPhone Expect a big power boost on the 5 . chipnm A15 Bionic located in iPhone 13.

– New software: Of course, it will be iOS 16 Available on other iPhone models starting from iPhone 8 but chain iPhone 14 You will be the first to be introduced to the new software.

iPhone 14 price

There is no official news about the iPhone 14 price yet. But since the price iPhone 13 Pro Starting at AED 4199 ($999), iPhone 13 Pro Max At AED 4,699 ($1099), we expect it to be iPhone 14 at a similar price.

Expected release date

While there are no confirmed rumors about a release date at the moment, iPhone releases often come out in September – except in 2020 due to the pandemic – so with that in mind, we’re expecting to roll out iPhone 14 In September 2022. What do you think of everything you read about iPhone 14 Until now? Do you want to buy it? Share with us in the comments below!

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