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What is a jailbreak?

Jailbreak or Jailbreaking is what is known in Arabic as jailbreaking the iOS operating system for iPhone phones and smart devices produced by the global company Apple, including Apple TV or Apple TVs of the second generation, tablets, iPads and iPods. The jailbreak process allows users to access the so-called root access, meaning that the user is able to download applications and other extensions that are not automatically available in the Apple App Store.

The advantage of jailbreaking or jailbreaking the iOS system is that the user remains able to use both iTunes and the Apple App Store as usual, unlike devices that depend on the Android system. Although the name of this process suggests that it is an illegal act, it is completely legal in the United States, although Apple has previously stated that it is not recommended because it may void the warranty of the device, as it put it. Apple added in this regard that jailbreaking the iOS system removes the warranty on the device and that undoing this step only requires entering iTunes and restoring the previous system.

Types of Jailbreak

Untethered Jailbreak

This type of iOS jailbreak allows you to reboot without having to reboot or using your computer to complete the process.

Semi-tethered jailbreak

This type of iOS jailbreak allows you to reboot without having to reboot as well. In addition, a large percentage of the unauthorized applications will not be available, and this in turn is considered a protection barrier for the device when restarting, and this type of jailbreak allows keeping the company logo only on the interface as a kind of protection, and this type of jailbreaking will not be needed with it. To use Redsn0w on reboot.

restricted jailbreak

With this type of jailbreak, you will have to use a computer and connect your smart device to it in order to run Redsn0w.

Why do people jailbreak?

The need or desire to download applications that are not available on the Apple Store or applications with better features than them. Also, many users have the desire to object to the limitations of Apple devices and the censorship imposed on its user and the content on their devices in terms of the necessity of approving downloaded applications. Where Apple has previously blocked some applications such as:

  • The application of cartoons or caricatures submitted by one of the international illustrators (Mark Fury), who previously received the Pulitzer Prize on the pretext that he ridicules public figures.
  • Applications for collecting donations and funds for charitable or non-charitable organizations.
  • The WikiLeaks application, which provides the latest and most important news on the international scene in all aspects of life.

Jailbreak features

  • Jailbreaking allows you to run two or more applications without the need to exit one of them, and you can alternate between these applications manually.
  • Jailbreaking enables you to send text or picture messages to more than one person at the same time, in addition to several formal features that are not present in the iOS system automatically in the field of SMS.
  • Jailbreaking allows you to compose and choose your own ringtones without the need for iTunes, and this feature is also not present in the iOS system automatically.
  • Jailbreaking provides absolute control over files, editing them, accessing system files, and other features such as renaming, copying, and deleting files very effectively.
  • The jailbreak allows the user to easily recover his password in case he forgets it.
  • It allows viewing the screen of the phone easily on computers and noting the steps or actions followed by the user.
  • Allows easy and simple access to system settings.
  • It allows downloading a huge amount of applications that are not allowed by the IOS system and the features it offers such as saving videos on YouTube, for example, and applications to connect to surrounding internet networks.

How do I jailbreak my device?

  1. First, you have to download the jailbreak tool, which can be found via a simple Google search.
  2. Then you need to download Cydia Impactor which is also available online.
  3. You also need an iCloud account provided that it does not have 2-step verification enabled.
  4. The device is then connected to the computer via the cable designated for this purpose.
  5. The program is downloaded and installed on the iPhone smartphone device, making sure to allow the new application or give it permissions to access the various details of the device to control it.
  6. Upon restart, a button will appear in the middle of the main screen titled Jailbreak.
  7. The application will finish installing it and make the necessary settings and may require restarting again or even several times.

Jailbreak and security

Jailbreak and security

It is known that iPhones are the smartest phones that are keen on the security and privacy of their users, but the process of jailbreaking or jailbreaking the IOS may undermine this feature and expose the device and the user to the spying process in several ways. One of the most prominent examples of this problem is that in 2009 F-Secure reported that the jailbreaking devices suffer from a vulnerability that allows spying and monitoring of banking operations, bank transfers and other financial transactions. The security risk of jailbreaking is by installing the SSH service without changing the default password.

Jailbreaking not only enables users to download applications that are not in the Apple Store, but also allows applications or malware to be installed on their devices that may lead to user data theft and exploitation for illegal or dishonest purposes, including impersonation, embezzlement and extortion.

The mechanism of jailbreaking depends on operating the phone as a developer user, not an ordinary user. This feature allows many actions that may be useful and make using the phone more enjoyable, but at the same time it poses a danger because the developer has permissions to delete and modify files that are not available to ordinary users, which may cause damage to the device programmatically.

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