Designer Anas Al-Ameem: My jewelry carries eloquent messages about feelings and human issues

Designer Anas Al-Ameem: My jewelry carries eloquent messages about feelings and human issues

Kuwaiti jewelry designer, Anas Al-Ameem, studied architecture and the history, theories and philosophy of architectural design at Kuwait University in the Faculty of Architecture, and obtained a master’s degree in architectural design, then obtained a doctorate in architecture. A design line to follow?!.. The answer to all of this is in the text of the interview that “Madam” conducted with him.

Rings designed by designer Anas Al-Ameem

How did you discover your love for jewelry, and what inspired you to become a jewelry designer?

I discovered my passion for design in various fields, since I was 14 years old, and my first design was something akin to jewelry. In my secondary school, I took an elective course in metal design and construction, after which I decided to study and specialize in design art, engineering science and implementation. Initially my passion revolved around everything design and execution, from building design, interior design, to designing jewelry and merchandise. And my admiration for jewelry design increased during my undergraduate architecture studies. And I discovered that the art of design includes everything, from buildings to clothes, jewelry and all goods.

The beginning in jewelry design, was when I found an international competition for jewelry design, and I was very impressed with the way jewelry drawing, but I did not participate in this competition, although I implemented some designs, and the reason was that I did not have enough confidence to participate. After that, I started designing necklaces and brooches randomly, and I made one piece of them. But the actual beginning was when I was talking with my mother, and she told me that when she married my father, the idea of ​​presenting the wedding ring (the solitaire ring) that was used in the West, was not circulating in Kuwait or the Gulf, and she also mentioned that her wedding ring was a simple ring. I came up with the idea of ​​designing unique solitaire rings, expressing love in all its forms. From here began the journey of designing my first collection under the brand name “Amim Jewellery”.

You are a Kuwaiti jewelry designer. How did the Arab culture and civilization influence your designs?

Everything I design stems from the culture and civilization I was raised in. Whether it is Kuwaiti, Gulf or Arab civilization. The things that inspire me most in my jewelry designs are the traditional architecture in Kuwait and the Arab world. Some designs come from ancient cultures, such as Mesopotamia, or the Pharaonic civilization. But most of my designs are inspired by Arab and Gulf heritage architecture.

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bright future

Designed by Anas Al-Ameem

How do you see the future of jewelry fashion in Kuwait with all the recent initiatives in the fashion world, and with the emergence of so many jewelry designers?

I foresee a bright future for jewelry design, especially since there are a lot of new designers and entrepreneurs these days. In addition, the level of design and taste is very high, and this heralds a creative and beautiful future, not only in Kuwait, but in the entire Arab world.

Tell us more about your brand values?

The basis of Ameem Jewelery’s philosophy is to highlight the role of women in the Arab world. Many of my designs express the strength of the Arab woman, and her important position, not only in the family, but also her role in society. For example, in my designs for solitaire rings you notice that the diamond is high and pushed forward, and carried on strong ridges, which is an expression of the status, strength and independence of a woman. And in every design there is a ruby, which expresses the kindness of a woman who increases her social status. All these qualities I express in a geometric way in my designs.


How do you see the future of sustainable fashion?

This is one of the most important things currently in the world of fashion, and it is one of the most important philosophies that we apply at Ameem Jewellery. For example all the cases and displays of jewelry we use are made from recycled materials, or are recyclable. In general, gold and diamonds are two of the strongest metals and stones, and they are materials that live forever, and can be recycled and designed in other ways.

Who is your inspiration, and how do you maintain your inspiration and creativity?

I have three sisters who always inspire me to create new designs, but my first strength and inspiration is my mother. After the death of my father, we as a family went through many circumstances and difficulties, and these difficulties are also an inspiration to me. And as I mentioned before, the heritage and modern architecture in Kuwait and the Arab world has renewed my source of artistic inspiration.

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Share designs

Jewelery designed by designer Anas Al-Ameem

Are you satisfied with what you have achieved so far?

When I started my jewelry design career, and even founding my brand, my goal was to communicate and share my designs with everyone. Indeed, I have exhibited my work in Kuwait and Bahrain, and I really enjoyed participating and talking to many about my designs. She also participated in some competitions and won prizes.

And what is your main goal?

Participating in international competitions and succeeding in them, so that I can share my designs with as many people as possible, locally and globally.

What stories are you trying to tell through your designs?

In most of my designs, I try to highlight the role of heroes in our personal lives, especially those who support us and love us unconditionally. For example, my pieces tell stories of the mother’s role in the lives of her children, or the stories of the wife or sons.

The body group expresses giving and the principle of organ donation

Our designs are based on the philosophy of highlighting the role of Arab women and the role of heroes in our personal lives

body group

Jewelery designed by designer Anas Al-Ameem

Did we notice in your designs the element of strangeness represented in pieces that include the shape of human organs?

The latest collection designed by “Badan” expresses love in a new way. These members have been chosen as key elements to express giving, not only because of their importance to humans, but also because each member’s name is used in many common phrases around the world for giving. For example, in the local Arabic of the Gulf and the Arab world, phrases such as on my mind, after my heart, after my soul, after my liver, after my eyes, and after my whole are used. From this standpoint, I came up with the idea of ​​the “Hudn” group.

Is the reason why you are famous for adopting international design standards, preserving the legacy and developing it with elegant elegance?

I think that is part of my success, but I also believe that the reason for success in any field is a lot of work and focus on the minute details, and I also believe that working hard and helping others through one’s work leads to success.

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3 sets

Rings designed by designer Anas Al-Ameem

Tell us about your latest collection for 2022 and where did you get the idea from it?

This year, I have two groups, and they are in cooperation with different parties, which I will announce next month. After the “Hull” group I presented in 2021/22, there are two groups in 2022/2023. One of these sets is inspired by traditional craftsmanship, and the other is inspired by mathematics and arithmetic.

What is the most difficult stage between the design stages?

The most difficult is the initial stages, i.e. the first inspiration of an innovative idea, and then turning it into a tangible design for a piece of jewelry.

Mathematics and rubies

What has always been common to all of your designs?

All my designs are based on arithmetic, mathematics and geometry, but the most obvious and important thing is the baguette-cut sapphire. The sapphire stone symbolizes unconditional love.

What is your favorite gemstone?

Diamonds and sapphires. The first is because, depending on the quality of its pieces, it can reflect lights in endless ways. And rubies also, because of their red color, which symbolizes many beautiful meanings, and it is part of the philosophy of my brand.

What do you say to an Arab woman who wants to achieve her dreams?

Arab women have the strength of perseverance and strong character, and therefore I consider that they are not lacking anything.

What are your future projects?

Participation in international and local exhibitions and competitions.

How can readers of «Madam» get your designs and follow your new?

Via the website and Instagram account [email protected]

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