You will not believe what your eyes will see.. The camera finally enters the "Palace of Wonders" in which the pharaoh Mohamed Salah lives the life of kings!

You will not believe what your eyes will see.. The camera finally enters the “Palace of Wonders” in which the pharaoh Mohamed Salah lives the life of kings!

Liverpool and Egypt star Mohamed Salah was nominated for the award for the best sports personality influential in British society in 2022, presented by the British “Ethnicity Awards”.

The Egyptian star, Mohamed Salah, starred in the 2022 English Charity Shield Cup final, as he scored a goal and made another, to lead his Liverpool team to the title of the championship, after beating Manchester City three goals to one.

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Away from this topic, we will take you on a tour of his house, through some pictures on his page on the social networking site “Instagram”, in order to get acquainted closely with the life of the pride of the Arabs and the decorations of his upscale home.

Salah owns more than one house, one in Cairo in the Fifth Settlement area and the other in the English city of Manchester. This is unlike the family house located in his village. The house itself is elegant and beautiful, but also enjoys warmth; Its interiors are mainly white with oak floors and wooden details throughout, giving the house a soft and welcoming feel.

His house in Cairo is located in the Fifth Settlement area, and is characterized by the white dominance of most of its parts and decorations, as the house includes an elegant kitchen open to the rest of the space in the house and a luxurious swimming pool.

It features black wooden cabinets for utensils, a table that combines wood and luxurious white marble, and includes a number of high-quality appliances, and a seating area with yellow velvet chairs.

The house also includes many amenities and luxuries, including a home gym, which has the latest machines and sports equipment; In addition to having a TV screen to follow what he wants during training; The sports area also has a wonderful lighting system that matches the expected activity in the room during training, and an ideal division away from any narrowness.

As for the house in England, it is a beautiful architectural masterpiece, and it consists of three floors with a large area, and it includes a large garden, an outdoor and an indoor pool, and it also includes a private garage for his luxury car.

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It also includes a large playground for jogging, where he posted a video of him and his daughter Makkah practicing sports together.

It also features comfortable chairs with views of the backyard with a seating area, pool and sunbathing area.

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