“Beirut 303” .. a dull return for the duo Abed Fahd and Sulafa Mimar

“Beirut 303” .. a dull return for the duo Abed Fahd and Sulafa Mimar

The joint Lebanese-Syrian series “Beirut 303”, which recently put itself on the “most watched” lists to compete with a number of new Arab dramas on the digital viewing platform “Shahid”, does not seem like a successful experience that completes the conditions for success, nor does it seem like an adventure capable of raising quality levels. The artistic expected from it, given the idea presented by the work and the mechanisms for dealing with it on the screen, which are added to a number of other bumps such as the dispersed plot, exaggerations and dialogues, up to the directing treatment that bets on the aesthetics of the “video clip” images at the expense of the movement of the television drama camera, which was presented by the Lebanese director. Elie Simon.

The main plot of the work is based on the story of the downing of the Flight 303 passenger plane coming from Istanbul Airport in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, as a result of a false terrorist incident behind which was the son of “Aziz Faraj”, one of the richest Syrian businessmen, who hides behind him a package of buried secrets and illegal acts that are incompatible with the law The most prominent of these is the arms trade that the artist Abed Fahd pledged to work on, to appear to the audience in the first scenes of the plane crash at the beginning of the series, and in an atmosphere that was not devoid of manifestations of excessive extravagance, celebrating with family and friends, the launch of the perfume of his wife “Taj”, who performs her character in the work. , the Syrian Sulafa Mimar, who, although she succeeded in presenting the character of the deceived wife, her reactions did not escape from the exaggerations in several places of the series, especially towards the disappearance of her son “Najm”, the first accused in the case of the crash of the stricken plane, which she reinforced and then the unrealistic transient emotional relationship Which I linked to Mutasem Al-Nahar at work.


In terms of performance, Abed Fahd returns with a faint dramatic character this time, dominated by silence and coldness of nerves incompatible with storms of excessive nervousness in a number of scenes. At the time, the honorable artistic history of the star, Sulafa Mimar, did not help this time to modify her emotions and her constant screaming in order to present a character that reflects the depth of her psychological, social, and even emotional crises that reached her involvement in an unjustified relationship with “Taif” one of the survivors of the plane accident, who His character is presented by the Syrian actor Moatasem Al-Nahar, who falls into many problems as a result of his relationship with the wife of “Aziz Faraj” and his desire to avenge the death of his fiancée in the plane explosion.

The return of the successful duo Abed and Sulafa seemed unsuccessful after their remarkable experience in the series “Qalam Hamra” by writer Yum Mashhadi and late director Hatem Ali during Ramadan 2014.

disappointing ending

For his part, the Lebanese actor Majdi Machmouchi succeeded in presenting the character of “Dagher”, a friend of “Aziz”, who remains loyal to him even after his torture. The Lebanese actor, Jerry Ghazal, also played a remarkable role in the character “Zain Zahran”, who orchestrated the kidnapping of “Najm” and the bombing of the plane, while the Lebanese actress, Nadine Al-Rassi, ranged between the narrow limits of the personality of the hidden lover, who demands her right to exist in the life of the hero and businessman. The rich man ends up in a tragic conclusion as a result of taking an overdose of medication, with which the basic work contract ends with the death of “Zain Zahran” at the hands of “Aziz” in a classic confrontation in front of his son, who succeeded in escaping from his place of arrest and arresting the culprit businessman, in addition to To “Taif”‘s unjustified pardon for her husband, after a series of sharp disagreements, marital infidelities and crimes.

“Crazy train” of events

The series “Beirut 303” carried scenes in “A crazy train” of events that were dominated by chaos, dropped facts and repeated stories that filled the followers with unrealistic and unconvincing projections over 15 episodes, which is the duration of the series’s showing, which was scheduled in the second half of last Ramadan. But the production conditions and the “Corona” pandemic forced the production side to content itself with showing it on digital platforms, after announcing it more than once to reduce the number of episodes by half in order to preserve the quality of the drama, which unfortunately fell into several technical failures.

The Lebanese actor, Majdi Mashmoushi, succeeded in presenting the character of “Dagher”, a friend of “Aziz”, who remains loyal to him even after his torture.

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