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Money has become the backbone of football now, but does it guarantee achievements in the Saudi League?

No one can deny how much money is affecting football in the whole world today, and how controlling the transfer market by paying millions to clubs, agents and players to build a strong team has become the most important and fastest way to achieve sporting success.

This is a fact, but the other fact is that money alone is not enough to make sports glory.. You may include the best players and surround your team with the best available capabilities, but in the end it cannot achieve the desired goal. Ask Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain and Juventus about the Champions League.

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Can those who do not have the money to achieve the local league title? Not at all, and we have many examples, most notably Milan last season, Leicester City 2016 and Al-Fateh in Saudi Arabia in 2013.

The Saudi League is part of the current football system, so of course, preference is given to winning it to those who have the most millions to spend in the transfer market, but does money guarantee success in the Saudi League? This is what we will see in today’s article by reviewing some numbers and facts for the last five seasons of the tournament.

Who is the team that spent the most in the last five seasons of the Saudi League?

The transfer market website figures show that Al-Nassr is the most spending club in the Saudi League in the transfer market over the past five years.

The yellow club spent 97.18 million euros to buy players only, without looking at their salaries and financial details in their contracts and contracts for technical devices with its various elements.

Al Hilal comes second, with total expenditures in the transfer market, which amounted to 88.6 million euros, then Al-Ittihad with 80.3 million, then Al-Ahly with 75.8 million.

Al-Shabab comes fifth in this ranking, but by a very large difference from the top four, with only 21 million euros spent, then the unit with 19.6 million.

The huge difference in financial ability between the Big Four and the rest of the Saudi League clubs in the transfer market is completely clear, and here we expect, according to modern logic, that these clubs are the most successful sportingly during the last five seasons in the Saudi League, so is this what happened? to see.

Who are the most successful clubs in sports in the last five seasons of the Saudi League?

Returning to the results of the Saudi League matches and collecting the number of points scored by each club during the last five seasons, we find that Al Hilal tops the list with 325 points (97 victories and 34 draws), followed by Al Nasr with 285 points.

Al Shabab occupies third place, before the two poles of Jeddah, with 240 points, then Al-Ittihad with 231 points, and finally Al-Ahly with 223 points… Al-Taawun comes after them with 206 points.

The most important thing is the titles, here we find that Al Hilal won 4 titles in the Saudi League and Al Nasr won one title, while the other clubs came out with nostalgia.

During those last five seasons, Al Hilal achieved the first place 4 times, the second time, while the first victory once, the second time, the third twice and the sixth time.

Young people were runners-up once, and once each for the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh.

Al-Ittihad came second once and third once and the other three seasons came in the 9th, 10th and 11th places, while its neighbor Al-Ahly came second once and the rest were in the 3rd, 4th, 8th and 15th positions, and the last ended with its relegation to the First Division.

Does money guarantee sports success in the Saudi League?

The above figures and facts confirm beyond any doubt that money does not guarantee sporting success in the Saudi League, but rather guarantees it other factors besides money, most notably administrative and technical stability, good selection of local and foreign players, creating a positive atmosphere for players and coaches to pay their financial dues on time, relieving pressure on them, protecting them and supporting them. When needed and also punish them and impose obligations on them.

Al-Nasr, the most spent in the Saudi League, won the title only once, and competed for it again … while the least-spending “Al-Hilal” won it 4 times! The reason is clear, which is the stability of Al-Azraq administratively and technically, and its proper selection of foreign players, especially in the last two seasons.

Al-Shabab, who did not spend a third of what Al-Ahly and Al-Ittihad spent during the last five seasons, achieved much better sporting results than them in the Saudi League, as its worst position was seventh, while Al-Ittihad struggled two seasons to escape relegation and Al-Ahly fought in one season and protected itself from relegation, but could not He fell in the last season.

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The Federation itself gives us a great example because money is not everything, because it spent almost 63 million euros in the two seasons of his struggle for relegation, while he spent only 17 million euros in the two seasons of his struggle to win the title!

Why this reverse logic to what is rumored in the world that money is the only way to tournaments? Because the stability and good selection of players that happened in the management of Anmar Al-Haili did not exist before.

The conclusion is that the Saudi League, like all tournaments in the world, needs money to succeed in it, but it needs other factors because money alone does not guarantee success and winning the title.

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