Al Sadd begins the journey to defend the Qatar Stars League title amid fierce competition

Al Sadd begins the journey to defend the Qatar Stars League title amid fierce competition

Al Sadd want to keep the Qatar Stars League title (Simon Holmes/Getty)

The attention of the sports fans is directed to the follow-up to the start of the new season 2022-2023 of the Qatar Stars League, which cuts the ribbon of its inauguration by Al-Sadd club, the champion of the last edition, in a confrontation with its host Al-Markhiya, today, Monday, while Al-Ahly will be a heavy guest on the Umm Salal team, amid expectations indicating that The local competition will be exciting among all participating clubs, as a result of the desire to achieve the title.

12 clubs are participating in the new season of the Qatar Stars League, and you know very well that the number will be reduced by the beginning of the 2023-2024 season to only 10. Al-Sadd, nicknamed “The Leader” by the local fans, and its first competitor, Al-Duhail, have dominated the Qatar Stars League title since the 2010-2011 season, and they remain the favorites to achieve the title of the local competition, after they dominated the tournament during 11 seasons, thanks to the stars in their ranks.

The clubs participating in the local competition know that Al-Sadd is the most likely to retain its title, as a result of owning a number of big stars, who are distinguished by the experience to resolve difficult confrontations, and the situation is no different from its opponent Al-Duhail, which makes the opportunity in front of him favorable, and the fans may watch what happened several seasons ago. , When they competed until the last metres, when the “leader” snatched the title from Al Duhail’s teeth with difficulty.

Al Duhail’s management worked during the last period to preserve its stars, except for its approval of the departure of Belgian defender Toby Alderweireld, in order to focus on two tasks, the first not to waste any point in the first weeks of the new season, focusing on that the team participates in the playoffs of the Champions League. Asia, and seeks to maintain its hopes.

As for Al Sadd club, its management was able to work on persuading its professional stars to stay with the “leader”, while dispensing with the services of coach Javier Garcia, and contracting with Spanish coach Juan Manuel Lillo, who wants to prove himself, and lead the “leader” to maintain the title of Qatar Stars League, And compensate for the great disappointment that occurred to Al Sadd in the AFC Champions League, when it was eliminated from the group stage.

The Al Duhail administration, in turn, knows that the new season of the Qatar Stars League will pose a great challenge for its technical staff and stars, who are asked by the fans to compensate for the great disappointment they experienced during the past two seasons, when the first opponent (ie Al Sadd) managed to achieve the title of the local competition.

Al Duhail coach, Hernan Crespo, will lead the team for the first time in the league, after the management obtained services after the end of last season, but he was able to prove himself in a short period, as a result of leading the team to the round of 16 in the Asian Champions, but the focus will be largely on Qatar Stars League.

It is true that Al Sadd and Al Duhail exerted influence during 11 seasons on the Qatar Stars League competitions, but the other clubs did not stand idly by, after they strengthened their ranks in the summer transfer market, in order to prepare well for the start of the local competition competitions. To Al-Wakra, who appeared in some weeks last season well, and embarrassed his players for many opponents in the confrontations.

The fans of Al Rayyan, Al Gharafa and Al Arabi clubs aspire to see their stars doing their best in the confrontations, and wish them to rise to the podium, in order to break the dominance of Al Sadd and Al Duhail over the local competition.

It is possible that Al Rayyan will be the main competitor to Al Duhail and Al Sadd in the new season, due to its management obtaining the services of new players, while enjoying the advantage, given that it reached the round of 16 in the AFC Champions League, which Al Sadd was unable to do, and it caused him a big headache, as a result of his exit from group stage.

As for Al-Gharafa and the Qatar and Al-Arabi teams, it will stick to its history in the local competition, in addition to relying on the talents in its ranks, and the sports fans may be on a date with the presence of a team on the podium other than Al-Duhail or Al-Sadd, but it is also possible to watch one of the teams far from nominations and expectations. Like Al-Wakra, Umm Salal and Al-Sailiya, the surprise happens, and the top local competitions are embarrassed.

Last season, Al Rayyan suffered a lot, as did Qatar team and Al Shamal team, but everything changes with the start of the new season whistle, and if other clubs want to get out of their shells and focus on being in the warm regions of the Qatar Stars League table, and avoiding relegation, It is possible to create a surprise or form a new “dark horse”, which is looking for its fans, we are talking here about Al Rayyan, Al Arabi, Al Gharafa, Al Wakrah, Al Ahli and Qatar team.

It remains to be noted that breaking the dominance of Al Sadd and Al Duhail for the Qatar Stars League title requires hard work from the administrations and technical bodies, in addition to presenting all the talents and stars they have in the confrontations, and playing with courage and strength in front of the champion and his runner-up, otherwise the situation will not be different, and the “leader” will continue. Or Al Duhail extended their influence on the local competition, where sports fans want to see a new champion or “dark horse” able to rise to the podium at the end of the season.

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