“The instructions will come to you accordingly.”.. “Minister Al-Sadr” directs the evacuation of the parliament building

“The instructions will come to you accordingly.”.. “Minister Al-Sadr” directs the evacuation of the parliament building

Al-Sadr’s Minister, Saleh Muhammad al-Iraqi, called on supporters of the movement in the provinces who demonstrated, on Monday evening, in response to Muqtada al-Sadr’s call to “return” to their homes, while Al-Hurra TV correspondents reported the start of the withdrawal of the “coordinating framework” demonstrators who gathered in Baghdad.

came in Tweet For Mohammed Al-Iraqi: Thank you. Provincial demonstrations #Rafat_Ras. Establish prayer and come back safe and sound. And do not forget the sit-in in the People’s Assembly from your prayers.”

Tensions escalated a few days ago in Iraq, with supporters of the Sadrist movement storming parliament twice, and they started a sit-in on Saturday, rejecting the nomination of Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani by the “coordinating framework”, to head the government.

On Monday, supporters of the rival “framework” of the leader of the Sadrist movement gathered near the fortified Green Zone in Baghdad, in response to another similar call, while Sadr’s supporters continued their sit-in in Parliament, for the third day, which put the security forces on alert.

At about five o’clock in the afternoon, thousands of “Al-Attar” protesters filled the suspension bridge leading to the Green Zone, which includes government institutions, Western diplomatic headquarters, and Parliament.

Some of the demonstrators raised banners saying, “The people will not allow coups,” as well as Iraqi flags, Islamic banners and pictures of the Shiite authority, Ali al-Sistani. Some of them chanted: “Yes, yes to the reference, yes, yes to the law.”

In addition to the State of Law coalition, which is led by former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and is the most prominent opponent of the Sadrist movement, the “Popular Mobilization” factions, which are armed factions loyal to Iran, have been merged with the regular forces.

According to instructions circulated on social media, issued by supporters of the “coordinating framework”, to prevent “entry into the Green Zone.” The instructions affirm that the protests are “not directed against a person or group” and “aimed at defending the state, its legitimacy and its institutions.”

Some signs read “Yes, yes to reference.”

In the opposite camp, Sadr’s movement called for demonstrations at five in the afternoon also in all Iraq’s governorates.

Iraqi security forces sprayed water on the Tire protesters to prevent them from crossing the bridge leading to the Green Zone, according to an AFP journalist.

The demonstrators managed to cross the first barrier near the bridge, while the security forces were trying to prevent them from advancing.

Al-Hurra’s correspondents reported that the “security forces of the crowd” went to the “Attar” demonstration area and put themselves in a position that separated the demonstrators and the security forces after clashes occurred between the two parties.

Muhammad Al-Iraqi expressed his regret that Al-Tirre’s supporters had “attacked” the security forces near the suspension bridge, and described in a tweet the Al-Tirre protesters as “the poor deceived.”

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In the meantime, Al Hurra channel dispatchers reported the start of the withdrawal of the Al-Atara demonstrators from the suspension bridge, and this came after the head of the “Al-Fateh” coalition, Hadi Al-Amiri, boycotted the protests “as well as after the limited number of demonstrators, and after a request from the Secretary-General of “Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq” to withdraw.

In a tweet, Muhammad al-Iraqi called on supporters of the Sadrist movement from the demonstrators in the provinces to stay in their stands until the Maghrib prayer, before asking them to leave later.

Supporters of the Sadrist movement flocked to the open sit-in in Nasiriyah in response to the invitation, stressing that they “support all the reform steps launched by al-Sadr and refuse to return to square one.”

Hundreds of followers of the Sadrist movement and some tribal elites in Diyala province organized a solidarity stand. A number of the province’s sheikhs and dignitaries emphasized that “this reform revolution called for by al-Sadr is a golden opportunity for all Iraqis to get rid of injustice, corruption, the corrupt and dependence on neighboring countries.”

A number of al-Sadr's supporters gathered in Nasiriyah

A number of al-Sadr’s supporters gathered in Nasiriyah

The representative of the Sadrist movement’s office, Sheikh Wadih Hussein, confirmed to Al-Hurra that the people of Diyala “of all sects and nationalities support the reform revolution, and there is no room for retreat and truce with the frameworks over the demands for which most of the Iraqi provinces came out to dissolve parliament, re-elections, and hold the corrupt in power accountable.”

Dozens of al-Sadr’s supporters organized a demonstration, on Monday afternoon, in the Bartella area, east of Mosul, to support the protesters in Parliament.

Hundreds gathered in the center of Basra province and said that the Sadrist movement “demands reform after the political process is at stake, and that the movement represents all Iraqis with all its components.”

The demonstrators called on all sects of the Iraqi people to respond to “the nation’s call, demanding that the corrupt be held accountable and the injustice and oppression of the Iraqi people be lifted.”

Within the Iraqi parliament, the momentum of the Sadrist movement’s sit-in has not changed, as thousands of its supporters gather, while pictures of Muqtada al-Sadr and Husseini slogans still fill the corridors, according to AFP.

At the entrance to Parliament, organizers search the entrants. Outside, hundreds of people are sleeping in tents that fill the garden, while food, water and fruit continue to be distributed.

In the great hall for voting, protesters sit on the seats of the deputies and the chair of the Speaker.

Dhaher al-Atabi, one of the protesters from Parliament, told AFP: “The demands are to eliminate the corrupt government. We do not want to rotate the same faces.. Since 2003 until today, there are no services, no health, no education.”

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