Bassam Al-Saadi, the resistance leader who prepared for the uprising in response to the crimes of the occupation

Bassam Al-Saadi, the resistance leader who prepared for the uprising in response to the crimes of the occupation

The Palestinian resistance factions launched a broad campaign of solidarity with the leader of the Islamic Jihad movement, Bassam Al-Saadi.

  • The leader of the Islamic Jihad Movement Bassam Al-Saadi

Yesterday, special units of the Israeli occupation stormed the house of the leader of the Islamic Jihad Movement Bassam Al-Saadi and arrested him and his brother-in-law Ashraf Al-Jada in his home in Jenin camp, after assaulting them and taking them to an unknown destination.

has aIbn Sina Hospital in Jenin reported that al-Saadi’s wife was taken to the emergency department after the occupation soldiers beat her while they were arresting her husband.

The Palestinian resistance factions warned the occupation against harming Al-Saadi’s life, declaring alertness and raising the readiness of the operating combat units, especially since the blood in the house of Sheikh Al-Saadi confirms his injury before his kidnapping.

The factions launched a wide campaign of solidarity with Al-Saadi, stressing that he is an example to follow in “sacrifice and jihad”, declaring that “it will not remain passive in the face of the occupation’s attacks.”

Israeli media spoke about “fear of escalation after the arrest of Bassam Al-Saadi,” stressing that “the Israeli army arrested Al-Saadi, who was taken wounded, and there are reports of a severe injury to his stomach.”

The campaign of arrests carried out by the Israeli occupation in the West Bank has increased recently. With the arrest of Al-Saadi, the occupation has carried out, during the past two days, a large campaign of arrests that targeted nearly 50 activists in the West Bank.

Who is Bassam Al Saadi?

The prisoner Bassam Ragheb Abdul Rahman Al-Saadi (62 years), from Jenin refugee camp. Born on December 23, 1960, he is one of the most prominent leaders of the Islamic Jihad movement in the occupied West Bank.

Al-Saadi was arrested several times in the prisons of the occupation against the background of his membership and activities in the ranks of the Islamic Jihad movement, and he spent more than 15 years in the prisons of the Israeli occupation.

The occupation had expelled him from the “Marj al-Zohour” groups in the early nineties.

Al-Saadi’s wife, Nawal Saeed Suleiman Al-Saadi, “Umm Ibrahim”, was arrested in the prisons of the Israeli occupation, and she spent about 3 years in captivity against the background of her husband’s same activities.

It is noteworthy that the two sons of Sheikh Al-Saadi, Abdul Karim and Ibrahim, were martyred on 01/09/2002 and 16/11/2002 by the occupation forces, and they were fighters in Saraya al-Quds in the Islamic Jihad Movement in occupied Palestine. And Yahya, several years in the occupation prisons.

Also, the occupation targeted Sheikh’s house during the battle of Jenin camp in 2002 with several missiles.

Statements that “provoke” the occupation

Sheikh Al-Saadi’s stances have always been provocative to the Israeli occupation, especially those related to the resistance, as he repeatedly warned that the occupation’s aggressions and crimes and the escalating state of resistance in the Jenin refugee camp and the cities of the West Bank establish an intifada in the near future.

Earlier, the leader of the Islamic Jihad Movement, Sheikh Bassam Al-Saadi, said, in his speech to “Palestine Online”, that the factors for the outbreak of the intifada are available, but they need logistical support and the formation of a unified leadership from all segments of the Palestinian people to arrange and manage it, likely that the situation will escalate. During the near period in the form of donations.

He continued: “If the intifada erupts, the authority will not be able to stand in the way of the people or prevent its outbreak, and will stand far from points of contact and confrontation, and this is confirmed by the previous experiences of the Palestinian people in revolting against the occupation during the previous two intifadas.”

Al-Saadi pointed out that “the occupation’s targeting of the Palestinian people has not stopped since the Palestinian Nakba, whether by attacking holy sites or Judaizing the Jordan Valley and targeting residential communities,” stressing that “the people and their resistance will not remain silent over this Israeli incursion, and that the state of confrontation and self-defense will continue.”

He also stressed repeatedly that restructuring the PLO and setting up a unified program to reach the goals and objectives set by the people, which will only be achieved by the efforts of “loyal and honorable people at home and abroad, and in coordination with the free people of the world”, is the best way to liberation.

Al-Saadi stressed that achieving this requires having a resistance program on which a leadership that seeks liberation is based, making it impose its conditions on the occupation.

He continued: “There is no people in the world who fell under occupation and liberated by words and agreements. If there is no act of resistance that puts an end to the occupation’s incursion, then any authority that arose under occupation would hinder liberation, because it would be preoccupied with things far from liberation and from the aspirations of its people.”

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