Indications of Hezbollah's publication of the coordinates of the Karish platform

Indications of Hezbollah’s publication of the coordinates of the Karish platform

Sayyed Nasrallah’s statements, in which he threatened “Israel” to target the Karish platform and all the enemy platforms and naval vessels, did not remain within the framework of the threat. Rather, the party launched practical messages confirming the seriousness of these threats.

  • Following the release of the threat from Sayyed Nasrallah, Hezbollah has taken steps to translate the threat

The Lebanese Hezbollah published a video clip showing the coordinates of the gas extraction platforms on the occupied Palestinian coasts, which belong to the Israeli enemy navy, and was preceded by statements by the Secretary-General of Hezbollah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, in which the enemy threatened that it would be able to target the Karish platform and all the enemy platforms and its naval vessels if it began The extraction of gas in September, and infringed on the rights of Lebanon and its maritime borders.

What are the indications and messages carried by the publication of coordinates?

Hezbollah targeted the Israeli enemy by broadcasting successive messages, which began in the context of threats, from the top of the party’s leadership pyramid, represented by Sayyed Nasrallah. This is a reference to the enemy, indicating the seriousness and firmness of the threat. He mentioned, in the context of the threat, the word war more than once, rather he mentioned the timing, which is September, and linked it to the enemy’s intentions and the beginning of his extraction of gas, which means that time and action are now dependent on the assessment of the enemy’s position, but the place, the arena and the extensions of the response to the aggressive move, in If it happens, it will not be confined to the maritime arena, but will extend to all of occupied Palestine, by land and sea, according to Sayyed Nasrallah’s statements.

Following the release of the threat, Hezbollah took steps to translate its leader’s threat, starting with flying reconnaissance marches towards the Karish platform, and then publishing a video showing the enemy’s platforms within the range of the Lebanese resistance’s missiles. on the demarcation of the maritime boundary.

The party seeks to raise the enemy’s fears that it is able to drain it in the naval arena, which is one of the least ready forces in the enemy’s weapons, compared to others, especially the air force, in addition to the serious economic repercussions on the enemy, which is almost completely dependent on imports through sea transport.

The video of the coordinates sends to the European parties a message of doubt about the limited ability of “Israel” to be one of the alternatives in the region to Russian gas, a message that may be coordinated between Hezbollah and Russia, which will be the biggest beneficiary of the attempts of the American and European administrations to provide alternatives to gas. The Russian Federation, which indicates the possibility of raising the level of coordination between the two parties (Russia and Hezbollah), and it will open opportunities for the parties of the axis of resistance to exploit the maritime arena and the global crisis to achieve a high level of coordination, on the basis of the exchange of interests with Russia, which will reflect on the interests of the enemy. And his plans in the region, especially harming his aggression and targeting multiple sites inside Syria, in the context of what he calls the “battle between wars” policy formulated by the former enemy chief of staff Gadi Eisenkot, and adopted by the current enemy chief of staff Aviv Kohavi.

The coordinates section is not devoid of intelligence, psychological and media messages, which show a kind of intelligence control of the Lebanese resistance on the occupied Palestinian coasts, which will confuse the enemy’s plans, and may prompt it to think about redeploying its naval vessels. It is also one of the tools of psychological warfare, which is one of the means of conflict that is used before, during and after wars and battles. It seems that the leadership of the resistance has become aware of the importance of the psychological warfare tool, in influencing the awareness of the enemy, its army, and its internal front. Hezbollah also realizes that it can achieve its goals by broadcasting media, psychological, and intelligence messages of deterrence, while at the same time demonstrating combat and field readiness, and a high readiness for military confrontation.

The enemy fears that the language of rhetoric, threats, and messages via marches and video coordinates, will develop into a war with Hezbollah, which the (enemy) has sought to avoid since the July 2006 battle. It is a war that the enemy did not expect, and surprised its military, intelligence and political institutions, and fears that the scene will be repeated in 2022, and Hezbollah will surprise him in terms of whether or not it is calculated. What doubles the enemy’s fears is that the next war with Hezbollah will turn into a multi-front regional war, a war that the enemy has not fought before, since the October 1973 war.

The developments come amid an unprecedented economic crisis in Lebanon, and the gas resources discovered in its coasts will contribute to improving its economic situation, which enhances Hezbollah’s legitimacy and national standing, and confirms the correctness of the party’s adherence to developing its weapons and military power, as they are an arm that protects Lebanon’s rights, and deters the enemy from stealing its gas. And his oil. It is the party’s internal message to all parties in Lebanon.

On the other hand, Hezbollah’s messages, through the marches and the publication of the coordinates of the enemy’s gas platforms, reached all sides of the axis of resistance, which will raise the level of readiness and readiness of the components of the axis for the scenario of military confrontation.

The enemy is aware of Hezbollah’s recent messages, reads them deeply, is aware of their danger and seriousness, seeks to assess the situation, and uses its intelligence tools to read the party’s intentions. He will also show a greater desire to acquiesce in the Lebanese demands through the ongoing negotiations, so that he does not find himself in the midst of a war with Hezbollah, which may expand into a wide war, which he fears, and is afraid of, which will be considered a victory for Hezbollah through his bold messages.

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