The first Egyptian actor to participate in Bollywood cinema reveals the details to Al

The first Egyptian actor to participate in Bollywood cinema reveals the details to Al

About 10 years ago, he entered the artistic community, but through advertisements and some simple roles, and when he found that entering the field of acting was difficult, he decided to enter the field of production to gain many experiences and be able to understand everything behind the camera, so he worked within the production team for a number of films worldwide, including Star Trek Beyond and Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. Mo Ismail, an American of Egyptian origin, indicated in his interview with “Al” that that period was one of the most important periods in his life that he benefited from, and made him realize a lot about this world, and to understand the nature of each individual’s work, until he had the opportunity to be the first An Egyptian actor participating in a Bollywood movie called Khuda Haafiz 2.

*Tell us about your experience in the movie Khuda Haafiz 2, and how were you nominated?

** The film combines excitement and action, and its events revolve around a married couple, Samir and Narges, who loses one another and searches for him to try to restore him. I am very happy to participate in this work through the character of “Tabesh Hajji”, which is a main role of an evil character, and the film is one of the few Bollywood works that were filmed in Egypt, especially in the pyramids. As for how to nominate me, the person in charge of selecting the cast for the film contacted me, and he is a famous character and has previously chosen participants in major films, such as the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Moon Knight films. After the casting, the director found me suitable to perform this role. last December.

How did you feel when you were chosen for the role?

** I am very happy that I am the first Egyptian actor to participate in Bollywood cinema, and that the film was filmed on the land of Egypt. My goal throughout my life was to put Egypt on the world map, and to show that we have a lot of experience and distinction.

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* What are the scenes behind the filming of this work?

** Vidiot Jamwal is one of the best actors in the world, and I will not exaggerate in describing him as one of the 5 most important actors in the field of martial arts, and the director of the work is Farouk Kabir, one of the largest directors in Bollywood, with a different and distinct vision. All the team was helping each other so that the film would appear globally, and the filming took place in Egypt over a period of 40 days, during which the chases and action were filmed in the streets of Egypt, specifically in the area of ​​the pyramids, the Citadel and the streets of Old Egypt, such as Al-Moez and Al-Hussein Street, with the participation of a number of main actors in The film is made up of Vidiot Jamwal, Shivalika Oberoi, Danish Hussain and Asrar Khan. After the success of the first part of the film, they chose Egypt to shoot some scenes of the second part, and it was a beautiful experience and they enjoyed it very much, an experience that entered history in India because of filming action scenes in the Pyramids of Giza for the first time.

* What is the language in which you acted in the Hindi film?

** I acted in Arabic and English, because my role did not need to be fluent in Hindi, as he is a famous member of the Mafia, and the events of the chases with Vidiot Jamwal revolve around him, especially as he protects the character that Jamwal is trying to recover his daughter from.

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* How did you find the idea of ​​filming a foreign film in Egypt?

**Egypt has the ideal ingredients to reach the world. We have many distinguished personalities and creative directors, such as Tarek El-Erian, Peter Mimi, and others who have a distinct sense, and can direct all representation spaces within the big stars. I hope to work with them soon. I also hope that different films will be implemented with distinctive stories, focus on production, and open new doors for global production in Egypt, which has begun in the recent period, with interest in adding modern technologies in photography, montage, etc., and learning from the additions in international cinemas.

Will you continue working in Bollywood films?

** I am currently stationed in the Red Sea in Egypt, and I am working on a number of upcoming projects.

Mo Ismail from photography

Mo Ismail from photography

How was your entry into the world of acting before this movie?

** I lived in America for many years, but I could not achieve my dreams of acting, even though I lived in Washington, DC, and all the production companies were around me. But the situation changed after I returned to the Middle East, lived in many Arab countries, participated in advertising for 10 years, then decided to go to production to learn more about the field of acting, and worked in the production of music, videos and commercials for two years.

But my first participation in acting was in 2010, when one of my colleagues at the university told me that he was working on a short film project, and told me that I would be very suitable for that role, and indeed I accepted to satisfy my passion for acting, and from there I participated in other films after I resolved to continue my path in Acting, she participated in the American movie series “Star Trek Beyond” in the part that was filmed in Dubai, and also in the series Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, she participated in the scenes that were filmed in Dubai.

Is your study related to art?

**In the beginning, I was not at all related to art, as my university studies were in the field of business administration, then I decided to study mass communication and media at the American University in Dubai, and then decided to study film production in the southeast of the United States, then acting at an academy in New York. All these studies helped me a lot and I benefited from them in practice.

* What about your new one?

** A cartoon project for the international company “Disney”, in which I will participate with my voice, and I was very happy when I learned that the director of the work is Egyptian, and I hope that it will come out in an honorable and distinctive way.

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