How to apply makeup for the best look in photos Photoshoots Makeup

How to apply makeup for the best look in photos Photoshoots Makeup

You’ve booked your photoshoot, chosen the right outfits, and booked an appointment with the hairdresser. But have you thought about makeup? Makeup is one of the things you may not think about when it comes to taking pictures, especially when you want to look natural in pictures, so you think it’s best to wear the same makeup you wear every day. Unfortunately no! In general, everyday makeup will not appear on camera as it does in real life. And since you’re investing in professional photos, it pays to devote some time to your makeup as well, so that you can choose a selection of photos that show you at your best. So here are the tips to help you get the right makeup for the photo session.

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The Lighting
Lighting during make-up application

The first step to remember about makeup for photo shoots is that the camera never captures makeup and color as vividly as it appears in real life. Therefore, it is very important that you wear more makeup for photo shoots, and more than on a normal day. Even if you want a light makeup look in your photos, you still need to exaggerate a bit with the makeup you apply, because it won’t show through the camera. As the light reflected from the makeup will change its shape, making it look less exciting than it actually is.

Makeup may appear much darker or lighter in your photos, than it did during application. The best light for applying makeup for photography is natural light, because if makeup looks good in natural light, it will look beautiful in almost any other light. Most electronic flash lights, or blinkers, are close to the average color temperature of natural daylight. So, if you are going to be shooting with flash in the studio, or outdoors, your best option is to use natural light to apply makeup in the photo session.

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Application Tips
Practical advice

primer and foundation

Always start with a good foundation with moisturizer and primer, so that makeup lasts, and keeps your skin smooth by hiding wrinkles or blemishes.

If you have red skin, use a green primer or concealer, to counteract the redness and save more time in correcting skin imperfections.

All products you use should be matte, to avoid adding any shine to the face. The possible exception is lip color, because a little bit of gloss on the lips can make them appear fuller and more attractive in the photo. Additionally, avoid using products that contain SPF for photo shoots, since its ingredients can make the face look shinier.

eye makeup

Blending is key, so use shades that are darker than your everyday shades. The eyes are the focal point of most photos, so you need to make sure that the makeup shows the beauty of your eyes, and the bolder the color, the more defined the eyes. Two or three coats of mascara should be used to ensure that the eyelashes are visible in the image. In addition, use an eyebrow pencil to fill in the eyebrows. Full eyebrows look much better in the photo than very thin ones. Especially for women with light blonde hair, the eyebrows will not show at all in the photo unless they are outlined with an eyebrow pencil.

For eyeshadow, use three shades, even if the color you choose is a neutral one. Apply the middle shade all over the eyelid and lower brow bone, then apply the lightest color in the inner corner of the eye, and apply the darkest color only in the crease between the eyelid and brow bone. This method will give you depth and make your eyes pop in photos.

In addition to the above, blending is the key to a great eye look in photos. Use a brush to apply each color, then another brush to blend the edges of each color, so that no sudden streaks appear for any shade of color. Note: You can buy a specific eyeshadow primer. We highly recommend using it (you can gently apply it to the eyelid and brow bone before you start applying the eye shadow). It not only sets eye shadows, but also makes the color of the shadows look more vibrant and intense. In some cases, a primer can make an eyeshadow color appear two or three times brighter than if it was applied to a bare eyelid. Do not use a regular primer on the eyelid; Make sure to buy a primer made specifically for use on the eyelids to avoid skin reactions!

When choosing eye shadow colors, you’ll want to complement the eye color. For blue eyes, choose a warm tone to balance the light blue, golden brown and peach are good options. Most colors will look beautiful on brown eyes, because brown is a neutral and won’t clash with the color shade, in particular, purple, bronze, and navy work well. For green eyes, plum, pink, and reddish brown are good choices. For hazel eyes, gray, pink, and dark violets highlight the eye color.

False eyelashes are another option for great eye contouring. Go for a full set if you want a dramatic make-up, and go for individual eyelashes if you want a natural look. Always apply eyelash glue to the back of your hand, then run the eyelashes through the glue before applying it to your eyelid. Do not press the glue directly on the eyelashes, because if you have a lot of glue, you will have a hard time getting the eyelashes to rest properly.

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?Powder or Creamy Products
Powder vs cream formula

For blushes, highlighters, and eye shadows, you have a choice of cream or powder products. Powder is the best option, as it is fairly easy to blend. Once you have some experience blending color on the face, you can try cream products, which are usually a little longer, but require a lot of work to incorporate the color into the skin. Always use the best possible makeup. Cheaper makeup products may look lumpy on the skin, or your skin may appear wrinkled or cracked.

final touches

While photographing, make sure to keep concealer, powder, lip color, and lip gloss close at hand while taking pictures for the final touches. If you work with flash and studio lighting, you will need to improve the makeup a lot, because the lights will be warm, and can make the makeup start to melt or slide a little. You will definitely need to reapply the powder to make sure your face doesn’t look too shiny.

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Our Editors’ Choices

Make-up for the photo session
  1. Primer: Lor Radiance With Pure Gold from Guerlain, Lor Radiance With Pure Gold.
  2. Foundation cream: Clarins Everlasting Long Wearing Matte Foundation.
  3. mascara: Yves Saint Laurent Volumizing Waterproof Mascara Volume.
  4. Eye shadow palette: Tom Ford Eye Color Creme Eyeshadow Quad.
  5. Eye shadow palette: Hourglass, Ambient Lighting Palette.
  6. Setting powder: MAC Studio Fix Powder.
  7. Lip gloss: Fenty Beauty, Gloss Bomb.

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