Artist Dr. Haitham Al-Shawli: Medicine is a human profession that I chose over singing

Artist Dr. Haitham Al-Shawli: Medicine is a human profession that I chose over singing

He traveled between the continents of the world, as he is the son of the former Minister Plenipotentiary in the Diplomatic Corps, Mahmoud Omar Al-Shawli, where he lived in Syria, Sudan, Spain, Nigeria and Egypt. He remained in Cairo even after his family returned to the homeland, where he completed his studies at the Faculty of Medicine, Al-Azhar University. He loved art very much, and was affected by his presence in the Egyptian capital, which witnessed his real breakthrough in the field. His entry into art came by chance, specifically when his father discovered the beauty of his voice while performing a song for a Spanish artist, and encouraged him to develop his talent and reconcile it with his studies. The Saudi artist, Dr. Haitham Al-Shawli, was hosted by “Madam”, and I asked him about his newness, the most prominent stations in his career, and the impact of his entry into medicine on his art.

You have finally finished your new album, which includes several songs, tell us about it?

This album is my sixth, and it bears the title “Mesh Adi”, and its 14 songs are distinguished by their different “style”, and I have collaborated on it with a number of poets and composers, including Issam Mostafa, Wael Sabry, Walid El-Adawy, Haitham El-Shawly, and Assem Essam, As for the musical arrangement, it was created by Tamer Saqr, Wael Sabry, and Ahmed Atef. Initially, a number of songs were filmed from him in the style of a video clip, directed by Mido Baron, and his works bear titles: “It is not normal, why, God suffices, my love is me, I want to sleep, new love, sleepless, easier for you, come back, Layali, sweet, I will be patient with you, day and night, O Sariya, other than all human beings.” And I finished the clip “Mesh Aady” and it was broadcast on the “Mazzika” channel exclusively, and “I want to sleep,” “Habibi Anna,” and “Lil and Day.” And I hope that You get success.

She is also working on filming a movie, what is the story about?

For 20 years I have been receiving cinematic scripts, but I refuse to participate as a second actor in any work, and I look forward to playing the lead role, and thank God I had this opportunity in this film, which comes from my writing, and I narrate part of my life, and I can confirm that 60% It is realistic, and we will start filming it soon.

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Artist Dr. Haitham Al-Shawly

Let’s go back to your artistic beginnings, how did Haitham Al-Shawli enter the world of singing?

The beginning was in 1992, when I produced on my own account my first “cassette” in Egypt, and I remember that this “tape” caused a great deal of noise that day, especially the song “Fadil Ala Al-Helw Ay” and “Bitgharb”, but unfortunately I did not film any work of it. In the way of the video clip, because this step required me at the time to be an artist approved on Egyptian television, and this is what prompted me at a later stage to enter the Technical Committee, which approved me as the first Saudi Arab artist on Egyptian Radio and Television, specifically in 1993, and a song from my album was shown to me The second, titled “Ahla Al-Ashwaq”, and this work is the first video clip filmed in this way by a Saudi artist, and it achieved great success, and received wide resonance, especially since I filmed it with a modern youthful “style”. I am also considered one of the first artists to introduce the Spanish guitar for Arabic songs.

The success of this album contributed to the Rotana company’s agreement with me to produce my third album “Your Heart is Alia”, which also succeeded, which encouraged me to release my fourth albums, titled “Escape” and included beautiful songs, which quickly spread among art lovers, especially “Escape”. , and “My Eyes on the Days”, but after that I stopped singing, as I launched a company for artistic production, and produced many songs for well-known artists, including Tamer Hosni, Sherine, Ruby, Hassan Al-Asmar, and Saad Al-Saghir, and during that period I focused on artistic production, and my studies in However, the wide spread of the Internet and social networking sites, especially YouTube, forced me in 2011 to close my company, as the number of listeners to “cassettes” and “CDs” decreased. Music in the city of Jeddah, knowing that it was difficult at the time to open such an institute, but I received great support from the Ministry of Information, which contributed to launching the institute, to become the first nucleus of music education in Saudi Arabia.

Your work as a doctor, has it kept you away from art?

both. Medicine is a humanitarian profession, and I have been practicing it for 25 years, and I give it more attention than singing, which I consider a hobby, and thank God I was able to combine my work and my hobby without conflict.

Your name shined in many songs in the Egyptian dialect, how did you find the dialect?

I lived in Egypt for 20 years, so I was able to master the dialect perfectly, and launched my artistic career there.

Why did you choose Egypt specifically to launch your artistic career?

My beginning came from Egypt, then I returned home, unlike the Gulf artists, who start from their countries, then move abroad, and thank God I succeeded in Egypt to the extent that many thought I was an Egyptian artist, but they learned after I became famous that I was a Saudi. I chose Egypt because I lived there with my family, I also studied in its schools and universities, and mastered the dialect of its people.

Who discovered your artistic talent?

My dad, especially when I was three years old. At that time, I was imitating a Spanish artist, and singing his works with a beautiful voice, so my father encouraged me to develop my talent, and helped me in that by bringing a teacher to teach me to play the piano, and from here I started.

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I choose my songs carefully

Artist Dr. Haitham Al-Shawly

What song made you famous and introduced people to your art?

Many songs, including “Ahla Al-Ashwaq”, “Bitgharib”, “Ma Ta’alniesh”, “Hroub”, and “Ahla Gharam”.

And a song you played and then regretted it?

I did not regret any work I did, because I choose my songs carefully. There are beautiful songs that are not promoted in the right way, so they do not get their share of popularity.

If one of your children decided to enter art, would you oppose it?

No, but he has to be talented, good at playing, and have a beautiful voice for me to take this step. Unfortunately, I did not find any inclination for art from my children despite their over 20 years of age, and I cannot force them to enter this beautiful world.

Were your songs banned from showing in Egypt, and why?

Yes, at the beginning of 2000. At that time, my songs were prevented from showing on Egyptian television due to a complaint submitted by Egyptian artists, in which they said: My songs are widely broadcast on Egyptian television, in return for the poor appearance of their songs “even though they are Egyptians”, which prompted the Minister of Information at the time to issue a decision By reducing the display of my work on the Egyptian screen.

What musical instruments do you know how to play?

I can play the Spanish guitar, oud, keyboard, and piano.

You established the first music institute in Saudi Arabia, describe this step for us?

I opened the institute in Jeddah in 2011, but I could not announce its opening, or promote it. These things were not widespread at that time, as it is now. Nevertheless, the institute found a good demand from different groups. It was a nice thing to teach young men and women music in Jeddah, where we taught them to play many instruments and how to read notes, and I am proud that my institute is the first music institute in Saudi Arabia.

Young singers, whose voice do you like most?

There are artists that I like some of their “single” songs, and not all of their artistic balance, such as Tamer Ashour, Tamer Hosny, Amr Diab, Mohamed Hamaki, Sherine, and Angham.

And the artists of the old generation?

I love the songs of Umm Kulthum, Abdel Halim Hafez, Mohamed Abdel Wahab, Fairz, and Sabah Fakhri.

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My father discovered my talent and opened the first music institute in Saudi Arabia

I can play the Spanish guitar, oud, keyboard, and piano

I love calm

Where are you from partying?

I don’t like the atmosphere of public parties, because I naturally like quiet, so I don’t show much to the media except on my private occasions.

Let’s move away from art, what is your sign, and do its qualities apply to you?

My sign is Aquarius, but I don’t follow it regularly. Whoever belongs to this sign is characterized as a calm person, romantic, loves music and singing, and these qualities correspond to mine.

Singing and your work as a doctor, does it take you away from your family?

Yes, and a lot because of my constant travel, but I try as much as possible to spend with my family most of my free time, and share with them all their occasions and thoughts.

What does fame and singing mean to you?

I like singing very much, and I consider it a hobby. Fame does not interest me much, and when I left singing in 2005 I was famous and at the height of my success, and now I returned to it because of my longing for art and not in search of fame. I enjoy what I present to my audience, even if it is a small number.

Where do you like to spend your vacation?

In three places, they are Makkah Al Mukarramah, especially the hotels near the Haram, Al Madinah Al Munawwarah, and Cairo.

What are your future projects?

I am keen to continue singing and shooting new clips, in addition to developing my music institute. I also aim to establish a medical center that serves patients, and there are films that I am seriously considering implementing.

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