Zahrat Al Khaleej - Faya Younan: I sang for Fairuz, and no one from her family objected

Zahrat Al Khaleej – Faya Younan: I sang for Fairuz, and no one from her family objected

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The sweetness of her voice enchanted millions in the Arab world, and formed her own color, which has become closer to being a school of art that combines originality, tradition and beauty. She has always been keen to respect her listeners, and sing what touches their ears and souls. “Zahrat Al Khaleej” met the Syrian singer Faya Younan, whose fans and followers are used to providing everything that suits their tastes. She recently finished her first participation in the Jerash Festival of Culture and Arts, expressing her great joy and happiness with this participation, which holds great value.

Faya says: “I was honored to participate in the Jerash Festival, and experienced its special charm, which bears the historical value of the archaeological theater with a special character, which gives you a very different energy, as is the case with most of the historical theaters in the world. I also met new audiences, and we interacted closely with love.”
Yunnan shows the difference between the audience of concerts, which she presents independently, and those that she presents in major festivals, explaining that the party audience is the one who knows the artist completely, follows him and comes specifically to listen to him, while major festivals attract a new audience, who may listen to the artist for the first time. Once. For example, Faya has previously given many concerts in Jordan, she was brief in the capital, Amman, while her presence in Jerash attracted many from the northern regions, whom she had never met before.

Singing and composing..a difficult path
Faya indicates that she entered the world of composing without planning, as she composed a number of works on her first album, the most famous of which are: “On the Way to You” and “I Wish You Know”. All of these works garnered millions of views on YouTube, and she says: “I find myself entering into composing some poems without any prior planning. The words attract me, I love them, and I want to convey them in a certain way, so that the melody is formed for me and I sing it.”
Regarding her choice of singing poems, which many critics describe as the difficult way, especially in light of the presence of giants who became famous for this color, such as: Kazem El Saher and Magda El Roumi, the young singer confirms that art is not only fame, spread and stardom, as there are other different ways, and she wants to She offers what she is completely convinced of, explaining: “Everyone loves dance songs and pop songs, and of course we need this kind of art and I do not criticize it at all, but I am always looking for work that looks like me, and I will not get out of my dress.”

Despite the difficulty of its color reaching the new generations, Faya confirms that this generation is always diverse, and there is a large group that loves what it offers, in addition to the presence of “Social Media” and its spread, all of this facilitates the process of spreading good works, and the public now takes what it wants, and does not impose Someone has to listen to him, and the presence of platforms for music and songs contributed a lot to the artist’s marketing, although he greatly expanded the door of competition.
Regarding the singing of poems as well, Faya tends to the vertical balanced poems, which have a necessary beginning and are easier to sing and compose, but this does not prevent them from composing and singing poems of different forms, according to her opinion.

future project
The owner of the wonderful “Love of the Mighty” announced that her next project is the release of her third album, and she explains her insistence on releasing her works in the form of albums always, indicating: “I respect the choices of others, but I am not at all inclined to release single songs, and focus on lyrical albums as integrated artistic projects, Even if it is not released at once, and a song is released every week, for example, it is within a clear project with a special name, and all the songs are interrelated. Alone, he included some of the dabkat songs, which I might not have presented if it was a single song, but her presence on the album within the sequence of works was important.
Faya continues: “I feel that the single songs are similar to the poet, who has published many poems on multiple sites, on social media platforms, and in newspapers, and owns a huge amount of them, but he does not have an integrated poetry collection.”
She explains at length: “We are working with a clear thought and strategy, and this is all due to the administrative aspect and proper planning that Hossam Abdel-Khaleq is undertaking, and it leaves me to think about the creative aspect only, and this we call art management, not business management. I love the idea of ​​the album, and I refuse to stay away from it, because we live in The era of speed and consumer time,” refusing to reveal any details about her album, which she is currently working on, but she does not express any reluctance to present songs of fast music and nature if they suit her, stressing her complete openness to cooperate with any composer or poet who presents her with a distinguished work, and announced two concerts. Coming in Tunisia on the 6th and 8th of this month with the Cyrenaica and Kasserine festivals.

I am not an extension of anyone
Younan refuses to consider herself an extension of one of the giants of Arab singing, stressing that this matter is up to the listeners, as everyone has a sense of the “unconscious”, which leads him to the generation of the greats, and some may not like what I present, and others will love, and these may see me as an extension of their favorite artist. Some consider me an extension of Fayrouz, and others see Asmahan, but I honestly do not prefer these comparisons; We are in a different time, and a different situation and data that are not at all similar to what was in that time.
And she added, “I sang for Fairuz and people loved this matter, but it must be noted with great interest that I am very keen on property rights. What I sang was not from Fairuz’s songs, but rather for the Rahbani family, like the works of Zaki Nassif, which was presented by Mrs. Fairuz, so no one objected to it. Her family is doing what I do; I respect the rights of others, and we have never been prosecuted for this.”

Performers or artists?
No one denies the spread of the phenomenon of business that attracts views in very large numbers, amounting to hundreds of millions, even though its owners do not have an artistic voice, and they apologize for singing directly in front of the audience, and some of them may become a joke if they do so. Faya expresses her opinion on this phenomenon, considering that it is not limited to the Arab world, as it exists in the West as well, and we must distinguish between concert artists and studio artists, not objecting to this type as long as people love it, these works people hear in their cars, homes and on their phones, and adds: ” The goal of art is to create a feeling and an inner feeling in the listener, and if these works achieve this goal, then this means that they have something to offer, and in the end there are also artists who create on the stage without having any balance of special songs, and they present what is traditional and old and always the best And the most beautiful thing is that you possess all these qualities, so you move people’s feelings with your voice and actions.

Promise of upcoming parties in Syria
A while ago, Faya completed a distinguished participation in the Babylon Festival in Iraq, describing it by saying: “My participation in Babylon constituted my first presence in Iraq, this country that means a lot to me, and I previously presented a special song to Baghdad. The ancient Babylon theater and the historical value of the city made me fly from Joy, although the party was in March, and the weather was very cold, but the warmth and charm of the place surpassed everything.
As for her absence from Jordan’s concerts, which she used to hold every year, the matter is due to the coercive conditions after the spread of the “Corona” epidemic, and the subsequent stresses on cultural events, promising the audience a close presence.

Message to Syria
In her speech to Syria, Faya Younan said: “It is impossible for me to finish my message to Syria in such a short time, because it is the country to which I belong and I am from, and my identity was formed within it, and no matter how far I traveled from it, it is the homeland that I bear its name, and I hope that the next one will be more beautiful and better. Despite the difficult circumstances in which all the countries of the Levant live, we will return as we were, and fill the world with music and joy, and we will return, and I say to my republic in Syria, we have a meeting soon.”

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