In the series "Another Other" .. Does spiritual treatment succeed in defeating cancer?

In the series “Another Other” .. Does spiritual treatment succeed in defeating cancer?

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August 02 2022 11:08 GMT

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Turkish director Burku Alptekin presents a controversial television drama, by prose the conflict between the real and the metaphysical, the physical and the spiritual, during his series “Another Other”, which began showing a few days ago on the “Netflix” platform.

The events of the series revolve around three friends who go on a vacation trip in the town of “Gonda”, which is famous for its different manifestations of nature’s components.

Here is a new beginning for their lives, and things change to more complex aspects, through a journey of spiritual communication, they turn to adventure with her, which brings them back all the secrets of the past, through family roots.

The trip is controversial at first, as Dr. Ada (Tuba Buyukuston) insists that her friend Sevgi stay in the hospital to complete cancer treatment, but Sevgi prefers to leave, because she is convinced of the limited time left in her life, and she wanted to live and love for as long as possible.

Dramatic coincidence

The point of excitement and upheaval in the events came, by chance, and it is not justified in the dramatic work, so she will be on a fateful date with Dr. Zaman, and I read about him during her illness, and there in Gonda she meets him, so that the map of her life changes with the disease.

Coincidence in this context was not a trigger for the life of a particular character, but rather moved the lifespan of all the characters in the series, which means that it is the focus through which the pomegranate grains broke off.

Dr. Zaman is able to cure cancer through spiritual treatment, through reincarnation, where each of the three friends deliberately choose people from the arrivals to the place, to reincarnate her life, and through algorithms prepared by the spiritual doctor, each of them discovers her painful past, and the past of their family origins.

The script of the series stated: “A black box of our past, even if we do not remember it.”

science message

Surgeon Ada discovers her mother’s and father’s past, and manages to get her mother back on a sad journey of psychological struggle.

Ada is involved in a mysterious psychological conflict, as she clings to the message of science that tells her the need for chemotherapy for her friend in the hope of recovery, but she finds herself in an intellectual contradiction, after making sure of a cure that will fall asleep through spiritual communication.

Rather, she finds herself drowning in other details, after experiencing spiritual communication, and she is on a date with the recovery of her past, and the knowledge of hidden details about her childhood.

The surgeon also discovers information about her husband Selim’s past in relation to his grandfather, which causes the couple to separate.


As for Laila, the third friend on the trip, she discovers, through spiritual communication, the murder of her grandmother of Greek origin, in a terrible scene, after she was deliberately drowned by her Turkish neighbor, during her flight from Crete to Turkey, in 1924.

line of things

In the series, there is a philosophy of ideas and depth, which screenwriter Nuran Evrenet is trying to broadcast, through experimentation in a side far from science, by returning to the myths of things, and returning them to the root origins of man.

These ideas attract viewers, due to their strangeness and out of the ordinary, in contrast to the purely scientific aspect, whose plan is drawn up and based on logic.

In the scenes, we find a tendency to contemplation and escape from reality, by accelerating the fulfillment of wishes through the metaphysical framework. We find the three girlfriends in the temple of Athena secretly wishing the same wishes, which seemed to be the seed for the beginning of spiritual communication later.

The director did not complete the linking tools between this scene and the spiritual communication achieved by Dr. Zaman, and if he had done this, the idea of ​​the series would have been more exciting and profound.

But the script retracts a little from the strange proposition in the end, by fabricating a sudden event, which causes a new pathological setback for Segvi, so that the doctor Zaman, the script, finally shows him, that he is escaping from something mysterious in his past.


The 8-episode series presents an exciting philosophy regarding the disease. The script considers it an attempt by the unseen to remind people of something, within the threads of a woven game that one lives.

It also appears by chance that Toprak, Ada’s old lover, and it is not justified to be put in the script, that he went to Gonda for the same reason, but things go on by joining him on the spiritual journey, to find himself – finally – able to recover Ada after her separation from her husband.

This series, which lasted for 400 minutes, could have been shown in only 100 minutes, as it was clear, director Porko Alptekin deliberately prolonged many scenes, and deliberately placed dramatic spaces between the sentences of dialogue and events that passed slowly in many times.

A lackluster presence for the actors

The appearance of the actress, Tuba Buyukustun, was not vital in the events, despite her taking the lead role, but her presence was lackluster, despite the depth of the role she plays, its importance, and the possession of a space of contradiction that can be played dramatically on its details, which may not have been exploited by the director. , to get a more central presence in it.

Also, Toprak – embodied by Murat Boz – did not make use of the space that he acquired, in his vital role in the story, so he was always cold and lethargic.

As for Bonuk Yilmaz, she was showing too much emotion during acting, as a kind of inserting herself in the role, and this exaggeration reduced the spontaneity required during the work.

Perhaps the most proficient was Sada Bakan and played the role of Layla, her gestures varied between humor, madness and passion.

She excelled in the dramatic role of al-Tabaki, during her dialogue with her husband, Erdam.

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