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Nothing is more important in the transfer market these days than talking about Barcelona’s resounding deals and how the club was able to include all these stars and be more than spent despite all its current circumstances.

Exclamation is acceptable in a case like that of Barcelona, ​​but if you imagine that you have seen everything, no, my dear, the Catalan club’s management is still linked to many of the resonant names in the transfer market.

Bernardo Silva, Marcos Alonso, Cesar Azpilicueta and other names who can lead the midfield or defense of entire big teams.

If you feel that this is the end of the ambitions of Joan Laporta, Matteo Alemani and Xavi Hernandez, you have to recalculate again.

Desire to bring back Messi!

The Catalan club has a strong and clear desire that has been announced to bring back its best star ever, Lionel Messi.

The club’s president, Joan Laporta, officially came out in a press statement and confirmed that this is his main goal and that he will work to achieve the matter with all his strength.

Not only Laporta, even Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez confirmed his desire to have Lionel Messi part of his future project.

The unbridled desire is certainly backed by a lot of fan support, with fans of the Catalan club wanting to see their icon retire in the shirt of their favorite team.

Technical necessity?

Some may ask themselves, and is Messi’s return after leaving for two years any technical necessity so that Xavi and Laporta cling to him to this extent?

The answer to this question when it comes to Lionel Messi is always yes, we are talking about one of the greatest touches of the ball throughout history.

Certainly, Messi’s presence in any team gives him a much greater technical and football value than he is in the absence of the Argentine, what if that team is Barcelona, ​​who knows how to get the best out of the flea.

But to answer this question more objectively, we have to put it in its proper context, and say: How will Messi’s return affect Barcelona technically?

Well, there is no question of Messi’s great technical value on the field, but to take advantage of him you have to create certain solutions on the field that may affect the roles of another group of players.


It is true that the team will benefit technically with his presence, but he will certainly lose the effort of a group of players in order to make the most of Messi.

Here we do not attack Messi. Please put the conversation in its proper context. The expected return of the Argentine will not be before the summer of 2023, i.e. a year and a half after Xavi took charge of Barcelona, ​​and after an expected adaptation to the team under his leadership.

Therefore, any technical necessity for Messi’s presence should not be treated as a priority for the Catalan club, unless Xavi finds a way to integrate Lionel into the completely new Barcelona team without going a step back.

Laporta’s fault

Laporta’s desire to return the flea may be due to his feeling of guilt, and for the fact that he will always remain the president that Lionel Messi left Barcelona during his reign.

Even Josep Maria Bartomeu, one of the most controversial presidents in Barcelona’s history, and the least popular among the fans, did not let Messi leave the club during his reign.

So we may see Laporta fight next summer in order to bring Messi back, at any cost and under any circumstances, which takes us to another point.

Salary cap and resource allocation

After Barcelona obtained some financial leverage in the current transfer market by selling a percentage of the club’s income for many years to come, the Catalan team became the focus of everyone’s attention.

Everyone knows that Barcelona has the money, so Bayern Munich asks for millions in the contract of a 33-year-old player whose contract expires in just one year, and Leeds gets 60 million instead of the 25 that Barcelona could have bought Rafinha with if they were relegated to the lower level.

How can Laporta after all that come out and talk about the salary ceiling and change the spending policy in the Catalan club, and if we are convinced of that, how will he convince the best player in the world seven times to reduce his salary and get the crumbs of what he was getting before.

And if it happened and gave him a lot of money to return, this would mean the collapse of everything that Laporta tried to financially modify in the club during the past months, and the return of the salary ceiling to unprecedented levels and it would be a misallocation of resources in light of the club’s need for every cent after the expected decline in income in the coming years .

Messi last 4 season at FCB salary EMBED ONLYGoal/GettyImage

bottom line

Barcelona has suffered for years from its dependence on Messi, and the team was clearly affected by his absence and his level if he was not in his best condition, so does the Catalan club want to return to this again?

It is true that the presence of Messi in any team gives him additional technical value, but what kind of value can Lionel add at the age of 36? Is it worth the risk financially and technically with a team that is beginning to enter the stages of stability?

Such decisions make us reconsider how professional the administrations of big clubs like Barcelona are. Emotions may be the first motivator that motivates them sometimes.

But in the end, Lionel Messi is an exceptional player and can not be talked about badly after all he has done for the Catalan club, and perhaps only time will judge the success of Messi’s return if it takes place.

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