Wafaa Al-Amimi... A narrative project that matures slowly |  Gulf newspaper

Wafaa Al-Amimi… A narrative project that matures slowly | Gulf newspaper

In this corner, we celebrate a group of our most prominent creators who provided aesthetic and entertaining literary touches, enriched the conscience, and raised the taste of readers. They gave us food that expressed the achievements of the homeland, the transformations of society and human concerns. They were our memory that chronicles the place and our blog that honestly and sincerely expressed our hopes and dreams, they are our lamps. Which guide us in the paths of life.

Observing the creative path of the Emirati novelist Wafaa Al-Amimi, it is noted that she is constantly working on developing her narrative tools and methods, and constantly takes into account the issue of diversity of topics, and despite her openness to the environment and Emirati heritage, the multiplicity of creative and literary sources is a prominent feature in her texts at the story and novel levels. Which indicates that Al-Amimi is working on a narrative project, in which she proceeds slowly and deliberately, which is the characteristic of the great writers who filled the world and occupied people, and according to that Al-Amimi proceeds in her creative life, which culminated in many achievements and awards.


Al-Amimi’s literary brilliance began early in the elementary school at the “Falaj Al Mualla Girls” School, in the Emirate of Umm Al Yaqwain, where she emerged as a distinguished student in the literary field to the extent that she won the admiration of the Arabic language teacher for her distinguished style of writing poems and prose at that time, and that distinction was It is clear that she won a competition organized by the school with a text that talks about the values ​​of friendship and love, which had the effect of magic in the same Al-Amimi, as it motivated her to focus on literature and read Arab and international literary works, and perhaps that story was already referring to a writer coming strongly towards the cultural scene, This is something that has begun to become clear through the university stage, which has already confirmed Al-Amimi’s great desire to excel in creative writing through the story and the novel. During the university period, she participated in cultural activities through writing in the university magazine and had texts in the field of fragments, short stories and literary articles. Al-Amimi finds support with a teacher who believed in her literary abilities, Dr. Nice carpenter.

last song

During her university studies, Al-Amimi made a great effort in the field of narrative writing, and her talent began to develop through access to many local, Arab, and even international experiences, and it was at that time that she produced her first mature fiction writing through a short story entitled “The Last Song” in 1998. And that text was a real breakthrough for Al-Amimi in the world of narration, where the story found a great echo in the university community and won the approval of the professors, and the cultural circles also celebrated that text when it was published in the newspapers, where critics competed in praising it and found a great welcome from them, so it was paved for it The way towards more fictional creativity and then the novelist after that.


After a period of her first text, Al-Amimi returned to occupy the cultural and literary milieu with a new, more distinguished and mature narrative work entitled “Rahi Ghawali”, which is a long story “Novela”, which also found great acceptance among critics and readers alike, where the writer excelled In a number of narrative techniques, especially with regard to building characters, and the main theme in that work was the issue of women through a woman who tells the story about her married life and the reality of her divorce and the position of others about it, so that the writer delves into the issue of customs and traditions more deeply, as well as the actual work and people’s relationships In it and the social phenomena that occur in an easy and enjoyable way away from complexity, as if the writer wanted to deliver her message to the largest number of readers. Indeed, she found “Ghawali’s patron”, a great appreciation, and through this work, Al-Amimi won the Emirati Woman Award in Literature and Arts, the ninth session in the field of short story.

artistic maturity

In fact, Al-Amimi benefited a lot from the critical opinions about her book “Ra’i Ghawali” and turned again towards developing its tools and narrative and technical methods, which actually led her towards artistic maturity, which was clearly manifested through her novel “The Prince and Fahim”, which Al-Amimi considers to be one of her best texts in The field of narration, after which it produced many creative works of stories and novels, where the novel found great praise from critics, and the narrative and linguistic ingenuity of the writer, who was able to produce a work that delves deeply into the social heritage in the Gulf region, is an area that Al-Amimi believes that it is important to address and address it. By the writers, it is important that literature go towards the local and Gulf heritage, and she believes that some Emirati novels have reflected part of the ancient history of the Emirates, and it is necessary to expand on it.

cultural sources

Reading and delving into literary works was the path that led Al-Amimi to excel in narration. I had seen many works by great authors in the Arab region, and I was more deeply affected by the literary product of Naguib Mahfouz, Abdul Wahab Mutawa, as well as the Saudi author Ghazi Al-Qusaibi, the author of the writings. The deep and open texts that combine poetry and the short story, in addition to the historical dimension, as well as the Emirati writer Amna Al Mansouri, especially in her novel “Your Eyes, Hamda”, noting that she has seen many local narrative writings and has long paused on the first Emirati novel, which is the novel Shahanda,” by Rashid Abdullah Al-Nuaimi, a work that attracted Al-Amimi strongly due to his wonderful worlds and his beautiful sense of history, in addition to the aesthetics of the place and its combination of the classical and local language. The works of Victor Hugo, especially the novel “Les Miserables”, which was strongly influenced by it and its message, contents and human meanings, as well as the writer “Jane Wester”, especially in her novel “My Father Long Legs”, and many Western works that helped her write the story and the novel, and were part of her knowledge and cultural formation.

Script writing

In addition to her superiority and brilliance in narration, Al-Amimi pays great attention to writing the script and transforming the literary work into dramatic and cinematic, which is the field towards which the writer, who believes in development and the need to open up to new variables, especially in the wake of the information and digital revolution that produced a new reality in the field of literature and creativity. You see the need to exploit social networking sites by writers in order to mobilize this field with good writing.


Wafaa Al-Amimi is considered one of the most prominent female writers in the UAE. She has a number of fictional and short stories. She has won a number of awards, such as the Emirati Women’s Prize for Literature. She also participated in writing for newspapers and magazines. She started writing under the pseudonym “Shams Al-Duha”.

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