10 summer crafts to welcome warm weather and boost creativity

10 summer crafts to welcome warm weather and boost creativity

Hotter days come in the summer months, and that means you can look forward to more than just spending some relaxing days at the beach. Hot weather can change your mood, strong sunlight can affect your skin, and increased humidity can leave you tired and irritable. You can have fun doing some hobbies and crafts with some DIY projects…

Hobbies and crafts with some DIY projects

Madam met Mahienour Anwar Basta, owner of the DIY projects website, which introduces you to 10 summer crafts to welcome the warm weather and boost creativity, so prepare to be inspired by flowers, watermelons and beach shells, which are the perfect symbols of summer.

1. The art of dried flowers

The art of dried flowers and their compositions

The symbol of the warmer days of summer is the colorful blooming flowers, collect some wildflowers or buds from your garden and collect a number of them of different colors, sizes and shapes and then dry them, then use them in a creative work, you can skillfully arrange them between the panels of a glass frame, you can make a painting of them with Some neat additions of ribbon. There are a myriad of uses for dry flowers. (To dry flowers place flowers between paper and press under heavy books to dry).

2. Simply paint nature with colored paints

Simply paint nature with colorful paint gradients

Impressionists like Claude Monet and Pierre-Auguste Renoir have always painted in the open air. You can get a colorful palette and try to imitate it according to the color numbers. You can create your own painting by looking at nature and making gradations.. Just strokes of the brush next to each other to create a painting that is very simple, beautiful and natural feeling.

3. Salt dough makes amazing starfish


During your trips to the beach with the family, do you happen to find a starfish in the sand, if you can’t find it you can simply make it (To make salt dough: mix 2 cups of all-purpose flour, 1 cup of salt, and 3/4 to 1 cup of water, after shaping it put it in the oven On low heat until completely dry) you can make a lot of nautical shapes, stick them with braided jute, make a nautical decorative ring (wreath) and decorate your house door or garden door.

4. Summer T-shirt Printing

summer t-shirt printing

Also, do not forget the light summer t-shirts, and you can print a specific design or drawing and then color it in special fabric colors, a quantity of t-shirts can be made and worn during your simple outings at the sea or the garden.

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5. Crochet in a classic upscale design

Classic crochet design

With some basic crochet skills, you can skip the trendy stores and make your own crochet shirt, you can also make small doilies by using websites to learn simple stitches, you can change the material of the yarn used for recycled materials.

6. Recycled plants rack

recycled plant rack

Make your own pallet rack where the ubiquitous wood pallets can easily be turned into a variety of useful creations. Using paint, nails and tin cans, one can create a shelf for recycled plants, you can place planting seeds in recycled tin cans.

7. Simple innovative lighting unit

Simple Innovative Lighting Unit

You can make a simple creative light fixture by using glass sauce jars, hole the lid, put a small bulb in it, assemble it with jute wire and hang it from a round frame or ring

8. Bases for teacups and juice glasses

Colorful sea stones collection

You can make decorative bases for teacups and juice cups with colored sea stones by assembling them in a circular shape on a white cement base and painting them with transparent paint.

9. Technical compositions of dried watermelon seeds

Technical Dried Melon Seed Compositions

You can make a design on a plate and paint it with white glue and stack the watermelon seeds artistically to make a stereoscopic artwork and then paint it again with diluted white glue to gain a stable appearance, (you can color the watermelon seeds to get a colorful composition and paint them with a layer of varnish before stacking them) and then create a wonderful stereoscopic painting design .

10. Embroidered wind bell

embroidered wind bell

Give yourself a complete experience in your garden or on your balcony by making a wind chime. Beads, shells, small pieces of wood painted in fresh summer colors, or feathers with a metallic resonator, there are plenty of materials to use.

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