Dialogue in the Joule - Suhaila and Zina about transgender confrontation and competition after the transfer of the Al-Ahly quartet to Zamalek

Dialogue in the Joule – Suhaila and Zina about transgender confrontation and competition after the transfer of the Al-Ahly quartet to Zamalek

FilGoal.com The duo interviewed Suhaila Wafik and Zeina Alami, and here are the highlights of the interview:

How did you get started with volleyball?

Suhaila: I started at a young age, about 7 years old, and decided to continue my career at the age of 12 after joining Al-Ahly Club.

Details of your professional experience and family position?

I have my own studies outside Egypt and I got advice from a foreign coach for the Egyptian national team in the Olympic qualifiers to play abroad. My family did not agree to it and they are still now, but despite that they support me.

Talk about the details of your cruciate ligament injury in 2017

Zina: I didn’t realize what a cruciate ligament injury meant. I was psychologically devastated, but a week after the surgery, my view changed and I was confident that I would come back well.

– Your move to Al-Ahly witnessed great difficulties, what happened?

Zina: The issue was difficult, and negotiations between Al-Ahly and Al-Sayed continued for 6 months, but they succeeded, praise be to God, in the end.

– What about your move to Al-Ahly Club after playing in the hunt?

Zina: I had the desire to take that step more than 5 years ago and move to a mass and sports club on a professional level.

You lost the Egypt Cup title at the hands of Al-Ahly while you were hunting, what about this match?

Zeina: Every time I remember this match, I feel sad. We were very close to achieving the first title in the history of Al-Said Club, and we lost the title by two points to Al-Ahly.

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Have you benefited from the experience of playing outside Egypt?

Suhaila: Of course, the experience not only added to me on an athletic level, but on a personal level as well. The step was very important and it achieved many achievements.

What about your next step and your position on returning to Al-Ahly?

Suhaila: I want to continue my career outside Egypt, but this does not mean that I will not return to the ranks of Al-Ahly.

Do you have external offers?

Yes, I have two offers from Italy, but I am linked to an extended contract for a year and a half or two seasons, in a more accurate sense.

When Al-Ahly defeated the Kenyan pipes, a transgender player was among their ranks. Did you feel a difference in her level?

Sohaila: Of course, she was jumping in an unnatural way in front of the net, which is difficult for any girl or athlete in Africa to do.

How did you deal with it?

Before playing the match, we studied this team well, and Hamdi Al-Safi, the coach of the team, tried to give us some instructions to stop it. Some of the players commented and said: “You can face it man to man.” It cost us many points, but we managed to settle the match in the end.

Al-Ahly’s loss in the African final was related to the rumors circulating about the transfer of the team’s quartet to Zamalek?

Zina: The loss of the final was not related to anything external. The tournament was difficult from day one to the end, and we faced high-level teams, but we were not successful.

Suhaila: It was only Tawfiq because they got strange points and they were available.

The transfer of 4 players to Zamalek raises some concern about Al-Ahly’s continued control of the championships?

The departure of anyone from Al-Ahly or Zamalek has nothing to do with the competition. Injuries may happen, God forbid, and things may go normally and the two teams will compete, and this is expected.

What about the experience of the Mediterranean Games in Algeria?

Zeina: It was a very positive participation. I think this is the first time since 1998 that we have shown a special level. We got sixth place but we weren’t satisfied and the next one is better.

The thing you need for women’s volleyball in Egypt?

Zeina: I hope to participate in the Olympics and not only participate but also compete for the championship.

Sohaila: We had a coach named Marco in the Olympic qualifiers and we had a good experience and a lot of experience. This time our chance might be better.

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