Egypt Olympic coach – Rogerio Micale .. When fate leads you to write history

“Brazil cannot be Spain or Germany. We have to know ourselves, think about what our football is and who we are. Our core is creativity, improvisation and fun playing. But that is no longer enough to be competitive.”

This was Rogerio Micale’s first message after taking over as coach of the Brazilian Olympic team, one week before the start of the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Maciale did not know that he would become a historical name in Brazilian football, simply because he led the samba dancers to the first Olympic gold medal in football competitions in their history.

After 6 years of historic achievement, Micale is a few steps away from taking over the task of coaching the Egyptian Olympic team, in search of creating a new generation for the Pharaohs on the one hand, and restoring the Brazilian coach’s brilliance on the other hand.

imminent agreement

The Egyptian Football Association reached an agreement with Rogerio Maciale to coach the Olympic team.

and learned Negotiations succeeded between Maciale and the Football Association in order to take over the task in the coming period.

The Egyptian Federation sent an initial copy of the contract signed by Mikali, waiting for him to come to Egypt this week to formally settle the contract.

Maciale is accompanied by 3 assistants, and his contract extends for two years until the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

who is michael

Maciale (53 years old) was the technical director of Brazil at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, and succeeded in untangling the historical knot and crowned with gold.

Macyali recently took over the training of the Saudi Al Hilal in 2021, and his last assignment was as the technical director of the Emirati Al Dhafra.

During his career, Mackyali supervised the training of great players such as Neymar Jr., Gabriel Jesus, and Marquinhos.

Coincidence leads to glory

Micale got the real coaching opportunity in May 2015 after he was assigned to coach the Brazilian under-20 team.

Micale led the Brazilian team to the final of the 2015 FIFA Youth World Cup in New Zealand.

A single defeat against Serbia, with two goals to one, cost the Mikale sons the loss of the World Youth Cup title.

“Rugero, be smart, something will happen and they may call you.” This is the text of what Erasmo Damiani, the youth team coordinator of the Brazilian Confederation, spoke with Micale a few days before the start of the Olympic Games.

Micale told the rest of the story through the Brazilian newspaper “Globo Sport” and said: “A few days later, they called me and said they needed me the next day. I arrived at the federation headquarters at 9 am and was only told that I would coach the Olympic team.”

Suddenly and without introduction, the Brazilian Federation chose Rogerio Micale to coach the Olympic team one week before the start of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Dunga, coach of the first Brazilian team, was charged with carrying the hopes of samba to achieve the missing medal, but the decline in results prompted the host country to give the opportunity to Micale.

Who is

A difficult start and a historic end

“We will not succeed, I will have a serious problem here, I am the captain of the team, they will not give up.”

Thus, Paris Saint-Germain captain Thiago Silva frustrated Ruggiero’s dreams of entering the Rio de Janeiro competitions with a seasoned leader who leads his team and keeps the dressing room calm.

The beginning of Micale’s career with the Brazilian Olympic team was not promising, and he drew with Iraq and South Africa negatively, despite the presence of the dangerous trio, Neymar da Silva, Gabriel Barbosa “Gabi Jules” and Gabriel Jesus in his team’s attack.

Micali said in a press conference about a defender of Neymar after the first two rounds: Neymar is young, but he has a lot of responsibility, and he became a star very early because of the quality he has.”

. added “Maturity comes with performance. He’s smart and learns from his mistakes, we can see that. If he’s made mistakes in the past, he’s corrected them. We are human and we can all make mistakes.”

The samba team quickly regained its balance by defeating Denmark and qualified for the quarter-finals of the competition, and completed its career by defeating Colombia and Honduras.

Injuries and absences hit the Brazilian national team during the play-off matches, and some ask, does Micale resort to changing his tactical approach and backtracking from the offensive performance?

Micale later said of this matter:I don’t believe in these ideas in football. We have to explore our DNA and what do we want for football? Our DNA is a combination of pellet, rivelino and tostao. Our football represents us as a people.”

Micale wrote history and led Brazil to victory over Germany 6-5 on penalties in a true epic to present the first and only gold medal in the history of Brazilian football.

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Arabic experience

Micale went through a number of short experiences in the Brazilian League after his historic achievement and took over the training of Atletico Mineiro and Parana before moving to coach the Olympic team at Al Hilal Saudi Club in the summer of 2020.

In February 2021, fate gave Rogero Micale a new opportunity, and Al Hilal announced that the Brazilian coach had taken over the training of the first team, succeeding Romanian Razvan Lucescu.

Micale started well with Al Hilal and was able to achieve positive results in the Saudi League, but the loss of Al Ittihad Jeddah Clasico ended the happy story of Micale with the leader’s fans.

The loss from Al Ittihad with two goals without a response in the league competition and qualifying with great difficulty for the final price of the AFC Champions League after exciting matches in the group stage toppled Micale from the training of Al Hilal and appointed Portuguese Jose Moraes instead.

The Saudi club management retracted the stay of Micale until the end of the season and decided to dismiss him after 13 matches with the team, he won 8, drew a match and lost 4 others.

Micali bid farewell to Al Hilal and has a feeling of injustice, especially that he received the coach of the month award in the Saudi League days before his dismissal. After the decision, he published his picture of the award through his account on Instagram and wrote: “The word that describes this moment is gratitude, the best coach in the Saudi League for the month of March.”

Brazilian star Neymar did not hesitate to express his support for his coach in the Rio de Janeiro Olympics and responded to his coach’s post and wrote: “You deserve appreciation.”

Micale’s last experience was with the UAE’s Al Dhafra, as he led the team from October 2021 until March 2022.

Micale’s experience with the UAE club was not successful and he left after leaving the team in the twelfth place in the UAE League and bid farewell to the two cup titles.

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