How to add a copyright symbol to any document on your computer

How to add a copyright symbol to any document on your computer

The copyright symbol is a special symbol that you may need to add to documents to indicate that certain types of content are protected by copyright law Creative works such as literature, music, photos and dramas are among the most popular copyright symbols There is no copyright symbol on the keyboard , but it’s easy to include whether you’re using Windows or Mac.

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How to make a copyright symbol on a Windows PC

According to businessinsider, if your Windows computer has a keyboard with a numeric keypad, you can insert the copyright symbol into any type of document using what’s called an Alt symbol.

1. Press and hold the Alt key.

2. Press the numbers 0169 on the numeric keypad.

3. When you release the Alt key, the copyright icon will appear.

If your computer does not have a numeric keypad, you can insert the copyright symbol using Character Map instead.

1. In the start search box, type “character” and click “character map” when you see it appear in the search results.

2. Find the copyright symbol and double-click it.

3. You should see the copyright appear in the field at the bottom of the window. Click Copy.

4. Close the Character Map application – you don’t need it anymore.

5. Paste the code into the document.

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How to make a copyright symbol on a Mac

Entering the copyright symbol in any type of document on your Mac is simple, although you’ll need to memorize the keyboard shortcut. In any application or document, press Option + G on your keyboard, and the copyright symbol will appear in the document.

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The gtricks website published a report explaining several ways in which you can measure your Internet speed at home or work, as well as the download speed of your devices, and in the following lines we mention to you the most prominent of those methods:

How to measure internet speeds on your devices

1- Ookla Speedtest

The Ookla Speedtest option is right for you if you want two additional options for server location and connection number, in addition to the ability to measure internet speeds, the program usually has a few server locations available to the user, which makes it easy to choose the closest one.

And while using the program, you can go to, then you will be surprised that your settings are automatically adjusted based on your location. with your device.

2- Fast

Netflix supports Netflix, and you only need to open, which is a fast and ad-free site, and can be used in a simple and easy way, once you open the website, the speed of the device is calculated immediately, and you can via a small pause button on the right of the screen, if If you want to stop it, then you can click on the “Show more information” option in order to double-check your device’s loading speed, settings and server location.

3- Google search

Users in some countries can only use this method to measure internet speeds while the user is on the same Google search page, by searching for the “speed test” option and there will be search results for online options to check their speed like Speedtest by Ookla, otherwise there will be Offer from Google to test your internet speed.

On the way to check the Internet speed, you have to click on “Run the speed test”, and the user can follow the web application during the process of checking the connection and download speeds test, and after completion, you will see the results, the server location that was used in the test, and some additional information about your network.

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