You will not believe who are the 10 richest and poorest Arab artists.. The latter will shock you!

You will not believe who are the 10 richest and poorest Arab artists.. The latter will shock you!

A number of Arab artists succeeded in creating huge financial fortunes; Some of them achieved that wealth over the course of their long artistic life, and others whose money swelled in a very few years.

In this article, we will mention a list of the 10 richest Arab artists and the poorest artists in the Arab world.

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1- Adel Imam

The fortune of the artist Adel Imam, which he collected from acting, is estimated at 100 million dollars. The leader, Adel Imam, is considered the most famous actor in Egypt and the Arab world, and he won several international awards. The leader participated in more than 114 films and 10 plays.

2 – Saber Al-Rubai

The fortune of the Prince of Arab Tarab, Saber Al-Rubai, is estimated at about $76 million, and he has implemented a number of humanitarian projects, which made him a goodwill ambassador in the countries of the Maghreb in 2015, chosen by UNICEF.

3 – Haifa Wehbe

Despite her short artistic career, Haifa Wehbe has a fortune estimated at 57 million dollars, as she presented 6 albums and starred in 3 films and 3 series.

4 – dreams

Emirati artist Ahlam is considered one of the richest artists in the Gulf, and ranks fourth in the Arab world, with a fortune of $50 million. Ahlam owns 49% of the shares of airlines in the Gulf, jewelry, villas, luxurious palaces and a private plane.

5 – Amr Diab

Amr Diab’s fortune is estimated at $45 million, an increase of 3 million from 2019. Amr Diab began his artistic career in 1983, owns 50 albums, and his songs have been translated into more than 20 languages ​​around the world, achieving tremendous sales.

6 – Elisa

Elissa’s fortune has reached $41 million. She is considered one of the best-selling artists in the Middle East, having sold more than 30 million copies of her albums throughout her career.

7 – Nancy Ajram

Nancy Ajram’s fortune is estimated at $38 million, which she collected during her singing career, as her albums achieved great success that made her a difficult number in the art world.

8 – Mrs. Fairouz

Mrs. Fairouz has a net worth of $36 million. She started singing in 1940, and owns 800 songs to date.

9 – Najwa Karam

The wealth of the Lebanese singer Shams, Najwa Karam, is estimated at 34 million dollars. She released her first album in 1989, and is considered one of the most popular artists in the Arab world.

10 – Hani Shaker

The wealth of the prince of Arab singing, the Egyptian artist Hani Shaker, is $ 32 million, which he collected during his artistic career over 40 years, with about 600 songs.

Despite the momentum of their artistic career and the wide fame they gained, many great artists suffered from poverty and deprivation, especially after the demise of their star and their retirement. Their lives ended in extreme poverty.

Younes Shalaby –

The late artist Younis Shalaby is considered one of the pillars of art in Egypt, as he presented roles that have been entrenched in the memory of the Arab viewer, which are more than 90 works, and despite that, he died in 2007 after a long struggle with illness, and because of the poverty that he and his family were suffering from, his wife was forced to ask the government to sponsor He was treated after the family sold all their property to pay for the treatment.

– Ismail Yassin

Artist Ismail Yassin lived in extreme poverty, and debts flooded him until he had to sell a building he owned to pay off his loans, and “Abu Dhakah Janan” died of a heart attack in 1972.

– Greetings Karioka

Despite the great fame enjoyed by the artist, Tahia Karioka, but she suffered from extreme poverty after the demise of her star, as the artists Samir Sabry and Faten Hamama were forced to spend on her and buy an apartment for her, after she moved to live in the house of a woman she did not know because she did not have money and housing, until the artist died. Tahia Carioca at the age of eighty in 1999.

– Riad Al-Qasbaji

Despite the life of fame that the artist Riad Al-Qasbaji lived at the height of his artistic career, his life ended in poverty, so his family could not find the money to secure the expenses of his treatment, funeral and burial, had it not been for the intervention of one of the producers.

– Fatima Rushdie

The artist Fatima Rushdi lived her last days in a popular hotel in Cairo, until the artist Farid Shawqi intervened with officials to take care of her treatment and provide her housing, as she did not have the price of her treatment, and the Egyptian actress died in 1996 at the age of 87 years.

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