Dortmund deals challenge Bayern Munich's steel grip  DW |  03.08.2022

Dortmund deals challenge Bayern Munich’s steel grip DW | 03.08.2022

The German Football League will return to rotation again on Friday (August 5, 2022) in a season that is certainly expected to be full of excitement and fun, especially since a group of “Bundesliga” teams have strengthened their ranks with very strong contracts and players of great quality.

Bayern Munich will seek to continue controlling the Bundesliga and win its 11th consecutive title in a number that is difficult to repeat. Attention will also turn to Borussia Dortmund, who is the first rival of the Bavarian team, and may prevent it from ascending the podium this season.

fire transfer market

Borussia Dortmund entered the transfer market strongly, and succeeded in strengthening its ranks with very distinguished players. The team of North Rhine-Westphalia included the rock of Bayern Munich’s defense Niklas Sole, and the strong defender Nico Schlutterberk.

In the midfield, Borussia Dortmund obtained the services of the solid player Salih Ozkan from the German team Cologne. It also included promising player Karim Adeyemi from Austrian Red Bull Salzburg, as well as former Ajax striker Sebastian Haller, who will be out of action due to a diagnosis of testicular cancer.

Borussia Dortmund focused on strengthening the defense line (Zole, Schlutterbeek) due to the team’s suffering last season from a clear defensive weakness, and receiving very easy goals. The most prominent challenge for Dortmund remains the offensive line, especially after the departure of top scorer Erling Halland, and he expected Haller to be absent from the stadiums for a long time.

Niklas Zule and Sadio Mane (Composite image) are some of the most notable transfers this season.

As for the Bavarian giant, it has strengthened its ranks with more than a special deal, most notably the central defender Matthias de Ligt, the Moroccan international Nassir Mazraoui and the best player on the African continent, Sadio Mane, who will take the place of the Bundesliga’s top scorer, Lewandowski, who recently moved to Barcelona.

Despite the departure of the Polish “machine” from the Bavarian team, the team succeeded a few days ago in winning the German Super Cup at the expense of Leipzig, 5 to 3 in a match that knew the brilliance of Senegalese newcomer Sadio Mane.

Ballack: Bayern have the advantage

Former German international Michael Ballack said that despite Borussia Dortmund’s strong deals this season, Dortmund are not on the same level with Bayern Munich. Ballack added, in statements carried by the German “Sport” website: “Because of what Bayern did in the past years, it is natural to become champions… Bayern is the favorite team (to win the title).”

In the same context, Sebastian Keil, sporting director of Borussia Dortmund, asked the fans to show “a bit of realism” in the pursuit of the title since 2012, adding in statements reported by (AFP) that “Bayern earns 285 million euros more in revenue than we do.” Roughly speaking, they will invest twice as much as we have in their team this season.”

Michael Ballack Fußball

Ballack sees Bayern Munich as the favorite team to win the title, archive photo.

The crowd is the biggest winner

Bayern Munich’s victory in the Bundesliga title in recent years has caused the German League to lose some of its attractiveness, as the winning genes of the Bavarian team helped to resolve the title early and at other times return from behind and stand again on the podium.

And the Borussia Dortmund deals will significantly increase the intensity of the competition. Although deals may not outweigh him by winning the title that has been absent from the team’s coffers since 2012, football remains a game that it is difficult to predict exactly what it will carry with it in the coming days.

It is certain that the Bundesliga fans will be the biggest winner from the intensification of the German League competition, and the acquisition of greater attractiveness for a league that has produced many stars in the world of the round witch.

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