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Oppo A97 phone specifications | science and technology

The world in the 21st century has become more interconnected than ever before and faster due to the invention of smart phones, where you can perform several tasks through the smartphone screen, such as checking on friends and family, browsing the news around the world, following up on various businesses and making commercial deals, and buying Widgets, and money transfer at the push of a button, so owning a smart phone has become very important in our time.

When buying a new smartphone, some users look for several specifications, such as the large internal phone memory, the speed of the device’s performance and the accuracy of the camera, so smart device manufacturers have developed the features of their phones to become more widespread around the world.

Among the most famous smartphone manufacturers: iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, Sony, Xiaomi, Huawei, and Oppo.

Who is Oppo and how did it originate?

Oppo is one of the largest emerging companies in the world specialized in the manufacture of smart phones and electronics, as it originated in China in the year 2001, and launched its products for the first time in 2004 and then launched to the world to launch them, where it became the fourth in the world in the manufacture of smart phones, In 2016, it is still seeking to develop further to break more records.

What are the specifications of the Oppo A97 phone?

The Chinese company, Oppo, launched its new phone, the Oppo A97 phone, which was announced on July 11, 2022 and was made available in the market 4 days after this announcement, that is, on July 11, 2022, which included several great specifications and breakthrough technologies. At an acceptable price among people and suitable for many segments of society, and this will lead to its competition for many other phones, and we will explain below the specifications of this wonderful device.

Oppo A97 Basic Specifications

  • The Oppo A97 comes with a Dimenity 810 processor produced by Media Tech of Taiwanese origin.
  • Equipped with a 6.56 inch LCD screen with a refresh rate of up to 90 Hz.
  • Its RAM is 12 gigabytes, and its internal storage is 256 gigabytes.
  • There is a port for additional memory, which can accommodate 1 TB.
  • The graphics processor is Mali-G57 MC2.
  • The operating system is Android 12 in its latest version with the colorOS 12.1 user interface.
  • The battery has a capacity of 5000 mAh, Li-Polymer type.
  • The phone supports fast charging technology with a capacity of 33 watts.
  • It supports 5G networks in addition to its support for Bluetooth, WiFi, GNSS and GPS technology.
  • It has a fingerprint sensor on the side of the phone and a USB port for charging the Type C phone.
  • Two colors of this device were issued, black and blue, with a plastic frame and a plastic back as well.
  • In the Oppo A97 phone, there are two rear cameras, the first which is the main one with 48 megapixels, and the second which is called the secondary with a accuracy of 2 megapixels, and there is also a front camera that is used to take selfies, which is 8 megapixels, and the rear camera also supports panorama and HDR photography. Record videos at up to 1080p.

What are the other important versions of the phones that Oppo has put on the market?

OPPO has released several versions of smart phone devices, as it has kept pace with all the new challenges to remain in the list of the most important manufacturers of smart phones, and the most important releases of this company are the following:

  1. Oppo Find X3 pr.
  2. Oppo Find phone.
  3. Oppo Reno 7 Pro 5 phone.
  4. Oppo Reno 7 5G phone.
  5. Oppo Find X2 Pr.
  6. Phone Oppo Reno 6 Pro+ 5G.
  7. Oppo Reno Pro 5G phone.
  8. Oppo Reno 5 Pro+ 5G phone.
  9. Oppo Find X3 Lite phone.

What are the most important qualities you should look for when buying a new phone?

When someone wants to buy a new phone, they are confused by the presence of a large number of options and types of smart phone devices available to them, so they can search for a type that meets their needs and requirements, and here we have collected the most searched specifications for when buying a new phone:

phone operating system

In the smart phone market, there are three operating systems for mobile devices that differ according to the design company, which is the iOS operating system, which is affiliated with Apple, the Android system is affiliated with Google, and the third operating system (Windows Phone) is affiliated with Microsoft. These companies for their systems have become similar to each other in many advantages, and the Android system is the most flexible and works on several types of devices such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, Huawei and Sony, unlike the IOS system that works only on the iPhone and the Windows Phone system that works on the Nokia Lumia device.


The processor that is equipped with multiple cores is considered one of the best processors because it automatically speeds up the work of the smartphone. One of the hardware experts confirmed that the LTE standard is the latest and best standard because it provides high data transfer and ease of browsing the Internet on the smartphone.


It is advised before buying a smartphone that it is important to think carefully about the storage space of the device, and to choose a phone with high storage space and the presence of an external memory card holder that accommodates the largest possible space of additional storage in the event that the user of the device has a lot of data, especially if he loves to keep photos, music clips and videos For many, it definitely needs an external memory card.


Camera Specifications

Technology experts have warned of the large number of pixels in the camera specifications because it can cause blurring in the captured image due to the small size of the sensor surface, contrary to what is commonly believed that the more pixels in the camera, the higher the accuracy and quality of the image.

the screen

The touch screen of the phone is the most important element when choosing a smartphone, as choosing the screen size depends on the preference of the person and the available budget, but in general, most users choose smartphones with large screens.

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