Rita Khalil and the mystery of her death... The family accuses: a medical error that killed her

Rita Khalil and the mystery of her death… The family accuses: a medical error that killed her

Rita Khalil, 28, did not know that this tumor inside her head would snatch her life in a moment, and that the surgery she would undergo would write her an end, not a new beginning. She had hoped to turn the page on the disease, which she was ignorant of, but what happened to her changed the course of her life and the life of her family.

Rita, wife, daughter, friend and sister, lost her life hours after undergoing delicate head surgery; It was she who felt – according to what her brother Elio told Al-Nahar – that she was not feeling well, and that she was in strong pain after leaving the operating room.

Her family knows perfectly well that the risks of this surgery are many, and that life is in the hands of God, but she also wants to take the moral right of her daughter after her death.

One week was enough to transfer Rita from a normal life to a confrontation with health symptoms that revealed a malignant disease. Her brother Elio talks about the stage of discovering the disease and the details of what happened up to her death.

The brother returns to the beginning of the symptoms when “Rita began to suffer from vomiting, dizziness and blurred vision, which necessitated an MRI scan, which revealed the presence of a brain tumor. The news was shocking to us, as soon as we heard that there was a tumor, it was in itself terrifying. But we had to wait and not rush to judgments.”

The family received more than one medical opinion before taking any steps. Among the doctors, there was a specialized medical opinion from a doctor known for his proficiency in these surgeries, assuring them that the possibility of complications does not exceed 5%, and that there is no need to worry, as it is just a “fatty” in the head, and it can be removed through surgery.

According to Elio, “His words were comforting, and that the risk is not great, and that this surgery is common, and he did it a lot in Lebanon, and the duration of the surgery does not exceed two and a half hours. But what happened on the ground was different from what we heard, and this is what prompted us to talk about and raise the issue.” “.

Medical fault?

Elio explains, “After scheduling the surgery, Rita entered the operating room at 10 am, and did not come out until seven hours later. After coming out of the operating room she was very upset, and complained of a strong pain in her head. As a result, she received an injection of morphine to put her to sleep instead. To ascertain the cause of this pain, which later turned out to be the result of the accumulation of water in the brain, which led to the stopping of her heart and brain later.”

The family does not care about insulting the doctor’s reputation or insulting him, but rather what matters to her is to know what happened with her daughter so that the scenario is not repeated with other families.

In the opinion of her brother, “Our reproach is to conceal the reality of the cancerous tumor and the seriousness of the situation. He had to tell us the truth so that we can choose what is best, whether by performing surgery or by resorting to other treatment methods. We know that cancer is dangerous, especially since the tumor is located in a sensitive area of ​​the brain, but it was It is our right to know all these details and the extent of the severity of the surgery, and the sad thing is that he did not act quickly after she complained of a pain in her head, and he should have put a “snap” to drain the water from the brain in case it accumulated as a reaction after the surgery.

The family trusted the doctor because he is brilliant and well-known in this field, and they do not aim at his professionalism and successful medical career, although what happened to them was shocking and painful.

Elio does not forget what the doctor said to him after “complications occurred and Rita was admitted again to the operating room. His words are still imprinted in his memory and heart, when he said, “The ages are in the hands of God.”

“The great shock that we later discovered is that the hospital where we performed the operation is not medically equipped for surgery, and it is more dedicated to plastic surgery and not to a major surgery like the one that my sister underwent.”

“We didn’t know it was that high”

According to her, the family did not know all these details, which she later discovered after the death of her daughter, Rita. Elio stresses that “the risk of dying scientifically from cancer is very high, and this is an undeniable fact, but the doctor erred when he did not put a “Nerbish” after surgery to drain the water, and erred when he did not follow up quickly after she complained of headaches. She was not in good condition when She came out of the operating room. She could have died of cancer, but not like this. It hurts us. She hurt, she struggled through both surgeries, and in the end she lost her life in the blink of an eye.”

After consulting doctors after her death, they assured us that the operation was “one of the most dangerous surgeries that are performed on the head, and this is what the doctor did not inform us of, and what happened was shocking to us.”

On the other hand, “Al-Nahar” tried to communicate with the concerned doctor to listen to the other opinion, and to know the medical reasons responsible for this death, but he refrained from giving any press interview, considering that “we, as doctors, do not have the right to share the patient’s privacy, and that the medical file exists, and we can He was submitted to a medical committee, but I understand the parents’ pain at the loss of their daughter, but I refuse to say that what happened was the result of a medical error.”

Accordingly, we put this story in the custody of the Ministry of Health to find out the truth of what happened, and our goal is to reveal what happened within the medical and practical frameworks and to extinguish the fire of pain in the hearts of this grieving family.

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