Basem Samra: I like difficult characters |  Gulf newspaper

Basem Samra: I like difficult characters | Gulf newspaper

Cairo: Ahmed Ibrahim

Since the beginning of his artistic career, the Egyptian star, Basem Samra, has been keen to choose the types of roles he participates in, whether for cinema or in television dramas, which made him cherish most of what he presented through his artistic career, with the exception of some works that he does not deny his remorse for, in exchange for many Among the works and roles that he presented, and received wide reactions from the audience, perhaps the most recent of them was the reactions he received about the character of “King of the Night” in the movie “Their Uncle” with the artist Muhammad Imam, and the series “A Dangerous Turn” that is currently shown.

Samra says: “A dangerous juncture” has many features that prompted me to participate in it, starting with the script and the well-articulated story, the director’s keenness to support us, and his love for work, passing through the respected production and the actors participating in the series, and the story of the series is different. And the character of “Jamal” exhausted me psychologically a lot, as he seems to be a middle-aged man, and simple, but mysterious and controversial, and the character has many details, and paying attention to it and focusing on it exhausted me very much, even after the end of filming, and perhaps one of the scenes that exhausted me very much is a death scene.” Salma» and the feelings of the grieving father in the bereavement of his daughter’s death.

And about his role in the movie Their Uncle Samra says: I was pleased to work with the artist Muhammad Imam, and all the work team, from the author and director, and all the actors, and I was very pleased with the success achieved by the film, on the public and critical levels, as it won wide praise, and I was pleased with the audience’s reactions about the character of « King of the Night”, despite the relatively short role, but I enjoyed the character because it is a different composition that I have not presented before, and it has several aspects that raise controversy, and I made a great effort in it, because I love this type of characters that need a special kind of performance.

Regarding the secret of his tendency to the quality of complex roles, or what is called “psychodrama”, Samra says: I really like different roles, and I like difficult, complex characters, and thorny topics, because this type of work or roles has a significant area of ​​representation, which saturates any actor, especially The artist who works on the internal details of the character before the external details, and this is what remains in the artist’s history, as evidenced by the fact that when we remember the work of one of the late adults, we remember one of these types of roles that decorated his history.

Regret and dissatisfaction

Samra starred in many, or most of his works, he does not deny that there are some works that he may be satisfied with, or maybe he regrets submitting them, which Bassem does not deny, saying: I actually regret some of the works that I presented after the stage of popularity and fame, because I was flattering some friends. Among the directors and actors, and I also do not deny the existence of a trick in the roles, as I agreed to appear as a guest of honor in most of these works, but I was surprised after that that the director treated me as one of the heroes of the film, and put my picture on the work and advertisement poster, and I did not receive any financial compensation, My role in the film was given as a compliment; I consider it a deception to my audience who watches the movie for me, but they are surprised by my presence in one or two scenes, at most, as a guest of honor.

Samra adds: I have been deceived a lot in this way, but I am now more careful about my name and my history, for I am certainly a friend of most people in the artistic community, but I refuse roles that I do not like, even if it is through a friend, and at the same time I do not impose myself on anyone, Because in the end I try to preserve my history, while constantly improving myself.

performance development

There is no doubt that the real actor is always keen to develop himself and his tools, but every artist has his own style of developing himself, and development for the artist in the name of Samra, as he says: I do not accept any role without knowing all its details in general, and choosing the roles that I raised the level of the actor inside me, and I felt that through my experience by just reading the character on paper, and studying what I could add to it, and what it could add to me, and whether I had previously presented a character close to it or not, because at the same time I am keen not to repeat my roles, Because the repetition of roles makes the actor’s level constant, he does not develop, and sometimes regresses.

Regarding his experience in the movie “Ghosts of Europe”, which he finished more than a year ago, and has not yet been shown, Samra clarifies: This experience I am very proud of, although it has not been shown in Egypt yet, due to production problems.

As for the roles he dreams of, and he hopes to have the opportunity to present them, he says: I would have liked to present the character “Hassan Al-Sabah”, the founder of the Hashashin group, but I recently learned that the artist Karim Abdel Aziz will present the character, and I certainly trust that he will embody it to the fullest, as he presented to us. Many wonderful works of art.. I also dream of presenting the character of “Akhenaten” through the script written by the late great Shadi Abdel Salam, but the work requires a very large production, and I hope one day I will have the opportunity to present it.

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